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It ends... NOW!
~ King Arthur before combining his anti-magic with Skrael and Bellroc's magic before firing it at Camelot.
After I fell in battle, there was darkness, but they made me anew.
~ King Arthur revealing how he became the Green Knight.
Sister, how can I be at peace when the world is still broken?
~ King Arthur to his sister, Morgana.

King Arthur, later known as the Green Knight, is a major antagonist in the Tales of Arcadia franchise. He is a background antagonist in Trollhunters, a minor antagonist in 3Below and the central antagonist of Wizards. He is also mentioned in the video game Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia.

He was the King of Camelot who waged a genocidal crusade against magical beings, especially trollkind, all because his wife, Guinevere, was killed by a Stalking, even though the trolls he pursues had nothing to do with her. He was also responsible for using Excalibur for evil intentions instead of good ones. When he became the Green Knight, King Arthur deliberately joined the Arcane Order and went along with their plot to find Nari and the Genesis Seals so their leaders, Skrael and Bellroc, could unlock the Genesis Seals alongside Nari and use them to destroy and remake the world as they see fit. He is also Morgana's brother.

He was voiced by James Faulkner who portrayed Randyll Tarly in Game of Thrones and also voiced Jericho Swain in League of Legends and T.O.M. in The Turing Test.

Physical Appearance

King Arthur is a largely-built man who appears to be in his forties, having light brown hair, blue eyes, and fair skin, as well as a mustache and beard with thick eyebrows. He is clad in white armor with golden outlines, and wears a crown with a blue gem. His sword, Excalibur, has a green gem on it.

After he becomes the Green Knight, his skin becomes cracked and gray and he now has dark gray hair and black eyes with glowing yellow pupils. He now wears dark green armor and a helmet of the same color with antler-like horns. He now uses a corrupted Excalibur as his weapon, which is also dark green and has glowing yellow highlights.


Arthur, you spent your life fighting magic, but now you serve demigods who seek to destroy everything. You killed Merlin with no remorse. Where is my Arthur?
~ Morgana trying to reach out to King Arthur to no avail.

King Arthur is a hypocritical, vengeful and prejudiced man who was overcome by his own drama. Even when he was a boy, he hated magical beings, as he saw them as demons and abominations, which was shown when he swung his sword at Nari in the Wild Wood when he, Morgana, and Guinevere were children.

His genocidal intent with them started when his wife, Guinevere, went into the woods with Morgana one day and was killed by a Stalkling. Since he was genuinely in love with her, King Arthur was filled with rage because the Stalkling killed her, and had genocidal intent on all magical beings regardless of whether or not they were good or evil. He went as far as to raiding the lands of innocent trolls and having them locked up in his dungeons, with Deya given her human name Callista and claiming that he has a twisted sense of humor. He also had no qualms with torturing trolls to their deaths, as he tried to have his knights drag Jim into the sunlight so he would slowly and painfully turn to stone while claiming that it's because he left the Wild Wood, even though he had his knights take Jim, Douxie, Claire, and Steve out of the Wild Wood in the first place.

Eventually, after he made Morgana fall to her death by slashing off her left hand and the attack of a Changeling she sent to kill him, Arthur became immensely remorseful of his actions, and thus desired to stop the violence he has created by stopping Gunmar and his army of Gumm-Gumms, who were bloodthirsty and merciless, in an effort to find redemption. He even made an alliance with Vendel to stop them with the Amulet of Daylight, which Merlin later created with Douxie's help, choosing Callista to become the first Trollhunter. During the Battle of Killahead Bridge, he admitted to Morgana that humans and magical beings were equal and that he should've listed to her, but was killed by the Arcane Order shortly after.

After he was resurrected by Skrael and Bellroc and became the Green Knight, King Arthur adopted their plot to destroy and remake the planet Earth, as well as committing genocide on mankind, by unlocking the Genesis Seals and capturing Nari, as he was convinced that he was far too sinful and that it was the only way to redeem himself, as he saw the world as beyond redemption because it was too violent. However, he still violently killed Merlin, as well as Morgana later on, without regret because they were in his way, even though Merlin was his advisor and Morgana was his sister.

Powers and Abilities

This is pointless! I am IMMUNE to your magics!
~ King Arthur taunting Morgana because her magic is deflected by his own armor.

