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Villain Overview

That's the thing about friends isn't it? The more you love them, the more it hurts when they go. Allow me to demonstrate.
~ King Andrias before he drops Sprig off of the castle window — his most famous quote.
Now look what you've made me do…
~ King Andrias's infamous quote upon impaling Marcy Wu with his sword.

King Andrias Leviathan is the main antagonist of the Disney Channel series Amphibia.

He is the ruler of Amphibia, living in the capital city of Newtopia, who seeks to use the Calamity Box to conquer other worlds while serving a monster called The Core. He is Anne Boonchuy's arch-nemesis.

He is voiced by Keith David, who also voiced Dr. Facilier from Princess and the Frog, Thel 'Vadam in the Halo video game franchise, Big Tim in Requiem for a Dream, Tublat in The Legend of Tarzan, Thailog in the Gargoyles series, Streaming in Regular Show, Malcolm Kane in Stretch Armstrong & the Flex Fighters, Julius Little as well as Himself in the Saints Row series, Atlas in Teen Titans, Lord Marmoo from Kulipari: Army of Frogs, and Thrull from The Last Kids On Earth.



Thousands of years before the events of the show, Andrias ruled over Newtopia, which was once a much larger, more advanced metropolis. He and his ancestors used the Calamity Box to power technology such as robot frog soldiers and conquer other worlds. However, one of Andrias' closest friends stole the box from under his watch, hid it on Earth, and stopped Newtopia's years of conquest. As more time went by, people forgot about Newtopia's old legacy.

Centuries later, Anne and her friends are taken into the world of Amphibia due to the Calamity Box. Marcy Wu was transported to Newtopia, where she worked up to the rank of Chief Ranger in Andrias' Newtopian Knight Guard. At some point, Marcy tells Andrias over a game of Flipwart that she purposely intended to use the box to go on adventures with Anne and Sasha forever.


Season 2

He first appears at the end of the episode "Marcy At the Gates", where he watches Anne and Marcy's reunion. He then moves two figures resembling the two girls on his chess-like game board stating that the game could now begin. Having knowledge of the Calamity Box, Andrias assists Marcy with further research into the music box, but they hit a dead end. When Marcy accidentally ruins a tapestry, it led to a secret entrance to a library to which Andrias claims that he had no idea about.

In "A Day At The Aquarium", Andrias tells Anne and Marcy about the Calamity Box, lying about how his ancestors were peaceful scientists who used it to study other worlds. He then tells the girls that they have to visit the three Temples to restore power to the box before they can go home. Once Anne leaves Newtopia, Andrias tells Marcy about what Newtopia used to be like, and he proposes to her that once the box is recharged, he can help her use it to travel to other worlds so that she can always enjoy adventures with her friends.

In "The First Temple", Andrias receives a letter that Marcy and the others had successfully charged the first gem at one of the temples. He then goes in the basement of his kingdom to tell his master that it would not be long until the "prophecy" is undone and that revenge would be theirs.

In "True Colors", Anne, Marcy, and Sasha arrive in Newtopia to give the Calamity Box to Andrias. However, Sasha and Grime interrupt the King's plans with the Toad Army's invasion. Andrias is imprisoned in the city, but Hop Pop and Olivia break him out shortly after. During the invasion, Sasha and Grime find out about Andrias' true plans for the Calamity Box and try to warn Anne, who doesn't believe them and bests them in combat.

After the rebellion is dealt with, Anne reluctantly gives Andrias the Calamity Box, believing that he will transport the girls home. He puts the music box on a pedestal to power up his castle; enabling it to fly, while the reactivated ancient factories all over Amphibia begin creating Frog-Bots for the giant newt king that flew and arrived at the castle within a few moments. Andrias explains his true plans to the girls, telling them that he plans to invade Earth, and he restores power to Newtopia with the box. He also reveals that Marcy purposely brought Anne and Sasha to Amphibia, and the girls and their friends fight back against him. During the fight, Andrias destroys Frobo, the Plantar's robot, and Polly manages to temporarily stop the box from powering the city.

Not wanting his conquest to be ruined, Andrias threatens Sprig's life in return for the box, but he doesn't hold up his end of the deal and drops Sprig to his possible death, causing Anne to channel her powers and take on Andrias head-to-head. During the fight, Marcy saves Sprig from falling. Anne's power eventually fades, and Marcy uses the box to provide Anne and the Plantars an opportunity to escape. However, before they could escape, Andrias apparently murders Marcy, stabbing her with his sword, but he wasn't able to prevent Anne from escaping as she and the Plantars ended up on Earth in the middle of a traffic jam.

