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Kilobot is a vampiric robot who is the central antagonist of the second season of Cubix: Robots for Everyone. He is far smarter than any of his cohorts, and is Dr. K's finest creation. Developed to absorb data from other robots, and be Cubix's new arch-enemy, Kilobot's name comes from the fact that he has the potential to copy the powers of up to 1000 other robots. As such, his power is potentially unlimited. He downloaded the data of 53 robots to his EPU (Emotional Processing Unit) during the time he was activated.


Final Showdown

Since all of the Solex was absorbed by Cubix, Dr. K had to power Kilobot's Processing Unit|EPU using a lightning strike from a lightning storm. Kilobot originally appeared in a bat-like form, and immediately absorbed Kolossal's data. He then obtained some of Cubix's data and Dr. K then upgraded him to have a bulkier body designed after Cubix's cubes, and gains the ability to transform like Cubix does into different forms.

During the series finale, he took control of Dr. K's robots and planned to destroy all humans so robots could rule the world. He creates the Zombot, a giant robot that can absorb other robots to make them zombots. As part of his plan he merges his own disassembling cubes with Cubix's, fusing himself with him to form "Kilo-Cubix". Cubix breaks free, but gets 'destroyed' by Kilobot's solarix blast. He is defeated when the Zombot is used to absorb his EPU, causing him to permanently shut down. His EPU data is stored in the Core and is used to restore Maximix's EPU data to make him active again after his data was erased by Kilobot.

Powers and Abilities

Flight (Built in mobility): Kilobot's bat-like wings grant him silent flight with swift maneuverability, though in extreme weather conditions, he may struggle to maintain stability and navigation control. Once, he was whisked away by the force of a tornado.

Shape Shifting (Built in Power): When Kilobot is close enough to his target, he unleashes up-to four slim cables from his chest, latching them onto his victim, downloading their physical designs, performance data, memories and powers straight from their E.P.U., and stores them in his own. Once downloaded; he can impersonate his victims likeness, powers and all, (a useful skill for infiltration).

  • In rare circumstances; Kilobot has shape-shifted individual sections of his body into other robots and kept other parts in his own form, resulting in hybrid designs between himself and others (e.g. Endurix).

Tentacle absorption cables (built in power): As well as being used for downloading robot data, his cables can also be used as whips (in hasty circumstances).

Configurations (Cubix's Data): Though he failed to copy all of Cubix's physical/performance data; Kilobot downloaded enough to allow himself to separate his body into modular parts and configure into vehicular or turret forms, even when he is disguised as another robot (such as Endurix).

Some of those forms include:

  • A Streamlined Predator Jet.
  • A Stationary, long range Projectile Canon (Launched from his chest)
  • Flying Driller Jet (As Endurix)

Gauntlet Projectile (Cubix's Data): While capable of copying laser firepower; Kilobot won't hesitate to use his fists for combat. Like Cubix, he can launch his arm gauntlets at foes for long range damage.

Hand/arm weaponry(Built in/Adopted Power/Cubix's Data): Kilobot can modify his hand and turn it into an alternate gadget/weapon.

  • An energizable Grappling hook, mounted on a retractable chain (it leaves a brief energy syndrome after-effect on those who cling onto the grapple for too long).
  • Energizing his hand, Kilobot can do a ground pound, shattering the point of impact, and sending everyone close by flying, knocking them down with the shock-wave.
  • He is able to form a ball of fiery energy (A Power taken from a Solarix model) from both his hands, and throw it at opponents. The severity of the impact depends on the opponent's size and armour. Smaller robots circuitry are likely to be damaged beyond repair.
  • Saw blade to robot it can't mess it can outrun it explore energizing and can use his fist rocket to robot can do damage than Cubix's cube fist
  • Gripper claw blade - his hand transform into a blade gripper claw it he throw it and changes on chains

Kolossal's Mallet & Tri-pronged Claw (Kolossal's Data): As Kolossal was Kilobot's first victim, he had gained an early muscular advantage and used the brute's weapons against Cubix in their first fight.

Wing Dings (Built in/Adopted Power/Cubix's Data): Like Cubix's modular coverings being used as projectile discs; Kilobot can use the exo-skeleton bones lining his Wings as boomerangs to cause some superficial damage to his enemies.

Chest Blast (Built in/Adopted Power): No stranger to utilizing laser weaponry, Kilobot can shoot blasts, beams or pulses from his chest. The type of laser or firepower can vary. As he grew smarter and more powerful; his accuracy improved too.

Power Entrance - he use a hand with to ground he can do lots of damage and he and use Solarix Stareon his hand to do powerful blast it can super damage on robots

Pulse Ring - his arm can use to make ring to shoot it can go super damage any robot even big brute robots and Kolossal.

Teleportation (Endurix's Data): Kilobot can use other robot's powers without even impersonating them. Endurix's Teleporting power is one of the most prominent that he used.

Super Speed (Endurix's Data): Using Super Speed stolen from Endurix; Kilobot's mobility can be accellerated to a near motion blur, leaving his opponents not knowing where he will strike from next.

Professor Nemo's Cloning Module (briefly) - The Cloning tech gave Kilobot extra power to (temporarily) multiply his limbs for extra combat prowess.

List of known robots/Technology copied by Kilobot:

  • Negator (possibly used as the basis for Kilobot's personality)
  • Kolossal (When Kilobot impersonated Kolossal, he looked newer, shinier, polished and lacked the "I Heart Dr. K." on his chest plating)
  • Draculix
  • Park Manager robot
  • Cubix (partial)
  • Constructix
  • Antennix
  • Tyrannix
  • Flying K robot
  • Maximix
  • Security robot 1
  • Dondon
  • Endurix
  • Celsi-ix (partial) (Insufficient data for impersonating or weather control (with only one weather control program fully downloaded))
  • Security robot 2
  • Techsix
  • Professor Nemo's Cloning Module
  • Solarix
  • Metallix

In addition, there were at least 35 other unknown robots that were absorbed by Kilobot.


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