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Kid Cassidy was a former hero of the Old West who was originally an ally of Reno Jones. However, he would darken considerably with age and ultimately betray his former friend, becoming a murderous racist and outlaw as the leader of the genocidal Nightriders. In the process, he became a major villain for many of Marvel's Old West heroes, who fought him to save an entire town from being massacred.


Born the son of a plantation owner, young Cassidy was a childhood friend of Reno Jones, one of the plantation slaves. The two boys remained friends even into the volatile aftermath of the Civil War and went on several adventures together. Despite all this, the deep-rooted racism of the era would cause conflict with the two men, especially as Cassidy was very supportive of the Confederation. After many adventures, Cassidy and Jones would inevitably come into conflict and Cassidy was believed to have been shot dead.

However, Cassidy survived this confrontation and completely abandoned his former heroism after taking an offer from Tarantula, banding together with the Nightriders. He would go on a rampage across the town of Wonderment, who Tarantula wanted wiped off the map for his own profit. In the process, Cassidy and his gang mercilessly murdered any minorities they came across and exposed himself as a merciless, unstable villain. At the end of this conflict, Jones and Cassidy would once again engage in battle, with Jones finally strangling Cassidy to death as vengeance for his betrayal and the lives he had taken in the process.

Powers and Abilities

Kid Cassidy was an able gunfighter, hand-to-hand combatant, and horserider. As a Nightrider, he employed tactics similar to that of the Ku Klux Klan, including lynchings.

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