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Alber better known as King the Conflagration, is an All-Star of the Beasts Pirates and a major antagonist in the Wano Country arc of One Piece. He is one of Kaido's right-hand men, along with Queen and Jack, and is the second highest ranked member within the crew. He is a sole survivor of the Lunarian race. He is renowned as the strongest of the All-Stars. Years ago, he and Kaido were test subjects who escaped the World Government. His bounty is 1,390,000,000 Berries.

He was voiced by Makoto Tamura.


According to Queen, King is a sadist who enjoys torturing people and is known to get pleasure out of it. He is shown to be disrespectful to his fellow calamities Jack and Queen when talking to them and like Queen resorts to insults and name-calling. King is also shown to be loyal to the Beasts Pirates and is willing to go out of his way to take down Big Mom's ship with her strong fighters despite their powers. King wanted to snip Sanji into two instead of impaling a hole on Sanji.

King's sign of loyalty to Kaido has shown his disrespects toward Big Mom as he bluntly and immediately refused her offering to join her crew even though she was willing to forgive him. King will not let Momonosuke live when Sanji freed him.

While being loyal to his Governor-General, King has no qualms of betraying allies outside of the direct organization when he lend his sword to Kaido to behead Kurozumi Orochi for objecting of the "New Onigashima Project".


Beasts Pirates

  • Kaido: As one of his right hand men, Kaido has a great deal of trust on King and his powers. Years ago, Kaido rescued King when they were captured by the World Government and seeing potential in him, he recruited him and was the one who gave the name King because it was strong. King, in exchange, is extremely loyal to Kaido and his goals as he is willing to execute missions immediately. When Big Mom attempts to enter Wano for an all-out war, King intercepts the Big Mom Pirates and stops them from entering the country. Kaido express relief over King's actions. His sign of loyalty to Kaido made him to refused to join Big Mom even though she is willing to forgive him. While continually loyal to his Governor-General, King has no qualms of betraying allies that Kaido has no longer any uses of them anymore when King lend his katana to Kaido to beheads Orochi for objecting the New Onigashima Project. His loyalty for Kaido also made King to not allow Momonosuke to stay alive no matter what when he demanded Sanji to hand over Momonosuke. King will not let anyone get to Kaido such as Luffy and Zoro.
  • Queen: Similar to Zoro and Sanji as well as Kaku and Jabra, King has a rivalry with Queen. But has a mutual relationship with him by scolding Jack. When Big Mom successfully enters Wano and is escorted to Onigashima by Queen, Queen blames King for letting Big Mom into Wano. When Queen wonders how the situation with Udon Prison unfolded and raid on Onigashima, King blames him for how he handled the situation and continues by insulting him and saying that he still have a low opinion of him.
  • Jack: For his failures, King scolds Jack for his failed attempt to rescue Doflamingo and his offering in Kuri is too low as King and Queen called Jack as "Jack The Stooge". Jack, however, shows respect for King by addressing him as "Big Brother King". Despite him scolding Jack, King considered Jack is thinking ahead unlike Queen.
  • The Flying Six: King knows that some members of the Flying Six would not appear if he tried to summon them himself and the latter would rather have it where Kaido would be the one who summoned them. King expressed annoyance when some members of the Flying Six said that they wanted his position within the pirate crew. When Kaido said that they could have a chance to fight King for the All-Star position if they located the his daughter, Yamato, King was open to agreement. In the raid on Onigashima, King announced to the Flying Six even if they found Yamato but they still won't get granted to fight the All-Stars and tell them to prevent Luffy and his allies from reaching the rooftop on Onigashima. King rudely called Ulti and Page One as brats much of their irritations.


