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King leo

King Leo is the secondary antagonist in the 2001 film Black Knight.

He was portrayed by the late Kevin Conway.


King Leo is the current (and false) ruler of 14th-century England (or at least, an alternate universe version of it). He became king by deposing the Queen (the actual ruler of England) and taking the throne for himself. He initially befriends Jamal "Sky" Walker (the protagonist) and even anoints him as lord of the court; however, as the film progresses, Jamal comes to realize how evil the king really is. At some point, Jamal inadvertently had sex with Leo's daughter, Princess Regina (who was attracted to Jamal to begin with), and when this is discovered, Leo has him thrown in prison and orders him executed, although Jamal manages to escape. After this, he is not seen again until the climax of the film, when he is betrayed and tossed overboard by his bodyguard, Lord Percival. The rebels lead by Jamal take back their kingdom that Leo stole from her and King Leo is frightened and scared since he is being defeated and asks Percival to get him to safety. Since Percival already saw how weak and pathetic Leo is running the country, Percival kills him and throws his body in the moat.

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