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The Kiba Basra is a minor antagonist in Mashin Sentai Kiramager, being one of the two main antagonists of the thirty-ninth episode alongside Shadon. It is a Basra Type bear trap-themed Jamen Beast serving Yodonheim.


The Kiba Basra made its first appearance during the hunt of the Kiramagers as both it and Galza who's piloting his Smog Jouki to cast shadows for Shadon to open fire on the team, and before its first appearance, Shadon manages to a land shot on both Sayo and Takamichi to turn both into mudballs. After Shiguru was transformed into a mudball, Juru summons Kiramazin to keep these two giants occupied so they won't cast any more shadows.

As the battles commence, Kiramazin lands some hits on Jouki, but as soon they land another hit the Kiba Basra takes, it instead auses its masked fangs to bite on the mecha, as it was scratching it with its huge metal teeth.

A while later, Mach tried to open fire on the Kiba Basra, but it closed its "mouth" to block the attack before moving out of the way to allow its partner to attack. However, Juru wasn't going to give up that easily as he summoned Grateful Phoenix to assist in this situation.

The day changes to was now evening, as the two continue to fight. Here, the Kiba Basra clamped down onto the mecha's arm, and it will didn't let go until the king spots a screw joint and damaged it to destroy the mask fang. Now open to attack, the Kiba Basra was destroyed by Grateful Prominence.


  • The word "Kiba" is Japanese for "Fang".
  • The Kiba Basra is the first bear trap-themed monster (and trap-themed monster in general) since the Hound Shadow from 2014 TV series called Ressha Sentai ToQger.


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