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Oh yeah!
~ Killer Kool Aid Man after breaking into someone's home

Killer Kool Aid Man is the main antagonist in almost every video he appears in. Unlike the regular Kool Aid Man, he murderers people with a lot weapons.

He was voiced by Dane Boedigheimer.


In his first video (which was on Daneboe's channel), he went on a murderous rampage, killing anybody who doesn't drink Kool-Aid. Like Orange, he has his own series of videos called Kool Killer, except the series is all on Daneboe's channel, until he made a cameo on The Annoying Orange in the episode Previously On.... He is the person people in the comments and range got the pun "Can I axe you a question?" from. Pear tells Orange that he is tired of being the voice of reason around the place and threatens to leave the Kitchen for good. The camera then reveals Orange firing machine guns at a robot and manages to destroy it.

At Midget Apple's lair, he develops a potion which will turn him into a full grown apple but Marshmallow takes the portion instead. Passion Fruit learns that Grapefruit is behind all the madness in his ship and he says that it was pretty obvious. The scene then shifts to Orange and Pear on a speedboat on the run from Liam the Leprechaun, who is trying to get his hat back off Orange but slips and falls into the water. Buck the Dollar announces news of a giant Marshmallow who is chomping on the clouds (after saying they taste like cotton candy) and says, "What the buck?". In Mexico, Orange, Pear, Passion Fruit, Grandpa Lemon and Midget Apple keep a low profile by wearing Mustachios' moustaches and Grapefruit spots them.

However, his ship's systems shut down and his ship is about to crash. Orange, Midget Apple and Passion Fruit escape with Jet-Packs but Pear's Jet-Pack runs low and howls when Grapefruit's ship is about to fall on him. Orange sits in the Kitchen and him and Tangerine discuss how this day is so slow and Orange begins to settle down, but warns Tangerine of Knife and then Knife cuts him in half.

Passion Fruit discovers that Orange and Pear are stuck in a room with a bomb and Pear gives Orange the task of snipping the red wire on the bomb. After listening to Passion's warning that Orange is colour blind, Orange snips the green wire. Pear cries out, "Oh crap!" and the bomb explodes.