As both himself and as the Green Knight, King Arthur proved to be a dangerous foe, being able to use his excellent fighting tactics and magical weaponry against multiple enemies at once. In fact, when he was the Green Knight, he was so dangerous that during the 21st century, Merlin even described him as a bad omen of things to come.


  • Anti-Magic: As the Green Knight, King Arthur was able to use his anti-magic to deflect any magical attacks that are used against him. The color of his anti-magic is a greenish-yellow.
  • Enhanced Durability: King Arthur was far more durable than a normal human, as he was very capable of great strength. As the Green Knight, he could leap from hundreds of feet and land without any injuries, and by then, the only thing capable of killing him at last was Camelot's rubble crushing him to his death.
  • Corruption: With his bewitched Excalibur, King Arthur could use his Onyx Shards to corrupt other beings against their will so that he could use them in his notorious goals.
  • Magical Blasts: As himself, King Arthur could use Excalibur to fire golden magic into the sky. As the Green Knight, he could fire magical blasts towards his target. When combined with Skrael and Bellroc's magic, King Arthur's magical blasts prove to be very effective to the point where it caused Camelot to crash into and destroy Arcadia Oaks High.
  • Telekinesis: As the Green Knight, King Arthur was able to move things without even touching them, which was shown when he used his anti-magic to move Nari in her icy prison to where he wanted her.


  • Swordsmanship: King Arthur was extremely capable of using Excalibur in combat, even against magical foes.
  • Leadership: King Arthur was able to lead his armies into war, and was also very skilled in making decisions for the kingdom of Camelot.
  • Intelligence: King Arthur was shown to be strategic in battle, as during his battle against Morgana outside of Camelot, he used Excalibur to slice off Morgana's hand when she prepared to kill him with her golden magic. As the Green Knight, he dodged Claire's portals that led to the Shadow Realm, and also dodged Merlin's magic that briefly chained Skrael and Bellroc.


Appearances in the Franchise

TV Series


  • "Race to Trollmarket" (cameo)


  • "Spellbound"
  • "History in the Making"
  • "Witch Hunt"
  • "Lady of the Lake"
  • "Battle Royale"
  • "Killahead, Part One"
  • "Killahead, Part Two"
  • "Wizard Underground"
  • "Dragon's Den"
  • "Our Final Act"


  • The Adventure Begins (mentioned)

Video Games

  • Trollhunters: Defenders of Arcadia (mentioned)


