Kilobot is a vampiric robot who is the main antagonist of the second season of Cubix: Robots for Everyone. He is far smarter than any of his cohorts, and is Dr. K's finest creation. Developed to absorb data from other robots, and be Cubix's new arch-enemy, Kilobot's name comes from the fact that he has the potential to copy the powers of up to 1000 other robots. As such, his power is potentially unlimited. He downloaded the data of 53 robots to his EPU (Emotional Processing Unit) during the time he was activated.

Kilobot First Form


Since all of the Solex was absorbed by Cubix, Dr. K had to power Kilobot's [Processing Unit|EPU] using a lightning strike from a lightning storm. Kilobot originally appeared in a bat-like form, and immediately absorbed Kolossal's data. He then obtained some of Cubix's data and Dr. K then upgraded him to have a bulkier body designed after Cubix's cubes, and gains the ability to transform like Cubix does into different forms.

During the series finale, he took control of Dr. K's robots and planned to destroy all humans so robots could rule the world. He creates the Zombot, a giant robot that can absorb other robots to make them zombots. As part of his plan he merges his own dissassmbling cubes with Cubix's, fusing himself with him to form "Kilo-Cubix". Cubix breaks free, but gets 'destroyed' by Kilobot's solarix blast. He is defeated when the Zombot is used to absorb his EPU, causing him to permanently shut down. His EPU data is stored in the Core and is used to restore Maximix's EPU data to make him active again after his data was erased by Kilobot.

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