I'm Killow. It's my job to decide who's in, and who's out. You wanna know more about us, you gotta become one of us. And to be a Son of Garmadon, first you have to ride with us. So, what do you say, boys and girls? Shall we take him to The Teeth?
~ Killow announcing to Zane.

Killow is a giant biker who appears in LEGO Ninjago: Masters of Spinjitzu as one of the three secondary antagonists (alongside Mr. E and Ultra Violet) of Season 8: Sons of Garmadon, as a major antagonist in Season 9: Hunted, and as a minor antagonist in Season 11: Secrets of the Forbidden Spinjitzu. He is the first general of the evil biker gang, the Sons of Garmadon, who seek to bring Lord Garmadon back from the dead.


After he pretended to be a Son of Garmadon, Ninja Zane was taken to the "big man" to be initiated into the gang. Killow welcomed him, and told him to become one of them, he must ride with them. He gave Zane a bike, and asked if he knew the rules. Zane replied that there weren't any, to which Killow said his reply was no fun. They began the race, but Killow was told that Zane was a ninja and tried to stop him using the mask of Decepticon, but ultimately letting fellow biker Mr. E stop Zane. Killow later led the group of bikers sent to capture the Ninja after their ship, the Destinys bounty, crashed in Primevils eye. Killow used the Oni Mask of deception to lift rocks to form a bridge across a ravine so the bikers could cross with ease. On the ship, the Ninja found the true identity of the S.O.G leader, revealed to be Harumi, but before they could warn Lloyd, Killow and the other S.O.G members captured them. They then took over the ship and went to meet with Harumi, who was getting the third Oni Mask in the Oni temple.

Zane warned them that when bad guys try unleashing evil, it never ends well for them. Killow disembarked with other members to wait for Harumi to arrive, letting the Ninja escape and spring a trap on Harumi, Killow and the bikers. However, they were interrupted by a crab monster, forcing them into a brief alliance. In the chaos, Killow and the S.O.G stole the bounty and captured Lloyd.

They then traveled to the temple of resurrection, With Killow putting Lloyd in a cage.

That night, Harumi began the ceremony, but the Ninja then attacked. Killow used telekinesis to lift the police commissioners microphone in the air and dump it in a moat. He then gave his mask to Harumi, as the ceremony began. In the battle that followed, Killow was knocked out via electrocution, and after the ceremony was shut down, he was arrested.


  • Killow is the second Big Fig to appear in Ninjago, after Dogshank.


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