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Name's Croc. Killer Croc. But you can call me boss.
~ Killer Croc to three thugs, now his henchmen.

Killer Croc is a half-human, half-crocodilian supervillain and a recurring antagonist in The Batman.

This version of the character is similar to the earlier Killer Croc from the Pre-Crisis era, being more intelligent and greedy, focused on obtaining money at the expense of other people's lives, rather than being animalistic and not as smart, or usually written in more sympathetic stories, which can also be seen with this incarnation, albeit in the tie-in comics The Batman Strikes!.

He was voiced by Ron Perlman, who also voiced Slade in Teen Titans, The Lich in Adventure Time, Armaggon and the High Mage in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Dieter Reinhardt in Blade II, Xibalba in The Book of Life, and Warhok in Kim Possible.


This incarnation of Killer Croc is among the most reptilian in appearance. While most incarnations simply have crocodile scutes all over their bodies and little else, this one has an elongated snout (albeit not as long as an actual crocodile's), webbed hands and feet, three eyelids and a tail. This was likely done because Killer Croc at the time had been infected with a virus by the villain Hush in the comics, which made him mutate, making him look more crocodilian (long snout included), sometimes with a tail.



The Batman: Croc's story, spill it.
Thug 1: He's ex-military, I think. Mercenary type. Some think he's a genetic experiment, a crossbreed soldier or something. Others think he messed with the wrong kind of voodoo in the bayou. Me, I'm thinking circus freak.
The Batman:
Facts, not folktales.
Thug 1:What's to tell? Croc's new in town, he's got big plans.
~ The Batman interrogates one of Croc's henchmen.

A glimpse of Croc's past as seen in the comics.

Croc's true origin is unknown, brief comments in his first episode imply he may be the product of military experiments or trifled with the wrong kind of voodoo in the Bayou (due to his Cajun accent). Its equally possible that (like the more well known origins of Killer Croc in the comic series) he was simply born this way and ended up in a circus freak show.

Regardless of origin, Killer Croc is a virtual powerhouse with the strength, speed and durability of a crocodile, able to use his jaws and claws in combat and is specially suited for swimming, making him an incredible fighter and dangerous criminal.

The Batman

"Swamped" (Season 2, Episode 5)

Killer Croc arrived in Gotham and forcibly created a gang with the plan of flooding the sewers by backing up the sewage pipes that are used to transfer water out from the city, after flooding downtown Gotham he and his men began raiding the banks. Croc was eventually taken down by Batman in a battle in his underground lair. Though Croc came close to drowning him, Batman exploited the fact that Croc couldn't breathe underwater and half-drowned him by pulling him underground and leaving him in an unconscious state.

"Team Penguin" (Season 4, Episode 2)

Team Penguin

One another occasion, Killer Croc accepted the invitation to join Team Penguin, a group of Gotham's villains formed by Ragdoll and Firefly (and later on Killer Moth) and led by the Penguin. During the heist his job was to sneak into waterside facilities underwater and take out Security Guards. However he along with the other members grew impatient with Penguin's leadership and tried to quit, they were forced to stay by the greatly empowered Killer Moth. Croc, with the remainder of the team was defeated by Batman Batgirl and Robin with an ice pellet which froze the swimming pool he was in.

"Rumors" (Season 4, Episode 11)

Croc (in the back) along with much of Batman's rogues gallery.

Shortly after a heist with his past three henchmen, Croc was ambushed in one of his hideouts by the new vigilante known as Rumor, and was taken down by his cloaked opponent. Croc was tied up and thrown with the other villains that Rumor captured, and once freed by Batman and Robin, they both stood in the way of the villains when they tried to kill Rumor. He fought the two heroes along all of Gotham's criminals but they were all defeated, likely due to being far less coordinated than the Dark Knight and his sidekick.

"The End of The Batman" (Season 5, Episode 10)

Croc, along with other villains, makes a deal with Wrath

Croc was among the few villains, alongside The Joker The Penguin and Ventriloquist and Scarface used by Wrath and Scorn to draw out The Batman while they got more money than they could ever imagine in a risky robbery. He escaped from the police when they arrived to the scene by diving into the sea. Later, when Joker returned, Croc told him that Wrath was on the phone.

Powers and Abilities


  • Enhanced Strength: Proven from time to time, Killer Croc has displayed a lot of feats using his crocodilian-strength, he has overpowered Batman in many occasions, also overpowered several guards, he easily breaks through walls and even smashed a car flat. In the comics, he was able to easily tear right through prison cell bars with no effort at all.
  • Enhanced Durability: Killer Croc has proven to have very durable skin, befitting the crocodile armor that covers his body.
  • Enhanced Reflexes: Despite his large size, Killer Croc's reflexes are much faster than expected, being more than a match for The Batman.
  • Enhanced Lung Capacity: Since he is half crocodile/alligator, he can stay in water for a long time, but not forever as he needs to resurface for air.
  • Animalistic Senses: Due to being part-crocodile/alligator, Killer Croc has a heightened sense of smell.
  • Swimming Abilities: Due to his crocodilian physiology, he is a very fast swimmer.


  • Hand-To-Hand Combat Expert and Wrestler: He displayed good hand-to-hand combat and has a techniques similar to wrestlers and grapplers.
  • Military Tactics: He has experiences in heists and has shown some good skill with strategy.


  • In The Batman Strikes! #25, Croc's weaknesses are revealed to be pepper-skunk spray (it wreaks havoc on his senses since crocodiles have extremely sensisitve sensory organs all over their heads) and flame retardants (since Croc is cold-blooded, getting frozen means he gets considerably slower and weaker).


