Ahab rex

King Ahab is the king of Israel in the Hebrew and Christian Bible. In the Bible, it recounts Ahab's marriage and corruption by the Phoenician princess Jezebel. In 1 Kings, it explains how they had the people worshiping Canaanite gods rather than the God of Israel. In 1 Kings 17:1, the prophet Elijah encounters him, and predicts a drought. He later has a conflict with Baal's prophets to see which god would accept a burnt sacrifice. It was proven that Baal did not accept the sacrifice, but the Hebrew's God did. It was noted that he wanted Naboth's vine yard, and Jezebel later indirectly murders Naboth, and dogs lick up his blood. Elijah confronts him, and says that God would punish him and Jezebel. On 1 Kings 21 he asks his prophets if he should go to war. All of them responded, "Fight, and be successful." The prophet Micaiah later says the same response, but then gives his true message. He says that God was planning to have Ahab die in the battle. He later disguises himself in the battle, but is shot by a stray arrow. It was later stated in the Hebrew Bible that dogs later licked up his blood.