King Gobligan is the main villain and final boss of Sorcer Striker.


He was a con artist who had been banished from the kingdom along with his son Bashinet. During his exile, he unearthed a magical rock, which allowed him to harness high levels of magic. With his newfound power, he organized the goblins and other creatures which lived in the wilderness, using his intelligence to create powerful machines powered by magic. He then becomes the leader of his new founded Gobligan Empire, with which he intended to take his revenge against the humans who banished him.

The Gobligan Empire quickly expanded it's territory and started taking over various villages around the kingdom. King Cadwener sends his best men to fight the growing menace, but they never return, so he places a ridiculously high bounty on King Gobligan's head, hoping that someone would be able to take on them.

Eventually, four bounty hunters (Gain, Chitta, Miyamoto and Bornnam) take on the task of defeating the Gobligan Empire, fighting their forces and going after King Gobligan.

The bounty hunters arrive at the Gobligan's base, finding a huge colosseum where King Gobligan pits the against his best warriors, including Tsumujimaru and Bashinet. After they are all defeated, King Gobligan retreats into his castle, which was actually a gigantic robot he had been constructing called Gobligan Emperor, proceeding to attack the heroes with it. Despite this, the bounty hunters destroy the Gobligan Emperor, killing King Gobligan in the ensuing explosion.   

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