Killerwatt (Ghostbusters)


Killerwatt is one of the many enemies of the Ghostbusters, and the main antagonist of the namesake episode "Killerwatt" of The Real Ghostbusters.

Killerwatt himself is the "grand ghoul", "the ethereal master of many", and he commands an electrical ghostly army that feeds on electricity. He was behind the blackouts as he had other ghosts attacking the power lines. The Ghostbusters traced a P.K.E. surge to a power plant in Brooklyn.


Killerwatt and his army of ghosts began to feed off electricity from a power plant in Brooklyn. As a result, New York City suffered a rash of power failures. When Killerwatt's army began to travel through power lines and haunt Stacy's Department Store, Mayor Lenny hired the Ghostbusters to capture them. While disposing of the captured ghosts in the Containment Unit, Killerwatt's army struck again and forced the team to rig up a peddling apparatus to keep the Unit from suffering another catastrophic failure. Egon then traced the P.K.E. surges to the Brooklyn power plant.

After stumbling into the power plant, Killerwatt appeared to the Ghostbusters and attacked. The Ghostbusters mistakingly tried to charge Ecto-1 with its electricity blasts and caused the car to become possessed. After following Killerwatt into the plant, the Ghostbusters were separated and brought before him in the control room. He then possessed equipment in the room and transmogrified it into a giant monstrosity. Shielded by the plant's power, Killerwatt was immune to the Ghostbusters' assault. Winston deduced he was drawing power from the plant's generators and they had to shut them down. Killerwatt countered and created a wide chasm between the Ghostbusters and the main switch. Luckily, Slimer found the main plug and yanked it from the outlet. Killerwatt's host body lost power and fell to the ground. Killerwatt vacated the body and was trapped by the Ghostbusters.


Killerwatt is the manipulative leader of ghosts and as such is a major ego, and laughs a lot while causing trouble for the Ghostbusters. Also, when the Ghostbusters said he would win over their dead bodies, he responds with "Dead bodies are my specialties", indicating that he enjoys killing mortals if he must.

Powers and Abilities

Killerwatt exhibits traits of an Electrokinetic Specter because he can possess and manipulate inanimate objects that run on or channel electricity and use them as weapons. He can also absorb full force Proton Streams by shielding himself with electricity. He commanded over twenty other ghosts.


  • When Killerwatt absorbs Peter's Proton Stream, Peter says, "Mikey likes it," in reference to the fictional character Little Mikey from the famous 1972 Life cereal commercial.
  • On page four of Ghostbusters Issue #4, Killerwatt makes a non-canon cameo as a magnet holding up a newspaper clipping. The magnet is based on his host body.


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