Riley: I'm leaving it here. On purpose.
Henry: And I'm sure it'll still be there tomorrow, and on purpose, too! Now, come on, let's go!
~ Riley trying to solve the mystery of the disappearing pudding cups.

The Kidnappers are the central antagonists of Joe Camp's first film Benji, and the 2018 Netflix reboot. They are a group of opportunistic kidnappers who want to extort money from Dr. Chapman/Whitney Hughes by threatening their children. However, their plan was foiled by Benji, the eponymous protagonist of the film.



  • Mitch: The head kidnapper.
  • Linda: Mitch's girlfriend.
  • Henry: Riley's best friend.
  • Riley: Henry's best friend.


  • Syd: Titus' little brother and boss.
  • Titus: Syd's big brother and henchman.
  • Rott (defected): Syd and Titus' manic rotweiler.
  • Cajun Captain: Syd and Titus' accomplice.



Returning home, Benji finds Linda, Henry and Riley breaking in. Although Henry and Riley are spooked by legends that the house is haunted, Linda intends to propose the location as a hideout to their boss Mitch, mastermind of their illicit activities. Henry leaves a bag of groceries behind and Benji eagerly consumes an open pudding cup.

When Benji and Tiffany return to the abandoned house, they find that Riley and Henry have returned. Riley points out that Henry’s groceries have been overturned and becomes increasingly anxious that the house is haunted. As Mitch and Linda arrive to survey the property, Riley tells Henry that a pudding cup is missing, but Henry warns him against upsetting their plans.

Later, Riley writes a ransom note to extort money from Dr. Chapman by threatening his children, but Henry throws it on the ground, writes a new one, and orders Riley to deliver it when he gives him the signal. Meanwhile, Mitch surprises Henry and Linda by actually kidnapping the Chapman children.

Although Benji races to the Chapman home for help, Mary shoos him outside as the doctor meets with police officers and an FBI agent. Benji returns to steal the ransom note and force them into a chase back to the house, but his plan is interrupted by a concerned neighbor. Benji then unsuccessfully attempts to get the attention of Officer Tuttle. When City Hall closes, Benji is locked inside, but he barks through an intercom and is released by a passing policeman.

Returning home, Benji snatches Riley’s first ransom note. When Mitch grabs Benji, Tiffany bites his ankle. Benji jumps free, but Mitch kicks Tiffany, leaving her unconscious on the floor, and Henry and Riley chase Benji off the property. When Benji arrives at the Chapman house with Riley’s ransom note, he finds that Linda has preceded him in an attempt to cut off his efforts.

Pretending to console Dr. Chapman, Linda takes the note from Benji and puts it in her purse as Mary scolds Benji and carries him away. Benji bites Mary, runs for Linda’s purse and recoups the note. Although Linda chases Benji, he jumps back into Mary’s arms. After reading the note, Mary becomes suspicious of Linda and alerts Dr. Chapman, who demands to know where his children are. Through her tears, Linda claims ignorance but Benji leads the police, FBI, Dr. Chapman and Mary back to the hideout.

Meanwhile, the kidnappers are concerned that Linda has not returned and Henry and Riley argue that they should leave. As they walk outside, however, the police hold them at gunpoint and Paul and Cindy are reunited with their father and Mary.


As Carter and Frankie return to Sam King's pawn shop to get their father's watch back, Syd and Titus rob bank. As Carter and Frankie watch Titus lock Sam in a closet, Frankie tries to rescue him before she accidentally pushes Syd's mask off, infuriating him. As Syd and Titus force the kids in the van and drive off, Benji chases them. As Benji loses them, Carter and Frankie make a strawberry trail to lead Benji to the kidnappers' hideout. As Syd taunt the children with their father's watch, Benji arrives at their hideout, but the kidnappers and their dog, Rott, chase him until Benji traps them. As Benji tries to free the kids, they manage to escape and chase him until Benji leaps out from a window to get help. After Benji frees Sam, he leads the police to the kidnappers' hideout, but the kidnappers were gone.

The next day, Benji gets Tiffany to lead him to the children into the basement. Whitney later realizes how much Carter and Frankie love Benji and goes back to the hideout to find them. Whitney and Lyle discover the tunnel in the basement and drive off to the river to cut them off. After Benji and Tiffany defeat Rott, Whitney and Lyle ask Syd where the kids are and he claims that he hasn't seen them. As Benji leads Whitney to the children, Rott and Tiffany corner Syd and Lyle arrests him. As Benji crosses the rope to the boat, Titus tries to kill him with a spear. Benji leaps on Titus and he throws Benji to a wall before falling into the water. As the Cajun Captain tries to stop Carter and Frankie from escaping the boat, Carter knocks him unconscious with a fire extinguisher. Whitney and the children find Benji's unconscious body but soon realize that Benji survived.




  • Although their last names were never mentioned in the 1974 film, their last names are revealed in the book.
  • Despite Syd and Titus' last names never being mentioned in the 2018 reboot, Syd's name tag is seen on his shirt during the climax.


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