~ King Arthur, as the Green Knight, as he attacks Jim Lake Jr. and his friends.
~ King Arthur, as the Green Knight, to Douxie before vanishing.
Gunmar's threatening our borders. Double our patrols.
~ King Arthur ordering Galahad to double the patrols in Camelot.
A troll? I thought I made it clear; your kind are unwelcome when I banished you all from the realm.
~ King Arthur showing his prejudice against trollkind.
That's my judgment to make, boy.
~ Arthur to Douxie after the latter tells him that Jim is not a threat.
When they ravage our lands, take our loved ones from us. I made these laws to hold this fragile land together, and they will be abided!
~ Arthur arguing with Morgana about whether or not trolls are a threat.
Arthur: You're right. I lost enough of them. I'll not endanger my people by keeping enemies within these walls.
Morgana: Yes. Wait, wait, you wouldn't–
Arthur: We destroy those monsters at dawn.
~ Arthur plotting to kill all of the trolls in his dungeons.
What trickery is this now?
~ Arthur to Douxie after the latter casts an Infinite Hallway spell on his knights.
Sorcery! Morgana.
~ Arthur concluding that Morgana is the one who freed the trolls.
Morgana: Why have I been summoned?
Arthur: The beasts in the dungeon have escaped, aided by shadow magic. Curious coincidence, hmm?
Morgana: I was in the quarters all night, being a good little indentured sorceress.
Arthur: The creatures were seen fleeing into the Wild Woods. You will help take them down!
Morgana: What? Why?
Arthur: Consider it a test of loyalty. Bring me their heads, or yours will be on the chopping block next.
~ Arthur telling Morgana about the trolls escaping into the Wild Wood and threatening to decapitate her.
I denied your true nature for so long because you are my sister, but when I look at you now, all I see is a demon. A WITCH!
~ Arthur during his battle with Morgana.
Arthur: You're right. It is like you said. We are all the same. I have wronged you, as I have all creatures in my realm. I now fight to save them from the violence I have sown. This carnage, these deaths, we can end this.
Morgana: This… this is a lie, a trick!
Arthur: No! This is our redemption. I should have listened to you.
Morgana: Brother!
~ Arthur to Morgana before being stabbed by Bellroc.
Let the stories say, ‘Camelot fought to her dying breath.’
~ Arthur right before his first death.
Yield, beast.
~ King Arthur, as the Green Knight, taking control of Jim after he became a full troll.
I've been hunting you, beast. You ran, but my mark finally took you. You're nothing but Merlin's dog! The Amulet… it's only ever brought you pain. Give it to me.
~ King Arthur, as the Green Knight, berating Jim Lake Jr. when he is fully troll, before taking the Amulet from him so Skrael and Bellroc can free Morgana to use her as their pawn again.
Now, we finish what we began together.
~ King Arthur revealing himself to Morgana after she is released from the Shadow Realm.
Your magics are nothing!
~ King Arthur taunting Douxie about his magics.
You don't recognize me, old friend?
~ King Arthur revealing himself to Merlin after he defends Douxie from him.
Our redemption.
~ King Arthur after he fatally stabs Merlin with his corrupted version of Excalibur.
He stands here, reborn.
~ Arthur telling Morgana about his rebirth.
Watch your words sister.
~ Arthur warning Morgana after she tells him that he is mind-controlled.
The Arthur you knew committed too many sins to count. He awoke to a legacy of a violent, awful world. I see now the only path to redemption is the Order's to wipe the world clean… and begin again.
~ King Arthur rejecting Morgana's offer of true redemption.
To destroy Merlin, to stand by my side and watch as the Order ushers in the new dawn.
~ King Arthur revealing to Morgana why he brought her back.
Enough hiding, Nari. This ends now.
~ King Arthur confronting Nari and the Guardians of Arcadia.
Watch over them, beast. I will secure the Forest Child.
~ King Arthur ordering Jim to watch his prisoners while he secures Nari .
I have escaped death, and I shall again!
~ King Arthur before fatally wounding Morgana in her abdomen with one of his Onyx shards.
Why do you fight, sister? This is what you wanted: to fix the world!
~ King Arthur asking Morgana why she continues to fight against him.
Pathetic! You are a disgrace to Camelot's memory.
~ King Arthur's last words before Morgana uses the last of her strength to use Camelot's rubble to crush him to his second and final death.


  • This version of King Arthur is portrayed as the original folklore character and the Green Knight as a single character. Interestingly enough, even before his reveal, there is some foreshadowing that King Arthur and the Green Knight are one and the same:
    • Both King Arthur and the Green Knight call Douxie a "boy". They also both call Jim a "beast".
    • The Green Knight bears the emblem of Camelot which Merlin mentions in the episode "Spellbound", which implies that the Green Knight is affiliated with Camelot in some way.
    • The metal antler-like horns on top of the Green Knight's helmet look similar to a traditional crown.
    • The design of the Green Knight's sword is similar to Excalibur's.
    • Morgana is horrified when the Green Knight unmasks himself in front of her and tells her that they must now finish what they began together. Earlier in the Battle of Killahead Bridge, he tells Morgana that they can end the carnage and deaths together in the battle and that it is their redemption, which was after she told him that he was trying to trick her.
  • He is also the only version of King Arthur from a DreamWorks franchise to be a villain so far.
  • Morgana and King Arthur go through opposite story arcs with Morgana going from unstable, evil then good and King Arthur goes from good/questionable only to Morgana, unstable after her "death", then evil after his resurrection.
  • King Arthur serves as a foil to Jim Lake Jr, as both of them were chosen to wield magical weapons and destined for greatness. However, unlike Jim (who continued to care for the magical beings around him, sacrificed himself to protect his friends from Morgana when she was still evil, never gave into the beliefs of evil beings, and moved on from his losses), King Arthur came to the conclusion that trollkind should be wiped out, sliced off Morgana's hand which would lead her to fall to her first death, gave into Skrael and Bellroc's belief that the world must be wiped out and made anew, and never moved on from his loss of Guinevere. Ultimately, King Arthur is an example of who Jim could've become if he let his emotions control him instead of the other way around.

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