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~ Kill Crazy

Oswald Blenkinsop, better known as Kill Crazy, is a recurring character from Red Dwarf Series VIII, most majorly as the main antagonist of the episode Krytie TV. He is a psychopathic prisoner from the Red Dwarf penal area (or so called The Tank) whose favourite activity is killing everything around.

He was portrayed by Jake Wood.


Kill Crazy is originally a store clerk who is working for "Wacky Wally's Video Wonderland". This job obviously leads him to watch "romantic comedies", such as Decayed Flesh 5: The Zombies Take Manhattan which he considers "dead funny". When a mother with her child tells him he shouldn't show such a movie in the store, Kill Crazy follows them home and kills the entire family. There is no problem for cops to find the offender, as Kill Crazy drives around with a string of intestine tied to the radio aerial, not talking about his lamp made from a human head and slippers from buttocks. No wonder he is arrested, convicted and sent to The Tank.

In the prison, Kill Crazy soon gets bored so he joins the Canaries, the convict army, mostly for fun as it allows him to "kill something". However, his first mission is cut even before it starts, as excited Kill Crazy knick himself unconscious while getting out from the landing craft. Therefore he is the only Canary except the Boys from the Dwarf who survives this mission.

Thanks to Kill Crazy, the another mission of the Canaries ends up for them luckily, as the two-headed mutant with lots of tentacles they have to eliminate runs away with fear as soon as it sees him.

Once Kill Crazy finds out Kryten is classified as a woman by the prison guards and therefore is forced to share showers with female prisoners, he attempts to convict Kryten to film them. When Kryten refuses, Kill Crazy kidnaps him and gets Saddo to reprogram him to film footage of women's shower. This later gives Kill Crazy and other inmates a perfect chance to stare at named women with open mouths.

Kill Crazy is one of the Canaries who are sent to eliminate the Tyrannosaurus Rex named Pete rampaging through Red Dwarf's cargo decks. He and another prisoner Baxter decide to challenge the dinosaur in hand-to-hand fight, believing in their victory, as Pete has only small arms. They then attack Rimmer and Lister, steal their time wand and immediately use it against the duo. It causes their bodies get into a different time stream, so when two criminals start beating Rimmer and Lister, the duo doesn't feel anything. Baxter and Kill Crazy run with the time wand nevertheless, but as they can't use it properly, it turns them into apes.