Season 3

In "Turning Point", with the Calamity Box in his possession, Andrias then prepares his plan to attack Earth, starting with the invasion of the United States in Anne's home state of California. He then sharply asks General Yunnan and Lady Olivia if they are on his side, to which they nervously declare they are in allegiance with him out of fear, and he orders them to put Marcy's comatose body in a rejuvenation tank. As Sasha and Grime escape via Joe Sparrow, Andrias orders his Frog Robots to follow Sasha and Grime in the hopes of killing the duo, but the Wartwood townsfolk eventually aid the duo in destroying his army.

Andrias then sends a silver robotic assassin to eliminate Anne because she was the main obstacle to his plans and the only one who still has her connection with her Calamity Gem (also to get the latest volume of a book series that Marcy got him hooked on, and a bag of potato chips). He then looked to a comatose Marcy in the rejuvenation tank, telling her that her part was just beginning.

In "Anne-sterminator", Andrias checks in on the Cloak-Bot to see how it's progressing, to which it responds that it got the book he wanted. However, Andrias becomes displeased when he notices that he got volume 3 of the Cynthia Coven series rather than volume 2, with Cloak-Bot replying that that one was out of stock. He becomes further displeased when he finds out that it hasn't killed Anne yet either, so he activates a bomb implanted in its chest that will self-destruct in one hour if it doesn't complete his mission within that time before signing out with a fake cheery smile and thumbs-up.

In "Olivia & Yunan", the episode's titular characters are summoned by Andrias for an important discussion. They decide to peek in on him, curious why he's taking so long to let them in, and see him seemingly arguing to himself about "wanting to take a different route" before relenting. This causes Olivia and Yunan to think he's gone mad, but as they discuss this, they're suddenly beckoned inside by him. Andrias then explains that Lady Olivia has been promoted to the overseer of the workers harvesting Amphibia's resources and destroying its environment. He also tells her and Yunan to terminate anyone who disobeys his command. After the discussion, both Olivia and Yunan decide that Andrias has gone too far and that their best course of action is to retrieve Marcy and take him down.

After finding Marcy and facing off against the Core after it tries to defeat them using their greatest fears, Andrias reappears and explains to them that he's been watching them try to betray him using his crown, which turns out to be possessed by the Core. He then tells them that he and the Core had planned all along for them to try to rescue Marcy so that they would bring her back to life, essential to the Core's ultimate plan. After Marcy is suddenly grabbed and restrained to a chair, he claims that he'd begged the Core to take a different course of action because he "liked" Marcy so much, but that in the end, it was necessary that it chose the smartest, strongest, and most suitable person to be its host, that person being Marcy. The Core then possesses Marcy, ending the episode on a cliffhanger.

In "Froggy Little Christmas", Andrias is preparing for his dimensional conquest when he finds out Anne is still alive; at that moment, the Tripple B presents him a drone prototype in the form of a Christmas present, which he decides to use to kill Anne himself. He sends the drone to Earth, where it takes possession of the animatronic Santa Clause in the Holiday Parade and begins attacking everything; however, Anne manages to defeat the drone by piercing the tree of her float with it through the animatronic. His plan is ruined again, the possessed Marcy mocks Andrias for his failure while he nevertheless quips the war is just beginning and presents his extended Frobot army, vowing he will get Anne next time.


At first, Andrias appeared to be a childishly friendly ruler, oftentimes meaning his behavior had to be kept in check. However, this is merely a ploy to mask his true self; a cruel, manipulative, megalomaniacal, stereotypical sociopath who believes that he alone should rule all worlds. He gave Marcy a proposition where she and her friends could have adventures indefinitely in the new world order that Andrias was promising.

Andrias also possesses a superficial charm and uses it to manipulate Anne into charging the gems on the Calamity Box whilst keeping it a secret that her powers would be removed. The most disturbing element of this is the fact that even when his true nature is revealed, Andrias continued to act in his cheerful, condescending demeanor. He also had no problem destroying a tower just to demonstrate his power without remorse, not even caring that there were people in it.

Although he shows himself to be quite a tactician as he makes it clear to the Cloak Bot to dispose of Anne and the Plantars discreetly on Earth to avoid attracting unwanted attention from the human about his upcoming invasion, he is too impatient in terms of getting results, resulting him to "motivate" his Cloak Bot to kill Anne and the Plantar at any cost back on Earth, by activating the self-destruct sequence in the Cloak Bot. This eventually caused the Cloak Bot to recklessly attack Anne and Plantars wide open, which causes the US government to aware of the existence of the Plantars and the Cloak Bot, destroying his original intention of a discreet assassination.

