To my dearest, Travis the Great. Hi there, Travis the Great. I am the girl who loves you most in the entire world. But in order to prove that I'm your number 1 fan, I need some kind of evidence. Because no matter how much I insist that I'm your number 1 fan, any other chick or bitch can approach you and say the same thing. This is why I've decided. That I should become strong. By doing this I knew someday, I'd be able to get closer to you. Putting my title as Travis the Great number 1 fan on the line. I embarked on this path...and ended up winning the National Student Assassin championship. I really did my best! But you know, in hindsight it was a cinch. I guess I'm just blessed...I could master in one day techniques that would take others years to do. Pretty awesome, right? And then, I got greedy, a new urge, a vision. That just maybe I could win a fight against Travis the Great. Now my goal is to behead Travis the Great. Therefore surpassing my hero. Oops, did I actually write's kinda embarrassing, you know. Well anyways, I've made up my mind. I made an oath. I won't be killed by anyone! I shall defeat Travis the Great in battle! Only then Travis the Great will be mine and mine only! Love, Travis the Great's number 1 fan, Kimmy Howell.
~ Kimmy's letter.

Kimmy Howell is a character in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle. She's an assassin-in-training in a University for Assassins.


No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle

Kimmy Howell is Travis Touchdown's number one fan and want to see if she is a better fighter than Travis, by decapitating him. She said to Travis that she was watching Travis' fight with Charlie MacDonald and was amazed with Travis. She wrote a letter to Travis to express her feelings for Travis. After Travis finished with her letter, Travis and Kimmy begin the fight. Kimmy mainly fights by twirling her Double Beam Kitana Flute. She also can shoot damaging bubbles out of her flute. Though Travis has become more comfortable with killing female assassins, he merely knocks Kimmy unconscious, proclaiming that he "won't kill a co-ed".

No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

Kimmy Howell, along with several other bosses from No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle, appears as an optional boss. She fights roughly the same in as in her last boss fight.

No More Heroes III

Kimmy Howell is set to return in No More Heroes III, having graduated from college and planning to defeat Travis once more.



  • Her main weapon is a flute that becomes a double-ended beam kitana, or lightsaber, similar to Darth Maul's weapon.
  • Kimmy is the only optional boss in No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle.
    • She's also the only optional boss in two No More Heroes games, the other being No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise.
  • Kimmy originally had glasses in the trailers, but were removed during the final cut.


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