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Catch meat. Sacrifice meat. Appease The Entity.
~ The Voices' command to the Killers.

The Killers are the main antagonistic faction of Dead by Daylight. Once regular humans, they had their dark desires amplified by the Entity and became serial killers. After being chosen, they are sent to the Entity's realm where they were mutated and given paranormal powers in order to hunt down and capture survivors for eternity.


In order for the Entity to find a new killer, it senses certain individuals and analyzes their killing potential, such as those who killed out of vengeance, trauma or sadism. It may also change its mind if it sees greater potential in another, such as when it originally wanted to turn Mr. Yamaoka into one of its killers before rejecting him for his daughter Rin after she swore revenge on him as she lay dying from the hands of her father. Once the Entity captures a killer, it transports them into its realm and forces them to partake in rituals where a single killer chases down four survivors as they struggle to escape. It is the killer's job to round up the survivors so that the Entity can claim their souls. As the ritual progresses, the Entity absorbs the participants' souls and emotions. Some killers try to resist the Entity's urges, resulting in them being agonizingly tortured and disfigured until they go insane and comply, while others are so evil that they are willing to serve the Entity without question.

Some killers are crossover characters from other works of horror media, suggesting that these universes are connected in the Dead by Daylight universe.

All Killers are gifted with a specific ability when taken into the Entity. However, it seems that a sort of "blanket buff" is applied to most killers. For example, The Trickster appears to be an unmodified human on the surface, but is still able to break apart wooden pallets and carry around survivors with ease despite his appearance. Some killers have also had their strength and powers reduced for the trials. The Nightmare's lore directly states that his powers were weakened in some ways and strengthed in others. The Nemesis' mutation rate is limited to three states, and it is able to be stunned by normal wooden pallets, despite it tanking bullets and explosions in Resident Evil games.


The chosen killer is the main antagonist of each match, whose goal is to capture the survivors before they fix all the generators to unlock the exit passages to escape the game. The killer's main goal is to hunt down and chase the survivors like a predator, with the ability to track them down with the sounds they make such as their footsteps, breathing and screaming. As they chase survivors, the killer must strike them with their signature weapon to wound them, then strike again to knock them down. Then, the killer must carry the survivor to a hook where the Entity will consume them if left there for too long, though their fellow survivors can rescue them. Whenever a survivor goes near a killer's terror radius, ominous music will play and the killer will detect their heartbeat. As they go closer and closer, the music gradually intensifies before becoming fast-paced as the killer gives chase. The killer may choose to instead do their Memento Mori, where they will kill the survivor themself using their signature murder method. Each killer has a different signature power which helps them find survivors, and different perks which give them unique playstyles.

Known Members

Evan MacMillan - The Trapper

The misguidedly loyal son of Archie MacMillan, a corrupt millionaire responsible for a mass murder where over a hundred men were trapped in a mine and killed by a deliberate cave-in. When Evan found out that he was an unwitting accomplice, he trapped his father in the basement and disappeared. In-game, he wields a cleaver and his power "Bear Trap" gives him the ability to lay bear traps to immobilize survivors. He was the first killer added to the game.

Philip Ojomo - The Wraith

A Nigerian man who uncovered a business in a scrapyard where the workers were killing people by putting them inside cars that were being crushed. Philip snapped and brutally murdered his boss A. Azarov before disappearing. In-game, he wields Azarov's spine as his weapon and his power "Wailing Bell" gives him the ability to ring his bell to make him intangible.

Max Thompson Jr. - The Hillbilly

Deformed and unwanted, Max Thompson Jr. was born to abusive parents who kept him walled up and fed through a hole. He got his revenge by killing them and mutilating all the animals on their farm. He wields a cattle hammer as his weapon and his power "The Chainsaw" gives him the ability to rev his chainsaw to damage anyone nearby. He was based on Leatherface, who eventually appeared himself in the game.