(a shadowy figure looms above) Thug 2: Oh man, is that the bat?! (the shadowy figure jumps down, crushing the getaway car of the three thugs)

Killer Croc: Boys, I'm a whole different breed of animal.

~ Killer Croc reveals himself to his three future henchmen
Looks like you had a busy night. That's good, 'cause y'all working for me now.
You city boys need to teach yourselves some manners.
~ Croc teaches his future henchmen a lesson by beating them up
My daddy used to say you want something done right... Best to do it yourself.
~ Croc after watching The Batman beat up his henchmen
You look to be this... Batman legend I keep hearing about. Well folks are gonna start hearing about how Killer Croc stopped you good.
Thug 2: Boss Croc definitely does not have both oars in the water.

Thug 3: Yeah, he calls this slime pit "headquarters"!

Thug 1: Well, maybe you two should mention that to Croc. Me, I like my teeth just where they are.

Thug 2: Yeah well first chance I get is "after a while, crocodile". (Croc emerges from the water behind him)

Killer Croc: Sure do hate seein' my boys so unhappy.

Thug 2: Oh, not me, boss! I'm happy! As a... clam.

Killer Croc: Good. Because this time tomorrow, the tops of skyscrapers will be our lily pads... and downtown Gotham will be our oyster.

~ Killer Croc makes sure his henchmen stay 'til his plan is complete
Heh, heh, heh... Water, water, everywhere!
~ Killer Croc enjoys seeing a flooded Gotham
The Batman: (looking through the amount of stuff Croc and his henchmen have gathered on a table) Schematics of Gotham's canals.

Killer Croc: You sure got a lot of bloodhound in you... for a bat. (Croc reveals himself from the shadows) What do you think? A dry little spot to catch my breath between heists.

The Batman: Right beside the overflow pumps for Gotham's canal system.

Killer Croc: They were designed to drain the canals into the bay in case of flooding. But I did some thinking. If you reverse the pumps...

The Batman: They draw water in from the bay, filling the canals... until they submerge any part of Gotham situated below sea level.

Killer Croc: Just about all of downtown, where the good shopping is.

The Batman: Tens of thousands of lives could be lost.

Killer Croc: And I'll shed a crocodile tear for each and every one. (The Batman is visibly enraged, Croc grins in response. The Batman gets into a stance, Croc hits the water with his tail, summoning his two crocodile pets.) And speaking of... my pets haven't had a decent bite since we arrived. Now, if you'll pardon me, bat snack... I've got some more pumps to reverse.

~ The Batman finds out about Croc's plans
You best give it up, Bat. By the time they figure out what caused the flood, downtown Gotham will be my personal swamp!
~ Croc begins to flood Gotham
Well, Penguin, I guess that means ol' Bane is out.
~ Killer Croc to Penguin as they watch Bane get arrested
Listen, moth ball. There's only room for one killer here. That's Killer Croc.
~ Killer Croc to Killer Moth
Firefly: Bat sure went out with a bang!

Killer Croc: Yeah? We always think that.

~ Firefly and Croc as they watch a factory The Batman was in explode
Now if you pardon me Bat-Snack, I've got pumps to reverse.
~ Killer Croc leaves Batman to be eaten by his pet crocodiles
I didn't hear you come in, but I can smell you, mon frere.
~ Killer Croc to Batman, hiding in the shadows
Killer Croc: How'd you find me?

The Batman: You tried to flood Gotham once and fail. It's logical that you'd try again.

Killer Croc: I knew you'd see it that way. Come lookin' for me. All logical like.

The Batman: But this isn't about logic for you, Croc. It's about revenge.

Killer Croc: You got that right, smart guy!

The Batman: I'm smart enough to know the bomb isn't here at the dam.

Killer Croc: What makes you so sure?

The Batman: I looked for the bomb before coming to fight you. I checked all the stress points in the damn and didn't find it. You're smart enough to put the bomb in a place where it would do the most damage.

Killer Croc: You're quite the detective!

The Batman: And you're beat. Now where's the bomb?

Killer Croc: It's in your cage. Don't get it? Don't worry, you will. I know all about cages, Batman. I grew up in 'em. Everybody always tryin' to put me in one. Includin' you. You know about cages too, don't you? 'cept your cage is psychological. Your cage is justice. The fight for justice. Your cage is Arkham.

The Batman: You maniac.

Killer Croc: That's right, Bats. The explosives are set up in key places around Arkham to level the place. Everyone gets out. Everyone you put in a cage. You got a choice. You can try to put me in a cage again, or you can keep me from opening yours. I still get my flood. I flood the streets of Gotham with lunatics.

The Batman: You're a monster.

Killer Croc: It breaks my cold-blooded heart to hear you say that.

It's the way you talk about me, Meredith. You're not like the others. You never call me a monster. You never call me a freak. You don't make jokes about how my hide would look good with a matching purse or shoes. Even today when you were telling viewers about my shopping spree you sounded sympathetic. Like you understood.
~ Killer Croc explains Meredith Van Zeyl why he loves her.
I've got a heart, you know I'm not just a beast who gets his mail at the local prison.
~ Killer Croc tells Meredith Van Zeyl that he's not a heartless monster.
The man is in love Batman... and nothing in your utility belt can overcome that.
~ Meredith Van Zeyl showing affection towards Croc.


  • It's unknown how Killer Croc got his scar, but the comics imply it happened some time after escaping from the circus.
  • His name is left unknown throughout the entire show. In Issue #46 of the comics his real name is revealed to be the same as it is in the comics, Waylon Jones.


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