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Kindle, called Candle in Japan and Candy in Europe, is a Black Hole CO who serves Von Bolt's second-in-command as well as one of the four members of the Bolt Guard and the secondary antagonist of Advance Wars: Dual Strike.


Kindle rose to power along with the rest of the Bolt Guard. While Von Bolt controlled the organization from behind the scenes, Kindle spearheaded its attacks.

She participated in the Black Hole army's conquest of Omega Land. When Hawke questioned her about who the leader of Black Hole was, Kindle simply teased him and later reported Hawke's restlessness to Von Bolt, suggesting they get rid of both him and Lash. Upon discovering that Hawke had followed her and discovered the Bolt Guard's plans to drain Omega Land of its life, Kindle sent Oozium-238s to kill him and Lash, but the two managed to escape.

After her defeat in the final battle, Kindle is seen in the ending standing with Koal and Jugger on the side of a cliff. She congratulates Hawke for making off with Von Bolt's chair and comments on Von Bolt's decaying physical shape. They then witness Hawke using the chair to restore life to Omega Land.


Kindle behaves like a stereotypical noblewoman, acting extremely vain and belittling those beneath her, as well as threatening her underlings.


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