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Eh... Killer Croc... they say his momma didn't want him, flushed him into the sewers...
~ A homeless person on Killer Croc's alleged origin.

Waylon Jones, better known as Killer Croc, is a brutish super villain suffering from a rare skin condition that gives him reptilian scales. Having been driven mad by both abuse and Jonathan Crane's experiments, he works for Scarecrow in his kidnapping of a Gotham cardinal.

He appears in the collection of anime short films Batman: Gotham Knight, specifically the short "In Darkness Dwells".


This Killer Croc is humanoid in appearance but is slightly deformed, with more ape-like proportions, possessing stubbier legs and longer arms. His teeth are all incredibly sharp and physically speaking, he's stated to be 8 feet tall as well as weigh over 300 lbs according to Batman once he analyzes his footprints.


Waylon Jones was born with an extreme case of the rare skin disorder known as epidermolytic hyperkeratosis, that made him appear reptilian. Waylon Jones was rumored to have been flushed into the sewers by his mother when she didn't want him as part of her family. At some point, he ended up in Arkham Asylum, where he was made a "patient" in Jonathan Crane's "fear aversion therapy". Ironically, Waylon's fear was of bats, and Crane performed unethical experiments on him in the name of making him overcome this fear.

Later, after the inmates of Arkham Asylum were freed and Jonathan Crane became the Scarecrow, Waylon as Killer Croc worked for him, helping him kidnap helpless people (such as a benevolent Gotham cardinal). When Batman gave pursuit, he followed Scarecrow and Croc into the sewers. Croc intercepted him and the two briefly fought before Batman drove him off. Killer Croc's fate afterwards is unrevealed, though in the novelization he's captured by Batman and sent back to Arkham where he currently resides.





  • Batman: Gotham Knight is supposed to be canon with the Christopher Nolan Batman films, but there are numerous things in the short films proper that contradict this claim, making it highly questionable just how compatible with the Nolan films Gotham Knight actually is.
    • Despite this, one of the Nolanverse producers, Emma Thomas, produced Batman: Gotham Knight and there is a possible double reference to Croc in The Dark Knight Rises, when Gordon says that the sewers of Gotham "was infested with crocodiles" and when Blake says that his fellow officers asked him sarcastically if he saw 'giant alligators' in the sewers.
  • Like other versions of the character, this Killer Croc eats people. However, in this case it is only allegedly so, as he is never actually shown to engage in cannibalism in the short film proper, aside from biting straight through Batman's shoulder.