King Andrias has a bitter opinion on friendship, due in part to his two best friends leaving him, with the implication that they had stolen the Calamity Box from him (the speculative reason being that they realized how much of a psychotic tyrant he was). Unlike Captain Grime, who came to care for Sasha when she was first sent into Amphibia, Andrias values Marcy merely as a pawn in his plans and exploits her loneliness by making false promises. When Marcy repents and tries to send Anne back home, he remorselessly stabs and seemingly kills her with his sword, spitefully claiming that she made him do it. However, it's eventually revealed that he did truly like Marcy and care for her, begging The Core to use an alternative host instead of her and looking away in regret as Marcy was being possessed.

When the Calamity Box is removed from its stand by Polly, Andrias grabs Sprig and threatens to drop him out the window unless the box is returned to him. Even when Anne relents and does what he says, Andrias decides to drop Sprig anyway to teach the human girl a "lesson" about friendship.

Despite all of Andrias' misdeeds, he does seem to have at least some genuine good inside of him, as he grew a fondness for Marcy beyond using her for his plans of conquering the multiverse. This is shown when he begs the Core not to use her as its host, and after he suggests that they use someone else as its host, he has a concerned look on his face and is reluctant when he agrees to use Marcy. When Marcy is getting possessed by the Core, Andrias appears shocked and horrified by what had just happened. It is also implied by his fondness for Marcy that he did care about his former friends after all as he appeared to be genuinely hurt when they left and took the Calamity Box, giving some insight at why he told Anne that "the more you love [your friends], the more it hurts when they go".


Season 2

The pieces are starting to fall into place. It's time… for the game to begin.
~ A foreshadowing of Andrias' malevolent intentions.
The prophecy is being undone as we speak, my lord. Soon, we will have our revenge.
~ Andrias to the Core.
In good time, my dear, but first, I'm gonna let you all in on a little secret. There was a time when Newtopia was truly great! But that greatness was stolen from us. Centuries of prosperity brought to an end because of me. I was weak. Trusting those who said they were my friends and because of that, the music box was taken under my watch. It cost us everything. And after a thousand years, no one even remembers our legacy. But now, at long last, the box is back! And with its power, Newtopia will be returned to glory! For you see, my ancestors weren't frail explorers… they were glorious conquerors!
~ Andrias explaining his back story and revealing his true nature.
I'm sorry, Anne, but I'm afraid that you and your friends can't go home just yet. Wouldn't want you to tell anyone about the coming invasion. Now that I have the box back, I can finish the work of my ancestors: from this castle, I will rule not only this world, but all worlds!
~ Andrias reveals his intentions on ruling the entire multiverse.
Anne: No! You will never get away with it.

Sasha: Anne's right. We'll stop you. Andrias: Stop me? I can see a demonstration of my power is in order. behold!

~ Andrias as he blows up at the North West Tower
I would've said anything if it meant you delivered the box to me fully charged! Hate to break it to you, kiddo, but you've been duped!
~ Andrias' response to Marcy also revealing he had no intentions on keeping his promise to spare her friends.
Why indeed? Enough lies, Mar Mar. If you don't tell them the truth, I will.
~ Andrias threatening to expose Marcy's secret.
Did it ever occur to you — Anne, Sasha — that one of you knew more than she was letting on? That one of you might've gotten you stranded in Amphibia… on purpose?
~ Andrias revealing the reason why Anne and the girls were trapped in Amphibia.
Oops! Looks like I spilled the tea as you kids say!
~ Andrias mockingly being apologetic about sharing the truth of Marcy's actions to the others.
Well, I guess that's what you get for pouring your heart out to me over Flipwart.
~ Andrias to Marcy.
Here we go.
~ Andrias' annoyance at being called "evil."
You guys are serious? Okay! Let's have some fun!
~ Andrias about to battle the heroes.
Oh, look at that, one of my robots… must be defective
~ Andrias before crushing Frobo with his fist.
Don't worry, you're up next.
~ Andrias trying to stomp on Polly prior to her getting her legs.
~ Andrias after noticing Polly is gone.
Stop that little brat!
~ King Andrias ordering his Frog-Bot minions to capture Polly as she makes a dash for the Calamity Box.
Not so fast! You all have spunk, real chutzpah. But this ends now.
~ Andrias holds Sprig hostage.
We'll see. Now, put back the box, or this twerp learns how to fly!
~ Andrias threatening to drop Sprig out of the floating castle if his demands are not met.
She's still connected to the stone! But that's impossible.
~ Andrias bewildered at Anne getting activated with her gem power.
Where'd she go—!
~ Andrias prior to being on the receiving end of a flying punch to the face.
Looks like she can't control it.
~ Andrias expressing relief.
I have to admit, even I'm surprised, somehow you still got the gift, kid! Which means… I can't let you live.
~ One of Andrias' attempts on the Plantars' lives as he attempts to kill Anne.
What? The Box!!
~ Andrias when noticing that the Calamity Box was removed again.

