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King Frog is the posthumous main antagonist of the Nitrome game Happy Jump Land - Enemy 585 - The Last Henchman (or simply Enemy 585).


King Frog appears in person only in the game's introduction. Here he is seen holding a princess and her dog captive. When a bearded man appears in the room where the princess and the dog are held, he jumps over King Frog and lands on a button behind the king, collapsing the bridge the King Frog is standing on, causing him to plummet into the lava below. The bearded man, the princess, and the dog then escape from the king's castle.

While he does not appear physically during the main game where his only surviving henchman is trying to make it out with the help of Turner, there are a few references to King Frog seen during the game. When the player is selecting a level, a sign on the bottom will say "Saving..." with a sign of King Frog's head spinning around. Also, when beginning a level, or when Enemy 585 dies, the screen will fade out and a hole is left that is shaped like King Frog's head. Additionally there are some statues of him in his castle.

In addition to his appearance in Enemy 585, King Frog can be seen riding a go-kart alive and well in Nitrome 2.0 skin.


  • Enemy 585 is a parody of Nintendo games, especially Super Mario. As such, King Frog himself is a reference to Mario's archenemy Bowser in terms of castle and personality and possibly Wart from Super Mario Bros. 2 in terms of appearance.
    • Additionally, the fact that his face is seen when player completes a level is likely a reference to New Super Mario Bros. where the face of either Mario or Bowser is seen based on if the player has completed or failed a level.
    • The battle between the bearded man and King Frog is also similar to the final battle between Mario and Bowser only in the Nintendo games Mario cannot jump over and on Bowser.


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