  • Kozuki Momonosuke: King was supportive of Kaido when the latter attempted to execute Momonosuke. When Momonosuke is rescued by Sanji, King is determined to bring Momonosuke back to the execution platform. King ordered the Flying Six to kill Momonosuke and bring his head to the All-Star.
  • Shinobu: When Shinobu tries to rescue Momonosuke from the Beasts Pirates, King notices her presence and attacks her by throwing her away from the execution platform.
  • Sanji: During the Fire Festival, King clashed with Sanji when the latter tried to save Momonosuke. King pinned Sanji mid-air with his pteranodon form and intended to severely harm him by crashing into a building. When Sanji tells him about the danger, King calmly brushes it off and tells Sanji mockingly if he would be able to disappear in order to get out from his attack. He only injures Sanji due to the durability of his Raid Suit.
  • Roronoa Zoro: Zoro is King's enemy. Zoro remarked King as a bloodthirsty brute when he never claimed to be a swordsman. When Zoro damaged King's mask, the All-Star shown his wrath towards Roronoa. When Zoro told him it will be unforgivable if he does not use his sword for the kill, King replied it is same to Zoro. King was ruthless against Zoro and intended to kill him during his battle. Despite his viciousness, King did engage in occassional discussions with his enemies. Regardless, King was invested in defeating Zoro. In their final attacks, Zoro defeated King.


  • Charlotte Linlin: As a rival to his governor-general, King views Big Mom as an enemy. When Big Mom and her children attempt to arrived at Wano, King intercepts their ship and mocks Big Mom. When Queen and his men escorts Big Mom to Onigashima, King remarks that he swears that toss her off from the waterfall. When Big Mom offers King to join her crew since he is the sole survivor of his yet-known race, King bluntly and immediately refuses her offer despite her willing to forgive him. When Kaido forms an alliance with Big Mom, King expresses displeasure. King does not show fear when standing in front of Big Mom. He shows loyalty to the Beasts Pirates by turning down her offer to join the Big Mom Pirates.
  • Big Mom Pirates: When King heard that the Big Mom Pirates were going to enter Wano, King went and stopped their arrival. King was fearless when he encountered the Big Mom Pirates near the waterfall entrance and was against them entering the country by Kaido's orders. When Kaido announced to the Beasts Pirates that the Big Mom Pirates where going to be allies to them, King did not object to his leader's plan. However, Perospero still won't forgive King for what he did.

Powers and Abilities

As one of Kaido's right hand men, he is very strong and is implied that he is stronger than Jack who is quite strong himself.

Being called as the "conflagration", King can generate fire in his humanoid or Pteranodon forms, this is explained as an ability of the Lunarian race, which he is the sole survivor of.

Physical Strength

King has tremendous physical strength. He easily threw Shinobu with significant force after grabbing her head, repressed a Raid Suit-donning Sanji by grabbing his neck one-handed, and blocked a powerful kick from the latter using his own leg.

King is also quite fast and agile, leaping across a great distance within a single moment even in his devil fruit powers.

Devil Fruit Abilities

Ryu-Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon

King ate the Ryu-Ryu no Mi, Model: Pteranodon, which allows him to become a Pteranodon hybrid or full Pteranodon at will. It also gives him the ability to fly and perform powerful aerial attacks, as seen when he was able to knock down the Queen Mama Chanter and throw Big Mom in the sea. His strength also hurts Sanji but didn't manage to kill him due to the durability of his Raid Suit.


King possesses the ability to use Busoshoku and Kenbunshoku Haki as revealed in his vivre card.


King has a large katana on his right hip. It is assumed to be a powerful sword when King lend his katana to Kaido of beheading Kurozumi Orochi for objecting the "New Onigashima Project".



In the past, King (real name Alber) was a last known Lunarian. He was experimented by the World Government until he was saved and offered by Kaido to form his crew and given Arber the name as King. 20 years ago, King along with Queen, Jack, and their leader Kaido assisted Kurozumi Orochi in his plot to take down the Kozuki Family in a coup. While doing so, King assisted Kaido and Orochi in destroying the Kozuki Family's palace and killing the Kozuki Family. Since Orochi's takeover of the country, King along with the Beast Pirates took up residence in Wano Country and maintained their allegiance to Orochi's men.

Wano Country Arc

King appears with Queen and Jack at Onigashima Island where they discussed the new business partners the Beasts Pirates can ally with since Doflamingo was no longer a business partner to the Beasts Pirates. Soon, King and Queen began exchanging insults and then they both turned to insult Jack. Moments, later King appears when he gets news that Big Mom and the Big Mom Pirates are trying to enter the country. He snaps the ropes that linked their ship to the carps which helped them get up the waterfall causing the ship to fall and Big Mom to fall into the ocean. King receives praise from his comrades for the stopping the Big Mom Pirates.

