Kid Karnevil is a supervillain in the DC Comics universe. He is an enemy of the following superheroes: Shadowpact, the Justice Society of America, Detective Chimp, Obsidian and Mister Terrific.


Karnevil admits to the Joker that he has been looking him up as a role model, but h Joker, however, nonchalantly respond to Kid Karnevil's threat with less concern.. Once Lex Luthor successfully builds a Boom Tube into allowing the villains to leave the planet, Karnevil was slapped across the face by Joker for being a "copycat"

When the Fourth Reich attacked the JSA, it was revealed that The Fourth Reich wanted Obsidian to use him as the power source for their Darkness Engine, a machine that negated all super powers, which they activated during the attack. Jeremy was the Führer of The Fourth Reich. Mr Terrific and the other former heroes struck out against the Nazis to get to the Darkness Engine and shut it down the Darkness Engine. He decided to intervene The Fourth Reich's plan.

The injured Mr. Terrific blurted out how to hatch Obsidian by the time the Brownstone was attacked, Jeremy was looking for the supposed only to be surprisingly. Jeremy was later arrested along with the Fourth Reich.


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