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Killer the Butcher is the most prominent villain in the anime Invincible Superman Zambot 3 by Yoshiyuki Tomino. Butcher is responsible for sending out the monsters Mecha Boosts to attack the Earth, particularly Japan. Butcher is a rather eccentric villain, and is seen constantly indulging in luxuries, be it eating endless amounts of meat, trying on jewelry, or attempting to sun bathe despite being inside of the Bandok.

However, this extravagance does not make him any less ruthless. Butcher was sent by Gaizok to kill the humans, and that's exactly what he plans to do. Butcher's headquarters is the powerful mobile fortress, Bandok.


Killer the Butcher is the childish, cruel, sadistic, demented but cunning commander of the alien army ruled by the cosmic entity Gaizok, a super computer created by unknown beings with the goal of finding and destroy creatures with evil intent in the galaxy. The series begins with Gaizok's forces attacking the Earth after following the Jin family, the last survivors of a planet prievously destroyed by Gaizok, who came to hide and live on Earth. Killer the Butcher is put in charge of the Gaizok's forces tasked to destroy human civilisations either trough brutal acts of terrorism or by using the giant monsters Mecha Boosts, as Gaizok decided that humans are too corrupt to live.

However, the Jin family brought to earth with them a giant super robot called Zambot 3 and the lead hero, Kappei Jin is tasked to pilot Zambot to fight the mecha boosts and thwart the planes of Killer the Butcher.

During the series, Killer the Butcher commits any sort of horrible actions, including mass murder of innocent civilians with the excuse of humans being worthless and binding a group of japanese politicians to giant baloons floating in the sky to use as target practice with a bow after they tried to negotiate peace with him. One of the crueler of his deeds is implanting mini-bombs inside unknowing human prisoners, just to release them, let them go back to their families, and then blow them up. All the while, he admires his work, is proud of the bloodshed and jokes about the horrible deaths of his victims, treating his killing sprees as a funny game.

Eventually, Killer is killed for good by Kappei during the brutal final battle against Gaizok.

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