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King Edmund is a major character in the Tangled series he is the father of Eugene Fitzherbert and the main antagonist of second season. He only appears in the season's double-length special episodes, and a major character in third season.

He is more of an antagonist hero but he's essentially the de-facto main villain for second season, as his goal is to keep people, including Rapunzel and her friends, out of the Dark Kingdom, with Adira (when she initially appears) and Hector following his will.

He’s voiced by Bruce Campbell.



Edmund comes from a long line of Kings who swore to protect the moonstone an ancient power from the heavens. when Edmund become king he had a son who would later become Eugene, and around the same time Edmund decided to Destroy the moonstone once and for all but it ended horribly it almost killed Edmund and killed his wife and nearly destroyed The Dark Kingdom. he ordered everyone to evacuate the Kingdom even his own son.

He did continue to try and keep track of his son but eventually lost track

He formed the brotherhood with his most trusted people (QuirinAdira, and Hector) to keep all people away from the Dark Kingdom by any means necessary 

Tangled: The Series

When Rapunzel and her friends arrive at The Dark Kingdom Edmund tried to stop him by cutting to the rope to send them to her doom but Eugene stops him and they both fall to an edge. 

King Edmund tries to strike Eugene with an axe but he stops when he realizes that he is his son from his eyes. Edmund explained his son's ancestry telling him that he needs to stop rapunzel and destroy the moonstone for good with Adira's Shadow Blade that he grabbed in the altercation 

Later on in a battle with the ghosts of his ancestors and he changes his mind deciding to let Rapunzel in the room hoping that she can do something to stop the Moonstone


A bizarrely charming king, having ruled over the Dark Kingdom twenty-five years ago. He opposes Rapunzel and her friends, but out of noble Intentions. He is later revealed to be Eugene's father and he wanted to keep the Moonstone from falling into the wrong hands. Eventually, Rapunzel and Eugene convince him to let them pass and he agreed.


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