King appears in Onigashima along with Queen and Jack to watch a chained up Big Mom eat food. King remarks that he made her fall off the waterfall, but Queen blames him for enabling her to enter the country. Big Mom tells King that she is willing to forgive him for his actions and tells him that he is a part of one of three races of people that is not a part of her country. Big Mom says that King is a part of race of people who was allegedly wiped out from history. King refused her offer. King witness Kaido ordering the Beasts Pirates to unchain Big Mom and witness the clash between both emperors. When the fighting with Kaido and Big Mom ended, King tells Queen that the Numbers are coming to the upcoming banquet to which Queen remarks about how he does not like them since they drink alcohol a lot. Afterwards when Queen wonders why Kaido and Big Mom are so happy, the two emperors announced that they are now allies and their pirate teams have joined forces in order to take over the world. They said that after their alliance, both emperors will go back to fighting one another.

When the Fire Festival began and Queen was setting up the party outside, King appeared in the meeting room with Kaido, Jack, and the Flying Six. King tells the Flying Six, that he was the one that ordered for them to meet with Kaido and that Kaido did not order the summoning. King said that he knew members like Who's Who and Sasaki would not appear if he had summoned them himself. King says that he summoned them because he wanted them to help Kaido locate his son, Yamato. When the Flying Six said that they want to compete to become an All-Star King was not interested and was annoyed. Kaido said that he wanted the Flying Six to bring back his son and that if they are successful with the mission they can fight one of the All-Stars for the position. When Kaido asks them if that would be okay, King and Jack agrees to his terms. King appears along with Kaido, Jack, Queen, Orochi, and Fukurokujo on stage in front of the Beast Pirates. Kaido announces that he plans to make Momonosuke's execution interesting while also announcing to the Beasts Pirates that he have a new plan called the "New Onigashima Project". Kaido begins to announce his plans to Beasts Pirates during the festival. When Orochi objected to Kaido's plan to take over the Flower Capital, King lend Kaido his sword to behead the Shogun.

After the announcements of the "New Onigashima Project", Momonosuke's execution continues until King and the others are surprised to hear an explosion. At the same time, the Nine Red Scabbards appear behind King, Kaido, Jack, and Queen. Izo disarms King with his attack and the other scabbards try to hold him, Queen, and Jack back as they proceed to charge at Kaido and attack him. As Kaido begins his battle against the scabbards and the minks on the top of the skull dome, King and Queen try to guard Momonosuke to make sure that no one tries to rescue him. When Shinobu tries to rescue Momonosuke, King attacks her and knocks her back. But, Momonosuke was freed from the chains and taken into the air to the surprise of everyone. King attacks the invisible force which was Sanji under his raid suit. King tells Sanji to give Momonosuke back for the execution. Sanji hands Momonosuke over to Shinobu. King transforms into his pteranodon form and pins Sanji as he flies down at a fast speed. Sanji warns King of the danger, but King expresses apathy and crashes into the building. King emerges from the building as the fighting between the Beasts Pirates and their enemies continue. When Luffy and Zoro tries to exit the stage to reach Kaido at the top of the skull dome, Queen stops them and knocks them back. King appears along with multiple flying Beasts Pirates to act as defense to prevent Luffy and others from getting to Kaido.

After stopping the Straw Hats from reaching Kaido, King and Queen retreats to the mansion. King tells Queen that the raid is very bad. As Queen wonders about how this situation unfolded from Udon Prison, King mocks Queen for how he handled the situation. King makes an announcement to the Flying Six to tell them to stop their pursuit of Yamato and to focus on stopping the intruders. As the raid continues in Onigashima, King orders his underlings to find and kill Momonosuke. King and Queen tries to prevent Marco from helping get to Zoro to the top of the Skull dome to fight Kaido, but their attempt fails.

During his battle against Roronoa Zoro during the Onigashima raid, in the process Zoro awoke his Haoshoku Haki and combined it with his fighting style. Eventually, King's mask was destroyed and he overwhelmed Zoro until the latter got used King's fighting style and he was soon defeated.



  • King currently has the highest bounty of the Yonko's Crew.
  • By age, King is the middle of the All-Stars.


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