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I'm gonna make this hurt!
~ Killian's catchphrase.
I'm gonna show you pain that you can't imagine.
~ Killian as he is attempting to kill Lance, and his most famous quote.

Tristan McFord, also known as Killian or Robo-Hand, is the main antagonist of Blue Sky's thirteenth and final animated feature film Spies in Disguise. He is Lance Sterling's arch-enemy and a terrorist mastermind with a cyborg left arm.

He was voiced by Ben Mendelsohn, who also played John Daggett in The Dark Knight Rises, Danny Rayburn in Bloodline, Orson Krennic in Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, Nolan Sorrento in Ready Player One, Talos in Captain Marvel and Special Agent Mace in Infinity Train.


Killian was once a protective leader to all of his underlings until the Kyrgyzstan attack caused by Lance Sterling. He truly cared for his minions, and was deeply saddened when they died due to Lance's actions. The fact that his minions were killed off and his disfigurement were what ultimately caused him to become Lance's arch-nemesis.

However, he let his grief transform him into an arrogant, greedy, merciless, remorseless, and terrorist criminal mastermind, having no regard or care for how many lives he costs in order to get what he wants. He holds a hateful grudge against Lance Sterling for the incident that left him crippled with half his face intact and replaced with robotics. He is also shown to be quite a sly man, as he is able to make his robotic face become a holographic of Lance's, framing his enemy in the process. Killian is also homicidal, as shown by him dropping a scientist to his death. However, when the agents pointed out that Walter saved Killian, Killian's eye went from red to blue, possibly hinting he regretted what he had done or that he accepted defeat.


Killian is a tall man with black hair, thick black eyebrows, and pale blue eyes. He wears a dark gray double breasted suit, a navy blue shirt, and has a cyborg claw in place of his left hand and a cyborg eye on the left side of his face.



In one of HTUV (Honor, Trust, Unity and Valor) agent Lance Sterling's past missions, the former killed Killian's crew of terrorists in Kyrgyzstan. During that mission, Killian lost his left eye and arm, which eventually leads him to have them cybernetically enhanced.

Spies in Disguise

Years later, plotting his revenge for the loss of his crew and his disfigurement, Killian arrives in Japan to buy a weaponized attack drone from Japanese arms dealer Katsu Kimura before Lance appeared to retrieve the drone. Recognizing the agent, he immediately seized and then scanned him prior to engaging into a fight with Lance; Kimura's men soon surround both Killian and Lance, leaving the former to easily get away with the briefcase containing the drone in a helicopter, though the latter would seemingly manage to recover it. However, Killian secretly left the briefcase empty and escaped with the actual drone while under the holographic disguise of Lance, leading to the agent being labeled as a traitor.

Killian breaks into the H.T.U.V. weapons facility and had one of its scientists build multiple drones before having him killed. One of his drones in Venice, Italy gets destroyed by Lance (who was turned into a pigeon by one of Walter Beckett's inventions) trying to get the H.T.U.V. agent database, although Killian himself shows up and takes it back as he prepares to kill Walter. With help from hundreds of hungry pigeons in the surrounding area, Walter distracts Killian and flees with Lance. Disguised as Lance once more, Killian escapes the H.T.U.V, shaking Marcy's suspicions of Sterling upon her seeing him with a robot hand.

Whilst underwater in a submarine, Walter reveals he planted a tracking device on Killian and locates him at the weapons facility, and upon arrival at the facility, Lance leaves Walter behind (not wanting to get him in danger) and sneaks into the base; unfortunately, he is soon spotted, knocked out and captured as Killian reveals he has mass produced hundreds of drones to target everyone at the agency using the database as revenge for killing his crew in a past mission led by Sterling. Noticing Walter returning in the submarine from one of the monitors, Killian destroys it, leaving Lance devastated. Although, Walter survived the attack with the help of one of his inventions, the inflatable hug, and frees Lance prior to tracking Killian.

During a skirmish between the H.T.U.V. agents and Killian with his drones, Walter attempts to hack into Killian's bionic arm while hidden from his sight. When Killian realizes this however (thanks to Lance revealing the hack while under the sprayed truth serum), he tries to flee with a drone, but Walter catches up. He tries to stop Walter from deactivating his cybernetic arm, believing that the deactivation would kill them both; facing this predicament, Walter risks his life by trapping Killian in one of his protective gadgets, a inflatable balloon, and deactivates the arm (and by extent all of the drones including the one carrying Killian) before being rescued by Lance, who transformed back into a pigeon. As the rubber-balloon-trapped Killian gently lands on the ground, the agents arrive to arrest him; and when they point out that Walter saved him, Killian's eye goes from red to blue, implying he may have felt remorse for what he did or that he accepted his defeat


You should know better than anyone. Someone always gets hurt.
~ Killian as he attempts to kill Lance Sterling.
(Lance: I told you I don't even know you man.) But I know you. Think about it. No I'll give you a little bit of help, Kyrgyzstan. Aww, he remembers! I mean, I certainly never forgot that day. You were magnificent! You were a one-man army... Lot of witty catch phrases, and you had all these fancy toys that just went Boom!! Boom... boom...(Lance: You were a bunch of bad dudes about to hurt a lot of innocent people, and it's my job to keep everyone safe.) Everyone...I watched every single one of my people die as your agency's weapons rained down on us. You took everything from me and you know the rules. You hit me hard, Sterling. I hit back harder. All of this, because of you.
~ Killian
You are no killer.
~ Killian to Walter.


  • Killian is, so far, the deadliest of the Blue Sky Studios villains, next to Captain Gutt from Ice Age: Continental Drift.
  • Killian is never referred to by his actual name or nickname in the film. He is only casually referred to as "Robo-Hand" by Lance and Walter.
  • His motivation is similar to the first Blue Sky villain Soto from Ice Age, being a villain who is motivated by revenge for the death of those close to him (Soto's fallen pack members and Killian's crew respectively).
  • Spies in Disguise and Captain Marvel, both of which Ben Mendelsohn starred in, came out in 2019.
  • Killian has the distinction of being the final Blue Sky Studios main antagonist, as Spies in Disguise ended up becoming the studio's final film following its closure in 2021 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, which forced The Walt Disney Company to close down Blue Sky to cut costs.


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