Kim Byung-du is the protagonist villain in the 2006 South Korean crime drama film A Dirty Carnival. He is an amibitious, later opportunistic gang member leading a dangerous, lonely life in Seoul's criminal underworld who does nearly anything to obtain money and power. By doing so, he becomes more cruel and ruthless but also succumbs to his own weaknesses.

He is portrayed by the South Korean actor Jo In-sung.


As his family faces eviction, Byung-du accepts a job to murder a corrupt prosecutor blackmailing his boss, Hwang. He quietly takes care of the problem for more money and power and things start looking up to him not to mention he just reunited with his old flame, Hyun-joo and now film director friend, Min-ho. He not only wants to rise to the top of the underworld, but also wants to get together with his old flame. His own crew is loyal to him but when he confides in Min-ho of the Attorney Park murder, the director friend would in desperation, use this as a premise for his movie, putting Byung-do in a tight spot. He is to make sure Min-ho stays silent, but fails and ends up preparing his murder himself but is betrayed and killed by his own crew after a close call with rival gangsters looking to settling the score.

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