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Kickback is a minor antagonist in the Transformers franchise.

The original version of the character and many subsequents one were members of the Insecticons.

Generation One

1984 Cartoon

Kickback was introduced in the late first season episode "A Plague of Insecticons", alongside the other Insecticons, when it was revealed they had arrived on Earth at some point separate to the main Decepticons led by Megatron. They were co-opted by Megatron for a plan to convert oil to energon, but quickly fled the scene in the face of too strong resistance from the Autobots.

Kickback and the other Insecticons continued to appear as minor antagonists throughout the second season, often being contacted by Megatron for assistance with his schemes. At one point, the two groups were tricked into fighting each other by Mirage. They also at one point sought to gain the power of the Decepticons' Nova Power Core, and created an army of clones. In "Revenge of Bruticus", they accidentally disabled the space bridge after stealing a control panel.

In The Transformers: The Movie, Kickback took part in the Decepticons' raid on Autobot City, during which he was badly damaged by Kup. He was among the wounded Decepticons ejected into space and was rebuilt by Unicron as a Sweep.

Despite this, he appeared in the third season opener "Five Faces of Darkness" among the Decepticons on Chaar and attacking Earth.

He was voiced by Clive Revill, who portrayed Trakis in Babylon 5 and voiced Emperor Palpatine in the original version of The Empire Strikes Back and Doctor Doom in Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

Marvel Comics

Kickback was introduced in Marvel US #17, among the Decepticons serving Straxus on Cybertron. He was involved in the attempt to apprehend the spy Blaster and to build a space bridge to aid the Decepticons on Earth. In the Marvel UK story "Target: 2006", he was among the deadly Decepticons that the Autobot resistance attempted to ambush.

Kickback travelled to Earth and joined up with Megatron around Issue #21, where he took part in Megatron's raid on a dam, kicking open the control room door. He would continue to make occasional appearances among the Earth Decepticons, including guarding Soundwave while he co-opted a transmitter and hijacking an oil tanker. He was last seen in Issue #41 among the Decepticons attacking the Autobots on the moon.

He appeared in Marvel UK's Earthforce storyline as part of Megatron's Decepticon faction. He and the other Insecticons were sent to spy on Shockwave's base, only to be caught by Starscream, who used them to lure Megatron and Shockwave into a confrontation, allowing him and Soundwave to unite the Decepticons under their command. Kickback later took part in the attack on Autobot base in "Divide and Conquer".

Transformers: Energon

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Transformers: Robots in Disguise (2015)

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Kickback Cyberverse.jpg

Kickback was introduced at the end of the third season story "The End of the Universe", where it was revealed that he and the other Insecticons had accompanied Megatron back from an alternate universe. They joined his troops in relocating to the Decepticon-controlled half of Cybertron. Kickback and his fellows attacked Bumblebee and Windblade when they strayed into Decepticon territory and later fought with Wildwheel. They made their last appearance in the penultimate episode "Silent Strike" when, on learning Megatron X was on his way to Cybertron, they quickly fled the planet.


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