Michael Myers - The Shape

The main villain of Halloween, Michael Myers is an emotionless killer who is nothing but pure evil. He wields a kitchen knife, and his power "Evil Within" causes him to become speedier and more unstoppable as he continues to stalk survivors.

Sally Smithson - The Nurse

Sally was a nurse working at the Crotus Prenn Asylum, where she was abused physically and verbally until she was driven mad, killing several patients. She wields a bone saw as a weapon, and her power "Spencer's Last Breath" lets her blink to nearby locations.

Lisa Sherwood - The Hag

A woman captured and tortured by a tribe of cannibals, Lisa was reduced to a feral state and killed her captors, scrawling tribal symbols out of their blood. In-game, her weapon is her deformed hand and her power "Blackened Catalyst" lets her paint a symbol from mud, which she can teleport to so she can ambush survivors.

Herman Carter - The Doctor

A sadistic, depraved doctor known for torturing people in order to acquire knowledge. His weapon is the "Stick" he used to discipline his unruly patients into submission, and his power "Carter's Spark" gives him the ability to release surges of electricity to drive survivors mad.

Anna - The Huntress

A woman taught how to hunt at a young age by her mother. When her mother was killed by an elk, Anna went mad and started hunting humans, but also kidnapped young girls to care for them in order to fill her void, only to die due to her inability to care for them. She wields her axes as her weapons, and her power "Hunting Hatchets" lets her throw axes at survivors to wound them from afar. She is known for humming her signature lullaby in-game, a song from her mother.

Leatherface/Bubba Sawyer - The Cannibal

The most well-known antagonist of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Leatherface is a crazed yet tragic serial killer whom is part of a family of cannibals, living in constant fear of himself and his family being in danger. He wields a sledgehammer as his weapon and his power "Bubba's Chainsaw" lets him rush with his chainsaw, though he can only do this a limited amount of times before it goes into cooldown.

Freddy Krueger - The Nightmare

The main antagonist of the 2010 remake of A Nightmare at Elm Street, Freddy is a paranormal serial killer who has the ability to kill his victims within their dreams, killing them in reality as well. He wields his signatue clawed glove as his weapon, and his power "Dream Demon" lets him send survivors to sleep and manipulate the dream world in order to corner them.

Amanda Young - The Pig

A recurring antagonist of the Saw films, Amanda was one of the participants of Jigsaw's games and soon became his apprentice. When she failed and was killed as a result, she was taken to the Entity's realm (at least in the Dead by Daylight story) and continued Jigsaw's will. She wields her retractable blade as her weapon, and her power "Jigsaw's Baptism" gives her several abilities which include being able to crouch to sneak up on survivors and trap them with Reverse Bear Traps, which prompts them to find a key hidden in the Jigsaw Boxes or be sacrificed immediately.

Kenneth Chase - The Clown

Ever since he was young, Kenneth Chase was obsessed with collecting body parts from animals (before moving on to humans) and was eventually found out. He worked as a clown under the alias "Jeffrey Hawk" where he lured people before killing them. He wields a butterfly knife as a weapon, and his power "The Afterpiece Tonic" involves throwing a tonic to intoxicate survivors to slow them down and throwing an antidote to speed up himself and survivors.

Rin Yamaoka - The Spirit

A teenage girl who witnessed her father going insane as a result of being corrupted by the Entity, leading him to kill his wife and eventually his own daughter. The Entity favored the dying Rin's rage over her father's despair, so it turned her into a killer instead. She wields the katana her father used as her weapon, and her power "Yamaoka's Haunting" lets her leave her body and become incorporeal before moving to another location.

Frank, Julie, Susie, Joey - The Legion

A gang of masked teenage criminals consisting of their leader Frank Morrison and his accomplices Julie Kostenko, Susie Lavoie and Joey, who were influenced by Frank to commit crimes which got worse and worse, until they had to murdered a cleaner out of panic. Each member of the Legion is played as one character, with the player choosing which member of the gang to play by choosing their cosmetics.

