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Long live the king!
~ Constantine after murdering King Kenneth and claiming his crown.

King Constantine III is an antagonist from Gargoyles.



Constantine makes his first major appearance during a dinner after Tom and company escort thrity-six gargoyle eggs to King Kenneth's castle. When he learns about the eggs from Kenneth and Chalvaum, he heads to the room where the gargoyle eggs were being kept safe and asked Katherine if she wanted to tour the gardens, claiming the roses match her beauty.

She decline and bid him "good day" and he left in frsutration. When he leaves the building, Finella confronts him where he takes her to a drying house with a hole in the roof, saying they should tell Kenneth what is in their hearts. Constantine insists that they speak in private in the house.

Tom, a friend of the gargoyles spies on Constantine when he murders Kenneth in cold blood and takes the crown. The new king wasted no time establishing authorithy and imprisoning those not loyal to him, including Katherine.

At his coroation, Constantine makes a claim about how he will defend Scotland for the rest of his days and tries to make Katherine marry him. This forces Tom to take the eggs to safety at Oberon's mystical island of Avalon in the dsiguise of broken pottery with the aid of the Magus, Finella, and Katherine while Constantine is drugged asleep. But the Magus was to forced to leave his magic book with Finella to ensure the safety of the eggs from Constantine.


After Brooklyn gets warped into the tenth century, Constantine spots him and watches as Gillecomgain lunges at him and missed his shot at killing the gargoyle.

After Brooklyn flees, a frustrated Constantine orders Gillecomgain to post a bounty on several people connected with Gargoyles as he wants none of the specimens alive, a lesson he learned after he studied the fate of his father. Brother Valmont also assured the king that phantoms possess a prize worthy of a chase.

It was later discovered that the people in the bounty were framed for the murder of King Kenneth II and the kidnapping of Princess Katherine. However, Brooklyn manages to save two of the wanted people from the mob.

Later, Constantine takes part in a Gargoyle hunt where he watches as Gillecomgain smashes apart petrified gargoyles in a cave, an action that surprises Constantine.

Following the massacre, Gillecomgain posts another wanted poster outside the cave.


On the following night, Gillecomgain holds up a mirror to Constantine as the latter cuts off all his hair to the point of baldness.

Constantine soon summons two of his followers to inform them that he assembled his armies and tells Brigti that his son Gillecomgain is still of use to him. After Brigti leaves, Constantine tells Brother Valmont that he will crush the Grim with their millitary and execute Bodhe and Maol Chalvum to silence the male line of the three brothers pernamently.

When Constantine asks about his enemies, Valmont says that the Magus and Katherine were no longer alive and the Grimorum is still in Scotland.

Lady Finella later talks about how she was deceived into getting Kenneth killed by Constantine and tells Maol to use what she offered against Constantine.

Later at Rathveramoen, Brigti greets Constantine about a messenger from the Grim, telling him to meet his forces at sunset. Constantine, who was readying his war paint, orders the messenger dead despite it being against the rules of war.

During sundown, Constantine gathers his army, asking Gillecomgain to remain close as the battle is beginning. The king fights against the Grim, calling him a traitor who is outflanked. The Grim retorts by saying that the sun will set on his reign.

Just then, Gargoyles arrive to fight in the battle once it was night.


As the gargoyles start wiping out Constantine's army to put an end to the king's call for the full gargoyle genocide, Brooklyn even expresses regret for letting a clan be at risk of extermination.

As the Grim tells the tyrant that he will not show mercy, Constantine notices Bodhe Grim-Son, a future prince, Gillecomgain arrives to do some work for the king by trying to kill the young boy with Constantine encouraging him to continue.

Constantine also realises that this is a night of the Hunter's Moon and tells Gillecomgain to become a hunter for his king to the extant that the peasant can be considered the king's son.

Soon, Valmont casts a spell that summons a barrage of magic arrows onto the battle field, killing muiltiple people in battle, including Gargoyles and a portion of Constantine's men. Constantine tells the Grim that Heaven's Arrows compromised the latter's chances of winning against the king's superior numbers.

However, he managed to knock the king off his horse and stab him fatally.

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