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Lying? You stupid, macho f-ck! I can't believe this! I can't believe that I've been kissing your ass all these f-cking years, and you're such a shi-head! You didn't kill his life, and you didn't f-ck his mind. You know what you did? You pissed him off. You really f-cking pissed him off, and now you're f-cked!
~ Kim' last words, turning against Blake

Kim is the secondary antagonist of the 1991 action-crime thriller film Ricochet.

He is portrayed by Josh Evans.


Going with the professional assassin Earl Talbot Blake to do a contract killing, he is ordered to stay in the car while Blake do the job. Blake then goes in a building, shoot everybody inside. A man, seemingly the contractor, thanks him but he gets double-crossed by Blake who kills him. The noises caused by the shootout draw the attention of Nick Styles and his partner Larry Doyle. Kim is arrested by Larry Doyle and sent to jail with his accomplice.

Kim is released on parole and he prepares an evasion for Blake. The operation is a success and he reunites with Blake and a Brotherhood's member the night following the evasion. The latter tells that in one week, he and all the gang will get news passports, cards and others stuffs to flee out of the country. Blake answers he already gets his password and kills him. He and Kim put the body in the van, sets him on fire and make him fall in the ocean. The goal is that the officers who finds the body would think the body is Blake's. From this moment, Kim helps Blake to get his revenge on Styles.

A friend of Styles, Farris, is making a call with a public phone. Kim approaches him and asks him for money. The guy tells him to take a hike. Earl appears from behind and puts him to sleep with chloroform. The cleaning lady finds his body hanged in his office in the morning. There is child pornography and a suicide note with him.

Returning to his house, Styles is ambushed by Blake and Kim, knocked out and taken away somewhere. When he wakes up, he is face-to-face with his nemesis. The assassin explains his motive and offers to Styles a match of arm wrestling. If Styles wins, he can return home unharmed. Styles indeed wins but Blake, taking advantage of the fact that Styles enjoys his victory, cheats by putting down his opponent’s arm and having Kim drugging him.

Blake calls and pays the service of a prostitute, Wanda, to rape Nick. After that, Nick asks Blake to kill him if it is what he wants but Blake refuses, telling he will do something far worst, which is letting him live. He drugs him again and lets him in front of the courthouse.

Styles' life is starting to be screwed up. At the hospital with his colleagues where he is taken care, nobody believes him since Blake is classified dead. They start to suspect him of having relation with a suspected child molester (Farris, in fact). With the sample the hospital did, they discovers and calls Styles to announce he has the clap. His wife overhearing the conversation, she thinks of him as a liar and grows distant of him. Demoralized, Nick mumbles to himself unaware he is listened by Earl and Kim via a micro. The morning, Styles discovers a tape on which it is written: “Play me”. He plays it and it shows Earl in Styles’ house walking upstairs and entering the children’s room. The video shows him leaning on one of the girls and miming beheading her with an axe. Scared for the girls’ safety, he runs to their room but they are not here. A message stick to the door tells they are in the park to a spectacle. Styles runs to the park with his dressing gown. When he got there, he spots a clown getting on stage and thinks this is Blake. He attacks the clown, holding him at gunpoint but the clown is just a harmless dude. After that incident, Styles is convoked to the District Attorney’s office where he is berated for all this mess. However, Styles thought of taking the videotape with him to prove himself innocent. Unfortunately for him, the video playing shows Nick having sex with Wanda.

Believed to be insane, Nick is suspended. However, Nick’s ex-partner and best friend Doyle believes him because he asks information to the prison and they give him Blake’s personal stuff (a lot of them have Nick tagged). He also says he interrogated an Aryan Brotherhood member who revealed two fakes passports for Earl Talbot Blake and Kim are ready for this night. Styles and his friend go to the criminal’s shop and brutally interrogates him but Kim shows up to recuperate the passports. He is chased by Doyle but this is a trap because Earl kills him from a balcony. Styles runs to his wounded friend and Earl throws his gun to him. Enraged, Styles shoots at him but Blake laughs, revealing he planned it all and now, Styles is incriminated with his own fingerprints.

Blake and Kim now goes to relax in a drag queen bar. Kim praises Blake' talents and recoursefulness, only to be shouted by Blake. Sitting, Blake watches the TV and learns Blake was not arrested. However, another live report shows Nick Styles on the roof of a block, seemingly suicidal. Wanting to see Styles arrested and suffer instead of dead, Blake immediately leaves the bar with his accomplice and goes to the building. In reality, it was a fake show organized by Styles and his childhood friend Ice-T destined to trap Blake. Kim is kidnapped and tied up to the Watts Tower. When Blake, lured by Ice-T finds him, Kim tells him it is Blake who did it. Blake calls him a liar and Kim, who has venerated Blake so long, stands up to him and says he has pissed Styles off. This angers Blake who shoots and kills him.


Kim is the servile right-and of Earl Talbot Blake. Although Kim sees Blake as a model, Blake does not care about him unfortunately for Kim, being rather annoyed by Kim's inexperience in the field and constant praises on him. Despite this, he is quite intelligent, being able to organize meticulously Blake's evasion from prison. He is shown to go along pretty well with Blake' plans and methods to take revenge against the hero Styles until the end when he realizes he was only a tool to Blake's ends.



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