Kikkaijin Hagetakan is a condor monster and an antagonist in episodes 10, 17 and 26 of Kamen Rider Stronger.


Hagetakan planned to seize the Gamma Bugs from a runaway Black Satan scientis. These new bugs were far more fatal than the Satan Bugs, causing death to their hosts after possession. Hagetakan sought to retrieve the bugs so Mr. Titan could spread the new bugs throughout all of Japan and murder the populace.

He was destroyed by a combination of Stronger's Stronger Electro Kick and Stronger's Electro Thunder which also destroyed the Gamma Bugs in his briefcase.

Ghost Story, The Demonic Easter

Kikkaijin Hagetakan revived with other Kikkaijin to help Bat Kikkaijin, but apparently they defeated by Stronger again.

Seen!! The Great Leader's True Identity!!

Kikkaijin Hageta

Powers and Abilities

Hagetakan can turn one arm into an artillery cannon and can flap his wings to batter up blinding dust and blow back enemies. He is also able to fly using a jetpack attached to his back.kan revived once again to fight against Stronger again and defeated in final Black Satan battle.

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