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Добрый вечер (Good evening).
~ The Kidnapper right before kidnapping his victims.

The Kidnapper is the secondary antagonist in the horror games Welcome to the Game and Scrutinized.

He is a criminal who attempts to track the player, who is looking for a Red Room on the Deep Web, and breaks into their house to kidnap them. It is unknown what exactly he does after kidnapping them, but players speculate that he ironically takes them to a Red Room. His presence is warned by a Wi-Fi indicator at the top right of the player's computer screen. The player must imminently turn off all lights and the computer, and should not move upon seeing this signal, until he is certainly gone. Background noises like furniture moving also serve as sound cues that he might be investigating the house.

He was voiced by Dmitry Alehin.


The Kidnapper speaks in a Russian accent, and wears pitch-black clothing, including a ski-mask, a t-shirt, cargo-pants, and fingerless gloves. He also has a massive tattoo on one of his arms. In Scrutinized, he is revealed to be a bald man in his 30s or 40s.


Откуда источник? (Where is that signal coming from?)
~ Kidnapper
Ты уверена, что он отсюда? (Are you sure it's from here?)
~ Kidnapper
Ничего нет. (There's nothing here.)
~ Kidnapper


  • Even though Adam, the tutorial, claims there are multiple kidnappers, there is apparently only one; this one. The Kidnapper(s) is also just regarded as an urban legend, although the player's experience eventually proves he's more than just a myth.
  • Unlike the Executioner and the Breather, the Kidnapper is not given a specific nickname, and is simply called "Kidnapper" in the credits.


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