Hero. You, who has the very slim chance of defeating the Demon Lord, must now die here.
~ Kilkapul to Seiya

Kilkapul is a major antagonist in the anime Cautious Hero. He originally appeared as a friendly shopkeeper in Izale Village. But he is actually one of the Four Heavenly Kings that serve under the Demon Lord and his specialty is summoning demons.


Kilkapul is a dwarf, so he is of small stature. He has a bald head but a long brown beard tied together at the end. His nose is quite big and round and his eyes are blue. He wears a blue beret, a green shirt with a blue jacket over it. He has a brown belt and gray pants.


He seems quite friendly and calm upon first meeting him. He loves his family and is helpful towards customers. But since he works for the Demon Lord Kilkapul has a dark side, showing that he can also be cruel, arrogant, determined, intimidating and above all extremely devoted to his master, willing to kill his loved ones and himself for him.



Kilkapul in his shop

He runs a shop in Izale Village where he sells different kinds of items to adventurers. He lives there with his wife and son. Seiya and his friends come to him and need torches for exploring the caves that lead to the Dragon World. Kilkapul has heard of it and tells them the exact way they must take and then sells them five torches. Near Izale Village there is also a legendary armor hidden in a shrine, that Seiya will need to defeat the Demon Lord. But while he was busy taking out Beel Bub, Kilkapul summoned a powerful monster.


Kilkapul stabbing himself and invoking the summoning power

Using it, he burned the entire village, slaughtered all of it's inhabitants and destroyed the armor under the Demon Lord's orders. When they arrive at the ruins of his shop they find him calmly sitting there. They rush to protect him but he explains how he has caused all this destruction and makes the monster spit out the chewed up armor. He admits that he wont be able to win against Seiya himself and reveals the heads of his wife and son to them. He explains his plan to sacrifice all lives in the village to summon the greatest of monsters, the Crossed Thanatus. Kilkapul then proceeds to stab and kill himself in order for the ritual to be complete.


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