If you wish to abdicate your throne as Rieze Maxia's god, then I shall sit upon it in your stead.
~ Gaius planning to usurp Lord Maxwell

Erston Outway, also known as "Gaius", is the king of Auj Oule as well as the leader of the Chimeriad. He serves as the main antagonist of Tales of Xillia and a supporting character in its sequel. 

He is voiced by Ryotaro Okiayu in the Japanese version and Travis Willingham in the English version, the former of whom also voices Sir Lancelot and Isaac Westcott.

In Tales of Xillia

For a while, he tried to get to and use the Lance of Kresnik for his own purposes. However, after a skirmish with Jude, Milla, and the group, everyone found out that Gilland had his hands on it and that it could drain everyone's mana at once. Both their groups decided to work together to infiltrate the E.S.S. Zanethra and defeat Gilland.

Unfortunately, after Gilland's defeat and Milla's "death", Gaius formed an alliance with Muzét and set off to destroy every spyrix in existence (which would cause suffering to Elympois) and to kill Maxwell. They also raided through a research center. Later on, he gave Jude and Milla Muzét's knife that they could use to return to Razie Maxia in return for not interfering with his plans. They did so anyway by pursuing Giaus and Muzét inside the Dimentional Breach.

During the final battle, Jude and Milla began fighting with both Gaius and Muzét at once. Gaius was shown to be at full power and determined to kill them for good. After the rest of the party came in, they each used their Mystic Artes. In the end, after the fight, Gaius was convinced by Jude to abandon his plans. During the ending, he was seen with Rowen briefing with a few soldiers.

In Tales of Xillia 2

Gaius appears as a supporting character in the sequel Tales of Xillia 2.


  • According to his sister, Karla Outway, Gaius had become the king of Auj Oule when he was only 22 years old.
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