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I see great things for Agrabah. (chuckles) Great things indeed.
~ Kileem speaking through the Sultan.

Kileem is a minor antagonist in the Aladdin TV series. He was an ancient ancestor of the Sultan of Agrabah and a feared warrior who wore a suit of invincible armor. Many tried to defeat him but all failed. When Kileem finally died, his spirit possessed the armor and he would possess whoever wore it. He appeared in the episode "Armored and Dangerous".



In accordance with his statue, Kileem was a large, muscular man with a short mohawk. He wore a metal suit of armor that made him practically invincible.


Kileem was an extremely evil tyrant who was considered a dark and shameful chapter of Sultan's past, his spirit alone was full of rage and he had no problem with declaring war on entire nations over even the slightest of insults, even if the insult was not intended. He also viewed anyone who even remotely spoke against him as a traitor and dealt with said "treason" in a ruthless manner, either seeking to kill them himself or ordering their execution - he was so vicious that not even death could fully stop his lust for power and one of his final acts as a mortal was to curse his armor so that whoever would wear it next would become a vessel for him to inhabit and continue his evil ways.

Kileem's uncontrollable rage and lust for power would ultimately be his undoing however as he was easily tricked into rash assaults, allowing Aladdin to fake the tyrant into destroying his own statue and ending the spirit once and for all.

Powers and Abilities

Kileem was an evil spirit who could literally not be defeated in any means by an opponent other than himself, even a being as powerful as Genie could only hope to stall Kileem, however his statue was vulnerable to his own power and once destroyed Kileem's spirit was completely erased, much like destroying a genie's lamp - he was also unimaginably strong and completely immune to harm, capable of tossing entire buildings with one hand as well as surviving being buried under said buildings.



Kileem was an ancient ruler of Agrabah, but unlike the current Sultan, he was a feared tyrant who was seemingly unbeatable in battle. After his death, his spirit possessed his magic armor so that whoever wore it would become invincible, but at the cost of becoming Kileem's puppet. The armor, alongside a statue of Kileem was sealed away deep below Agrabah's palace where it became a family shame.

Armored and Dangerous

Many years later, when a giant minotaur known as Dominus Tusk invaded Agrabah, and threatened to destroy it, and with Aladdin away on a diplomatic mission, the Sultan was forced to retrieve the armor, even though he warned Iago that the armor was reputed to have a terrible curse.

Soon Kileem's spirit took over Sultan and he easily defeated Tusk, and the Sultan became increasingly warlike as a result. When Aladdin returned with an ambassador eager to forge alliances with Agrabah, both were surprised at how the Sultan's throne room was now decorated with many weapons and war-trophies (including the tusks of Dominus Tusk). When the ambassador innocently remarked that it was incredible a man of Sultan's "stature" defeated Tusk, the spirit of Kileem flew into an evil rage and began to painfully crush the ambassador's hand and threatened to declare war on his entire kingdom for such an insult, despite the ambassador apologizing and assuring him that he had meant no disrespect.

Thankfully, Aladdin is able to take the terrified ambassador to safety as Jasmine notes how the armor was making her father strong, but also changing him dramatically for the worse.

Indeed things would get much worse when Kileem decided to begin plans to conquer the entire world. This would result in several dramatic conflicts with him and the group, who were powerless against his invincible status, he would ultimately label them all traitors and even had Razoul execute Jasmine (though Razoul helped her escape, knowing his ruler would not be so cruel as to kill his own daughter), this results in Kileem denouncing Razoul as another traitor and declaring he shall execute Jasmine personally, tossing her from the tower, luckily she is rescued by Aladdin and Carpet.

Now enraged beyond all reason Kileem, goes on a war-path. Jasmine tells Genie that he must stop Kileem and that he was no longer her father. Genie realizing the seriousness of the situation, fights him, yet even Genie's magic is no match for a literally invincible Sultan, who beats him badly. However, Genie does distract him long enough for the group to find out the true source of the curse, Kileem's statue.

Aladdin tricks Kileem into charging at him before leaping to the side, since only Kileem's invincible armor could destroy the statue, when the statue shattered Kileem's evil spirit rose and screamed in rage before being destroyed for good, freeing the Sultan - who has no memory of his time as Kileem's slave and simply asks if he managed to defeat Dominus Tusk.


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