Season 3

My plans are in motion, our forces are growing, and soon we will be ready to invade. Only one remains who can stand between me and my conquest. Anne Boonchuy.
~ Andrias monologuing about his plan before sending in Cloak-Bot
Okay, forget the chips. Kill the girl, get the book.
~ Andrias sending the Cloak-Bot to do its task.
And if anyone resists… give them a stern talking to? …Just kidding! Terminate them!
~ Andrias ordering Yunan to kill the villagers if they refuse to help him.
Honestly, Marcy, I like you. Always have! I begged the Core to consider an alternative host, but… alas.
~ Andrias admitting to Marcy that he didn't want to have her as the Core's host but did it anyway as a means for multiversal conquest.
The time has finally come for the Core to lead us to our destiny, but what destiny, you ask? Well, I suppose I should just let it speak for itself.
~ Andrias right before the Core speaks through Marcy.
Thanks, Anne. You too! Wait—no!
~ Andrias getting a Merry Christmas before realizing that his possessed Santa Claus robot will be destroyed.
It doesn't matter. Against the full force of our army, none shall stand! Not Anne, not Earth, not anyone!
~ Andrias telling the Core about his army.


  • King Andrias' name is a reference to a few things:
    • His first name derives from a genus of giant salamanders known as "Andrias".
    • His last name is from Leviathan, a mythical creature from Hebrew mythology, often depicted as a large serpent or whale.
  • King Andrias is the most dangerous villain in Amphibia, as he is willing to conquer dimensions, destroy a tower, and has no problem with killing children. However, he seems to be short-sighted as he never seems to scout dimensions he is going to conquer, which can potentially bring his downfall, judging by the fact that he is unaware the Earth military is far more advanced than his army. He may also be outranked by his master in the future.
  • He was stated to be inspired by Vendrick from Dark Souls.
  • Throughout Season 2, there are several signs that Andrias is a villain. For example:
    • In "Marcy at the Gates" After the Barbia-Ant invasion was thwarted, King Andrias watches Anne and Marcy within the castle from afar, as he then walks over to a chess-like board surrounded with other pieces. He then states that the pieces are beginning to fall into place, as he places a figure in appearance similar to Anne beside another figure in similar appearance to Marcy while declaring that it's time for the game to begin.
    • When Andrias was properly introduced in "The Plantars Check In", his entire body is darkly shadowed against the sunlight and has a sinister expression, followed by jovially leaning out and coming into the full light.
    • On the poster for Season 2, Andrias is far in the background and is noticeably much more darkly shadowed than the others. He also seems to look sinisterly at Anne with interest.
    • At the end of "Lost in Newtopia", when he and Marcy find the secret library wing, Andrias has a smirk on his face when Marcy runs down the stairs before following her.
    • In "A Day at the Aquarium", while explaining to Anne and the Plantars about how his ancestors who used the Calamity Box were "peaceful explorers and scientists", Andrias looks away for a brief moment while speaking in a suspicious tone. At the end of the episode, when he approaches Marcy with a proposition for her, ominous music is heard playing
  • King Andrias has many things in common with all three human girls (Anne, Sasha, and Marcy)
    • He is a dark reflection of what Sasha could've been had she not reformed and made amends with Anne, because he also had close friends who he felt turned their back on him, most likely due to his misdeeds.
    • He is can be seen as an evil counterpart of Anne; they share blue as a color motif and they both have casual fun-loving charismatic personas.
    • Like Marcy he is very intelligent, enjoys puzzles & games, and was hiding more information about the Calamity Box than he let on.
  • King Andrias is a foil to Grime, who is a former major antagonist of the series.
    • Both are the Arc Villains of their respective debut season (S1 for Grime, S2 for Andrias).
    • Both end up befriending one of the girls (Grime befriends Sasha, Andrias befriends Marcy) and take them under their wing each.
      • However while Grime legitimately cares for Sasha beyond the use she has in his army, going as far as saving her life when she falls from Toad Tower, Andrias' friendship with Marcy is mostly a massive ruse that lasts as long as she complies to his plans and he ends up mortally wounding her when she repents from her actions and tries to send Anne back home, though he did beg for the Core to use another host instead of Marcy later on.

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