They wield different blades as weapons with Frank and Julie wielding hunting knives, Susie wields a makeshift wooden ruler sharpened into a stake, and Joey wields a karambit, and their power "Feral Frenzy" causes them to snap into a rage as they rush at increased nimbleness and strength.

Adiris - The Plague

Adiris was the youngest out of a family of seven who eventually abandonded her on the stairs of a church. Adiris would go on to serving the church in any way possible before being made a priestess when the people of Babylon were getting wiped out by a deadly disease. When one of her workers became sick, she severed her own toe and asked for the gods for the woman to be protected. What resulted was Adiris receiving the plague instead, to which she tried several rituals to rid of it, but to no avail, she eventually banished herself and a few followers from the city to a cave. Later on, the bodies were never found after they died.

Her primary weapon is the Profane Censer, and her power "Vile Purge" gives her the ability to vomit on survivors to make them sick where they need to cure themselves by going to pools of devotion. After a survivor cures themselves the Plague can go to that pool of devotion and ingest the corruption to unleash her special ability "Corrupt Purge" where for a limited time her vomit is able to damage survivors.

Danny Johnson - The Ghost Face

A psychotic killer obsessed with himself, Danny Johnson, also known as Jed Olsen and the Ghost Face, is a killer wearing the iconic mask from the Scream franchise. He committed many murders in the Roseville area, writing about each one of them. Eventually, he would be caught on tape with the mask, striking fear and panic into the residents of Roseville. After this, he would write a final message revealing his identity as the Ghost Face under his Jed Olsen alias, and be taken by the fog for use in the trials.

His primary weapon is the Tactical Knife, and his power "Night Shroud" allows him to lose his terror radius and stalk survivors. After stalking survivors, he gains the ability to instantly down the one he stalked.

The Demogorgon

A skilled predator and viscous monster, the Demogorgon is a servant of the Mind Flayer, later taken by the Entity for use in the trials.

Their main weapon was the Barbarous Claw, and their power "Of the Abyss" allowed them to place down portals they could travel through, along with being able to charge up a "Shred" that could attack survivors, allowing the Demogorgon to quickly leap forward.

Kazan Yamaoka - The Oni

A monstrous man determined to bring honor to the Yamaoka family line, the Oni is a bulky, powerful samurai with a demon mask. He would kill the "imposter samurai" he saw as weak in Japan, and would go on a quest to kill the lord who called him the "Oni-Yamaoka," seeing it as dishonoring his family line. After killing the lord, he would be overwhelmed and killed by villagers who were ruled by the lord. The Entity would then take him and transform him into an Oni.

His primary weapon is "Yamaoka Blade" and his power "Yamaoka's Wrath" allows him to absorb the blood of survivors. After absorbing enough blood, he can enter Blood Fury, where he pulls out his kanabo and can perform the Demon Dash and Demon Strike, allowing him to instantly down survivors.

Caleb Quinn - The Deathslinger

An Irish outlaw and brilliant engineer who sought vengeance and retribution for those who had wronged him in his life. Caleb Quinn would develop many tools for his boss, Henry Bayshore, but after learning that his inventions were stolen by him, he would take revenge against him by impaling him with a railroad spike. After being arrested and sent to Hellshire Penitentiary, he would develop tools for the warden and lead the Hellshire gang, taking in criminals to shorten his sentence. After learning that the warden of Hellshire Penitentiary was working with his old boss, Henry Bayshore, Caleb would storm the prison, leaving the prisoners and the rest of his gang to kill both of them while he was taken by the Entity.

His primary weapon is "The Redeemer," a modified rifle that shot out a spear tied to a chain, which also functions as his power and gives him the ability to fire a shot from the rifle, allowing him to reel in survivors and attack them.

Pyramid Head - The Executioner

The silent stalker of Silent Hill, Pyramid Head is a hulking, ruthless monster that even the other beasts of Silent Hill flee fear. He serves the Entity out of seeming obligation for the task given to it.

