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Even chickens can be deadly.
~ The segment summary of What are Eggs.

Killer Chicken is a minor antagonist in the stop-motion animated sketch comedy series Robot Chicken.


The Killer Chicken debuts as the main antagonist of the sketch "What are Eggs", featured in season five episode "Schindler's Bucket List". Here a boy and his mother are talking about eggs when the Killer Chicken shows up, having killed the boy's father. He then gets into a fight with Ant Man who bursts in through a window, with the boy and the mother staring in awe.

The Chicken later returns in the season five finale "Fight Club Paradise". Here he appears in the sketch "The Rescue", being among the line of Fritz Hühnermörder's defenses tasked with preventing the titular Robot Chicken from saving his wife. After dealing with Mo-Larr the Eternian Dentist, Robot Chicken proceeds to the next checkpoint where the Killer Chicken is armed and waiting for him alongside N'Sync member Joey Fatone and Batman's maid. However, just as the four take battle positions, Six Million Peso Man surprises the Robot Chicken from above, allowing him, Killer Chicken, Fatone, and Batman's maid to attack the bionic poultry simultaneously. Unfortunately for them, the poultry soon recovers and kills them all, including the Killer Chicken whom he shoves inside a morgue shutter opened when killing Peso Man, with its door closing behind him.


Despite looking like a regular chicken, the Killer Chicken is clearly dangerous and violent, killing a boy's father with no problem, getting in a fight with Ant Man, and attacking the titular bionic chicken without a second thought. He also never utters a single noise in neither of his appearances.


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