Killer Moth (real name: Drury Walker) was a villain from the TV show, The Batman.


Killer Moth idolized the Penguin, and was inspired by him to become a super villain. He arrived at Team penguin's headquarters, and given membership solely as the team's coffee boy. That or be the source of humor for the other team's members. While the other members grew tired of Penguin ordering them around, Moth was happy to serve. They managed to steal a vat of chemicals that they wanted to use the melt the solid steel safes of Robert Howard. Moth was placed in charge of guarding the chemicals, which nobody else would due to the risk of their safety. When they found Killer Moth, he transformed into a mutant Moth capable of flying and spitting acid. Though now the most powerful member of the team, he was still remained fiercly loyal to Penguin, and does as he is ordered. He and Penguin alone break into Wayne Manor without the rest of the team. They were defeated by Batman and his two young allies: Robin and Batgirl.

Killer Moth was one of Rumor's many captives. He was captured alongside Ragdoll and Firefly.

Powers and Abilities

Mutated Moth

Killer Moth's transformation.

Before his transformation, Killer Moth wielded a Cacoon Gun which trapped his victims of some sticky substance, though all the times he used it, it backfires, making the goo go all over him. When he becomes a "Killer Moth", he gains the ability to spit acid, fly and have enhanced strength and speed.
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