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Kileem is a one time antagonist in the Aladdin TV series. He was an ancient ancestor of the Sultan of Agrabah and a feared warrior who wore a suit of invincible armor. Many tried to defeat him but all failed. When Kileem finally died, his spirit possessed the armor and he would possess whoever wore it. He appeared in the episode "Armored and Dangerous".


When Aladdin, the Genie and abu out away on a diplomatic assignment, the giant Minotaur Dominus Tusk attacked Agrabah, easily defeating the Royal Guards and Princess Jasmine. The Sulltan decided that the only way to stop the Giant Minotaur was with his ancestor Kileem's invincible armor. He showed Iago the armor and explained it's history. Shortly after donning the Armor, the Sultan had Tusk outmatched in speed and strength and after an intense battle, Tusk's horns were mounted on the wall in the Sultan's newly refurbished throne room, revealing that he was killed by the Sultan. Unfortunately, the Sultan began acting hostile even if he was slightly insulted as the evil spirit of Kileem was taking over him. After numerous attempts, Aladdin was able to trick Kileem into destroying his own statue. Upon the statue's destruction, Kileem's spirit emerged from the statue and after writhing in pain exploded into oblivion.


Kileem was powerful, but also sadistic, hot tempered, paranoid, easily offended and merciless, especially when it came to his opponent, even when they were surrendering to him.



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