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King Argotron is the primary antagonist of the 2008 comedy film Role Models, portrayed by Ken Jeong who also portrayed Leslie Chow in The Hangover, Neil Lyman in Furry VengeanceBen Chang in Community, and Mr. Greene in Norm of the North.


He is the king of L.A.I.R.E. (Live, Action, Interactive, Roleplaying, Explorers).

Argotron is the best L.A.I.R.E. player, as well as arrogant and power hungry, with the title of king that he takes pride in. Demanding obedience and respect from all players whether he deserves it or not, and takes any acts against of defiance as an insult, As king of the L.A,I.R.E. he has full control over the rules of the game and can decide who plays and who does not. However he he is not above the rules himself and he can be dethroned should he be defeated in combat.

During a "battle," one of the protagonists, Augie, sneaks upon Argotron and claims to have stabbed him but Argotron lies claiming he defeated Augie. Despite Augie’s declaration, no one believes him, that is except for Augie's mentor, Danny. When Danny provokes Argotron into admitting he cheated he shoves the king which results in Augie and Danny's disqualification and indefinite ban from playing.

Before the Battle Royale, Danny convinces Argotron to allow Augie to battle that day, which he accepts but secretly plots to "kill him" in battle, fearing Augie would defeat him again. Danny, Augie, along with the other protagonists, Wheeler, and Ronnie form a country titled "Kiss-My-Anthia" after the rock band KISS. Engaging in combat, Ronnie, Wheeler, and Danny are "killed" and Augie duels with Argotron, where everyone can see. After “losing his arm” and shield Augie manages defeat him with a "fatal stab to the chest". Unable to cheat his defeat since everyone witnessed his fatal stab, Argotron had no choice but to accept his defeat. Augie wins the Battle Royale until Augie's love interest Esplen (named Sarah outside of L.A.I.R.E.) kills him after emerging from the bushes, becoming queen and later asking Augie to become her king, followed by a kiss. Argotron appears depressed over his defeat.

The "quotations" used above symbolizes that the characters weren't actually harmed, being it in a role-playing subject.

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