His primary weapon is the Great Knife, and his power "Rites of Judgement" allows him to use said knife to stab the ground to unleash spikes that gives survivors the torment statis effect when caught. When a survivor is downed while tormented, Pyramid Head will either send a survivor to a cage of atonement or use his ability "Final Judgment" where he kills the survivor on the spot.

Talbot Grimes - The Blight

A transformed and broken man, the Blight is a man taken over by the Pestula serum from the Entity. After developing and researching many drugs, he would be taken by the Entity as a survivor in the trials. However. Talbot would learn how to manipulate the pestula serum, but would become addicted to it and turn into another killer for the Entity.

His main weapon is the Bonebuster, a cane, and his power "Blighted Corruption" allows him to rush around the map at high speeds and injure survivors.

Victor & Charlotte Deshayes - The Twins

A pair of conjoined twins, Victor and Charlotte would be persecuted and hunted down by hunters assuming they were the result of a witch. After watching their mother burned under the assumption she was a witch, they would be forced into a temple where Victor would die. Charlotte escaped, but was hunted down by witch hunters and black cloaks who sought to kill her. After travelling during a particularly bad winter, she would die and be taken into the fog, with her brother being revived.

Their primary weapon is the Blade of Marseille, a deadly sickle, and their power "Blood Bond" allows Charlotte to send out Victor to find and attack survivors, pouncing on them and incapacitating them. Survivors can kill Victor if he misses a pounce or is idle, but he will regrow back on Charlotte.

Ji-Woon Hak - The Trickster

A ambitious performer turned K-pop star after being recruited by producer Yun-Jin Lee, Ji-Woon Hak was obsessed with fame and becoming number one. When he saw his bandmates about to be killed in a fire, he left them to die as he began to enjoy the sound of screaming. He became a new solo performer under the name "The Trickster", but would privately kidnap people and torture them to record their screams as they died, before incorporating the gruesome sounds into his songs. When his performances were rejected by the executives of Mightee One, he bound them all and made Yun-Jin watch as he made a performance where he tortured and mutilated them in front of her. As he was about to kill Yun-Jin as well, the Entity took them both into its realm (with Yun-Jin becoming a survivor). Since then, The Trickster serves the Entity so that he can make more "music" from their screams. He wields an aluminum bat with neon lights as his weapon, and his power "Showstopper" lets him throw a barrage of knives to slowly wound survivors.

Nemesis T-Type - The Nemesis

An unrelenting bioweapon developed by the Umbrella Corporation under their "Tyrant T-103" series, Nemesis T-Type was made to hunt down members of S.T.A.R.S. in Raccoon City. After being taken by the fog, he sets his sights on eliminating S.T.A.R.S. and killing any other survivors.

His primary weapon is his Raw Fists, and his power "T-Virus" allows him to contaminate survivors with a deadly whip attack. As he tiers up, his whip can break pallets and gains more range. Survivors can remove their contamination by finding vaccines around the map, but there is a limited supply of them. In addition to his whip, the Nemesis is accompanied by two zombies that can find, contaminate, and attack survivors.

Pinhead - The Cenobite

A cruel and demonic torture inducer, Pinhead is someone who pursues and tortures those curious enough to open the puzzle boxes, also known as Lament Configurations. When a Lament Configuration mysteriously appeared in the Entity's realm and was opened, Pinhead entered the fog, becoming one of the Entity's killers.

His primary weapon is the Chain and Hook, and his power "Summons of Hate" allows him to summon chains that can slow down survivors and pursue them, forcing them to solve Lament Configurations in order to escape his chains.

Carmina Mora - The Artist

A Chilean artist with an empathetic connection to crows, Carmina Mora who was abandoned by her mother and lost her younger brother Matias at an early age, with her father blaming her for both incidents. When she prepared to commit suicide, a murder of crows gathered, saving her life. She became an artist after being inspired by that moment and joined the Vack Label, but realized that they were selling art for corrupt congressmen and the artists whom they commissioned disappeared afterward. When she tried to expose their corruption, Vack Label abducted her and her friends, where her kidnapper cut off her hands and tongue. In her anger, she summoned a murder of crows to kill the kidnapper, but in their frenzy attacked her friends as well, overwhelming Carmina with rage and remorse before dark fog engulfed her.

