You can only have one family.
~ The woman to the children.

In the fourth episode of TV show Hannibal, there was a woman named Eva who has no child. She kidnapped children to make her own family. She abducted C.J. Lincoln, Jesse Turner, Conner Frist, and Christopher O'Halloran while traveling up the country-side.


After two years of living together, she then set them on a mission that in order to truly become a family, they had to erase their old families. First, she directed C.J. to kill his mother which he did by shooting her three times in Bangor, Maine. They traveled down south were Jesse visited his family in Stamford, Connecticut and he proceeded to kill his two brothers and his father Roger, saving his mother Karen for last.

They traveled down further south to Reston, Virginia where Conner did the same thing with his family only he accidentally shot his own mother in a way so she would be suffering and couldn't finish the job. As a result C.J. finished the job and then killed Connor when he wouldn't stop panicking at Eva's request. 

They started traveling down to North Carolina and stopped at a diner for lunch and then went to a convenience store where Chris wet himself. Eva then directed Chris to kill his family through the other children but the FBI showed up and arrested the boys while Chris fled. He was corned and was egged on by Mother to shoot Will but was herself shot by Beverly, but apparently survives.



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