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The Killer Bees are minor antagonists of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.

The King Bee is portrayed by Carlos Penavega. the Queen Bee is potrayed by Krystal Acoga, & Stinger is portrayed by Sean Michael.



Spelling Bee

The Killer Bees bullied everyone in school. When everyone was taken down, They turn to Cookie, they said that he's the only good one who can stop him. Cookie was up against King Bee.  On the last word, King Bee missed it.

Best Friends

The Killer Bees asked cookie if they can join there club & whisked them away. figuring out that he has now one to talk to, Ned talks to Seth so he can not be lonely.  After the fight, The Killer Bees pulled cookie out of the fight. the Killer bees told Cookie that the only way he can get the jacket was to hack into the school's computers to change there math grades from C's to A's. Cookie tells them that he'll get expelled. Cookie tells them that ned was right about them all along. The killer bees threaten him to they'll beat him up. Ned comes to his aid to help cookie, but the two were helpless against them. However, Moze comes to there rescue with the Huge Crew, causing The Killer Bees to run away. Never to be seen again. It's completely unknown what happened to the Killer bees afterwards, as they did not appear in Season 2 or Season 3. It's possible that they were expelled for having cookie change their math grades.



  • Unlike other recurring characters of the show, they only made two appearances in the series


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