King Fury
Child of the Sun! Why!? Why do you help these humans!? They.... They are Despicable. They Steal! They murder! They betray each other! They're a loathsome species! Their only virtue is that they die so easily!

~ King Fury

King Fury, also known as Sugawara, is the secondary antagonist in Okamiden; which is the sequel of Okami.


King Fury is a spirit that wears a demonic oni mask. In his "human" form, King Fury is still wearing the mask, but is also wearing an red emperor robe with detales.


King Fury's Past

King Fury (Full)

King Fury's "human" appearance.

In the past, King Fury was one of the members of the Moon Tribe. King Fury was betrayed and killed by the very people he aided in any way. After he was betrayed he was filled with anger, and hatred. King Fury vowed revenge upon all of mankind.

King Fury started his revenge by creating a plague on Sei-an City, and kidnapped Kagu. Eventually Chibi encounters King Fury. King Fury asked Chibi why he protects the humans. After a long monologe about how humans are imperfect and why they should be destroyed (Which is shockingly true), Chibi and King Fury engage in battle.

King Fury Battle

King Fury mainly attacks Chibi with either long range attacks and/or speed-based attacks. He will occasionally be seen hovering the battle arena charging for an ultimate attack or he will be on ground level charging. When he's doing either of these, Chibi can powerslash him. Chibi also has to guide Kurow to him. King Fury will processed in summoning thunderstorms or electricity, as well as blow him away from Kurow when he is working on deactivating his ultimate weapon; the Daidarabotci. Ocassionally the robot may attack Kurow with a sweep of it's hand, but Chibi can avoid this by taking Kurow on his back and moving out of the hands reach and dumping Kurow back to his original spot on the computer. King Fury will also send slips of evil energy at the Chibi that can be easily deflected by using powerslash on them. When King Fury has received a certain amount of damage he will then duplicate himself and there will be two enemies Chibi must deal with. Eventually King Fury gets defeated by Chibi, reverts back into Sugawara and before he dies he told them that he felt sorry for what he has done and explodes, destroying the weapon as well.

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