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Have a nice day.
~ The Killbot's most well-known quote.

In the 1986 Sci-Fi horror movie, Chopping Mall, Park Plaza Mall owns three protector robots who were known as Killbots. They are main antagonists during the film.

They were all voiced by Jim Wynorski.


One protector is filmed where a shoplifter is breaking in demonstrated by secure-tronics productions. The three are in a neutral way, being demonstrated by Dr. Stan Simon who presented them and dubbed as "The Protector 101 Series Robots".

After the a freak lightning storm struck the mall, short-circuiting the central computer system guiding the robot's programming, the three went berserk, thus malfunctioning sentries became "Killbots" and began selectively targeting a group of teenagers who had sneaked into the mall after hours to have a little fun; starting with Mike the janitor being tasered and Leslie getting her head exploded.

The first robot, Protector 2 is unsuccessfully destroyed by gasoline and recovered by setting fire on Suzie. Later, it gets destroyed by the elevator, dressed as a booby trap thanks to Greg and Rick. Protectors 3 and 1 are confused as Rick, Linda, Allison and Ferdy hid in the mannequins. Protector 3's laser is blinded thus the reflected laser backfired by destroying it. It got rammed by a golf cart driven by Rick and Protector 3 got destroyed, but Rick got killed as well.

The last robot, Protector 1 pursues Allison as she gets rescued by Ferdy shooting it point-blank and damages the laser just like Protector 3 got its laser destroyed. With the trap in Ellis Paint Company store set by Allison with an injured leg, Protector 1 is lured by her, getting stuck and failed to get some traction whilst on spilled paint and thinners and it got destroyed by a flare, igniting the chemicals.

An unknown protector says "Have a nice day", one last time in the post-credits scene.


The Killbots were inspired with the head of Alpha 5 from the Power Rangers series and their bodies are inspired by Johnny 5 and the S.A.I.N.T. Prototypes from Short Circuit. They have four arms and the center arm which makes five.


Protector 1, online!
~ Protector 1
Protector 2, online!
~ Protector 2
Protector 3, online!
~ Protector 3
May I see your identification badge, please?
~ Protector 1
Laser malfunction! Laser malfunction! Engage intruder! Engage intruder!
~ Protector 1


  • The Killbots are likely to be scrapped from the remake of the film with the same name.
  • One of the Protector's heads are used for the musician, Protector 101.