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The Killer Bunny is a supporting antagonist in the AvM Shorts, appearing as the main antagonist of the Season 1 episode "TNT Land".

It is an albino Minecraft rabbit that is, in actuality, a serial killer that murders and eats fellow rabbits and others.


TNT Land

As the Second Coming is searching for its lost friends, it enters a portal and finds itself in a Minecraft world. It comes across a rabbit, who acts intelligent and humanistic. It greets the Second Coming and invites it to its Woodland Mansion for a meal. As the Second Coming enters, the rabbit quickly hides a pile of raw rabbit items that were sitting on its table.

The rabbit prepares a large feast for the two of them, and they begin to eat. The rabbit pretends it is clearing away dishes, but is in actuality grabbing a diamond axe, and attempts to decapitate the Second Coming. However, the Second Coming turns around, so the rabbit quickly hides the weapon and offers it cake.

The two eat cake, and the Killer Bunny tries again to kill the Second Coming by flipping a leaver that activates a trap door under its seat, leading to a pit of spikes. However, the Second Coming gets up, forcing the rabbit to close the door again before it notices. The Killer Bunny then tries to drop anvils on it and shoots arrows at it, only for the Second Coming to unwittingly dodge them all. When the Second Coming sees the arrows, the Killer Bunny attacks with a diamond sword. The two do battle, with the Second Coming soon disarming the rabbit. The rabbit flicks another leaver, which opens a door and allows Vindicators and an Evoker into the room. The Second Coming fights off both the Vindicators and the rabbit, eventually dropping a chandelier on the Vindicators and then throwing it at the rabbit, pinning it down. The Second Coming then turns its attention to the Evoker, who uses magic to steal its sword. The Evoker spawns Vexes, but the Second Coming grabs one of the Vindicator's axes and kills them and the Evoker with it.

The Second Coming makes a run for the portal, only to be stopped by the Killer Bunny, who has laced the landscape with TNT and is threatening to light it. Despite the Second Coming begging it to stop, the rabbit lights it anyway. The Second Coming flees as the landscape explodes, with the rabbit grabbing at it and attempting to reach the portal first. Just before the rabbit reaches the portal, the Second Coming pulls out a rabbit carcass and throws it back. The Killer Rabbit, unable to hold back its cannibalistic urges, chases after it into the explosions as the Second Coming escapes and the portal is destroyed behind it.

The Witch

After Purple beckons the Second Coming and its friends to enter a Nether portal, the Second Coming has memories of Season 1, including two flashbacks from "TNT Land", thanks to which it decided to go home and ordered the same to its friends. However, they all decided to follow Purple in the end after seeing it sitting depressed next to the portal.


The Killer Bunny is sadistic and vile, taking pleasure in murdering and devouring its victims, including other rabbits. It is manipulative and cunning, allowing it to lure victims into a false sense of security before violently attacking. It has no problem with destroying a large part of the world to kill the Second Coming.





  • The Killer Bunny is derived from a hostile mob that used to exist in Minecraft; this rare mob, called "The Killer Bunny", was itself a reference to the Rabbit of Caerbannog from Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
  • It is possible that the Killer Bunny fed the Second Coming all that food to fatten him up, leaving more for the Killer Rabbit to eat.
  • The Killer Bunny is the only cannibal in the series.


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