Some are good at hunting men, others are good at hunting money. Both have value to me.
~ King Einon

King Einon is the main antagonist in the 1996 action/adventure/fantasy film Dragonheart.

He was portrayed by David Thewlis, who also portrayed Ares in Wonder Woman and V.M. Varga in the 3rd season of the television series Fargo.


Einon was a cruel and heartless individual. He was extremely narcissistic and immensely callous. He was unaffected by the suffering he caused. His pure evil is almost driven to the point of murdering members of his own family and attacking his own, trusted allies.


In the year 984, Einon's tyrannical father is killed during a peasant rebellion while the young prince is being educated by his mentor, Bowen. Once when Bowen is instructing him, Einon is mortally wounded by a peasant girl, Kara. His mother takes him to a dragon, Draco, who agrees to give Einon a piece of his own heart, if he promises to rule with justice and virtue. However, Einon becomes just as evil as his father, by forcing the rebels to rebuild the castle and torturing them for amusement. Bowen believes the dragon has corrupted his heart and swears vengeance.

12 years later, King Einon has successfully rebuilt the castle and, while pursuing Kara after she unsuccessfully attempts to assassinate him, reveals to Bowen that he has been evil all along and lied about his oaths. Draco intervenes and takes Bowen and Kara away.

When the rebelling peasants become more influential and formidable after Bowen and Draco join them, Einon is presented by his mother with dragon-slayers to kill Draco, secretly knowing it will kill him as well. When Einon learns of this, he realizes his mother's intentions and kills her for intending to "make a mistake made years ago, when she saved a creature not worth saving.". The rebels then invade the castle and Einon fights Bowen again, ending with Einon falling off a tower into a pool. Einon survives the fall and takes Kara hostage, but Draco forces him to release her by biting himself. Fuming, Einon tries one last time to kill Bowen by charging at him with a dagger. Draco begs Bowen to kill him, as it is the only way to truly put an end to Einon's evil. Reluctantly, Bowen does so, killing King Einon.