Her primary weapon is the Sharp Palette Blade, a paintbrush covered in black paint, and her power "Birds of Torment" makes her summon crows to fly ahead and damage survivors, or reveal them instead if they fly too far away.

Sadako Yamamura - The Onryō

A powerful ghost who holds unfathomable power, Sadako is the primary villain from the Japanese horror series “The Ring”. In life she was a psychic who met her end when she was trapped within an old stone well, as a vengeful spirit, she kills anyone who watches a video tape depicting her death within a week.

Her main weapon is the Ring of Fury, a powerful cursed seal used by Sadako to attack, and her main power Deluge of Fear, allows Sadako to demanifest, making her undetectable and unable to be seen at long range, she can also warp between TV sets placed around the map unless a survivor extracts the tap from one and brings it to another, shutting off the two TVs for a short time, however if the survivors remain too close to the TVs while they are active they will begin to become condemned, and if a survivor is completely condemned, Sadako can use her powers to kill the survivor the next time they are downed.

Druanee - The Dredge

A monsterous creature summoned into the world by Otto Stamper. Stamper created a cult and got them to fear The Dredge, which he called the Draunee. Eventually, fear overtook their minds, causing a mass killing which fully summoned the Dredge. Starting off as a creature of pure shadow, it took the bodies of the dead to form its body and weapon, a mess of limbs, bones, hands, and flesh. Using it's power "Reign of Darkness" the Dredge can teleport to lockers around the map, and plunge the trial into darkness.

Albert Wesker - The Mastermind


Additional Killers

Some Killers are within the game or within the games universe, but are not directly playable. Some Killers may have been mentioned in passing within peices of lore, but are not represented ingame. Other Killers are playable, but are not their own character, usually being a cosmetic item which transforms one character into another.

The Chatterer

Appearing as a Legendary skin for Pinhead, it is the another one of the cenobites who appeared with him in Hellraiser. Instead of talking like Pinhead, he chatters his teeth.

The Look-See

Appearing as a Legendary skin for The Doctor, the Look-See appears to have been given Doctors insanity inducing electric powers, although this is probably just for gameplay reasons. The Look-See is part of Crypt-TV.

The Mordeo

Appearing as a Legendary skin for The Huntress, the Mordeo also weilds her Hunting Hatchets with brutal efficiency and accuracy. This skin still hums the same lullaby as Huntress.

The Armored Titan

Appearing as an Ultra Rare skin for The Oni, the Armored Titan uses the same Blood Fury ability as him. Whenever he activates it, the thunder spears embedded in his body are replaced with red crystals.

The War Hammer Titan

Appearing as an Ultra Rare skin for The Spirit, the War Hammer Titan has the same phasing abilities as The Spirit. However, when she moves she makes a sound like grinding rock, instead of Spirits broken glass.

The Baba Yaga

Appearing as a Legendary skin for The Huntress, the Baba Yaga weilds the same Hunting Hatchets, but sings a different lullaby and has a different voice in general.

The Ferryman

Appearing as a Legendary skin for The Blight, the Ferryman appears to be some Charon-type figure. He uses the same Blighted Corruption as The Blight to rush around the map and injure survivors.

The Krampus

Appearing as a Legendary skin for The Trapper, the Krampus uses the same Bear Traps. His body is covered in snow which constantly falls off him, and he has a strange creature hiding in a basket on his back.

The Minotaur

Appearing as a Legendary skin for The Oni, the Minotaur uses the same Blood Fury ability. This Killer was created by the Entity uses the thoughts and fears of some survivors it had trapped, presumably ones from Ancient Greece.


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