Kim Mihee

Kim Mihee is one of the main characters from Castle of Shikigami III. Described as an accomplished surgeon, Mihee possesses a curse on her left hand, killing anyone who is touched by it. Because of this, people started to fear her, and she started to look down upon herself.

Prior to the events of the game, Mihee traveled to Japan to meet her cousin, but found his dojo empty and closed (her cousin is Kim Dae-Jeong, who was arrested at the end of the second game). She meets with Gennojo Hyuga, who offers to help her in exchange of traveling with him to the country of Alcaland to investigate the mysterious castle which appeared in the place. Her motivations aren't explained, and she herself isn't exactly sure.

Mihee developed a huge inferiority complex, believing herself to be ugly and deriding people near her. Sometimes her personality will change completely, as she turns into a psychotic murderer and goes into a killing spree in the hopes this will lift her curse.

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