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Kim is the troublemaking girlfriend of Tru in the 2015 hood thriller film 730.

She is portrayed by Shari McCullough.


The villainaries begin when local mobster P starts seeing her, just as Tru is about to leave prison. He starts having sex with her. He also pays for her stuff, like her bills. When Tru finds out about this, he is enraged, justly so, and slaps her in the face. She vows to call his parole officer if he does it again. She is a gold digger, and a stupid one: when she talks about "decent ni**az" who "ain't broke," she mentions why can't she find a man who can take her to a decent place like, Wendy's. She literally says that. Anyways, she cheats on Tru with a drug dealer named P. And she doesn't try to hide it either. She outright does it to his face, saying he's broke. She tries to steal her boy from Tru, often provoking him. She also abuses her son, Troy, talking bad about that and mistreating them physically.

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