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Greetings from my world, the world of the pig. I am a pig!
~ King Leonard Mudbeard introducing himself to the birds.
You just don't know when to stop, DO YA?! (Red: Here's a two-word answer: Uh-uh!) Looks like your little slingshot game ends HERE!
~ King Leonard Mudbeard cornering and trapping Red.
Who says birds can't fly?
~ King Leonard Mudbeard after testing the slingshot on Red.
You have annoyed me for the last time!
~ King Leonard Mudbeard's last words before his defeat.

King Leonard Mudbeard is the main antagonist of the 2016 computer-animated film The Angry Birds Movie and the tritagonist of its Sony Pictures Animation-produced 2019 sequel, The Angry Birds Movie 2.

He is a greedy tyrant and the king of the dimwitted Bad Piggies (replacing the King Pig). His goal is to rob the Bird Island birds of their eggs, bring them to his kingdom on Piggy Island, and have them cooked up for a feast for himself and his fellow pigs. In the first film, he is Red, Chuck, and Bomb's archnemesis. In the second film, however, he reforms considerably and becomes their friend.

In both films, he is voiced by Bill Hader, who also played Agent Haggard in Paul, Hansel in Hoodwinked Too!: Hood vs. Evil, Guy Gagné in DreamWorks' Turbo, Bloodbottler in the 2016 The BFG adaptation, and Cyrus Strange in The Addams Family 2.


Meeting the Birds

Leonard first appears when he arrives on Bird Island by boat, crashing onto Red's house by the shore, much to Red's upset. Leonard then introduces himself and his First Officer, Ross, to the birds, claiming that the two of them are peaceful explorers offering friendship. Red takes an instant dislike and distrust to Leonard, which the other birds just chalk up to his general negativity and anger issues. To honor their arrival, the birds put on a celebratory show for them that very night, showing off the wonders of their island to Leonard and Ross.

Red is openly suspicious of the pigs' motives for being there, and his suspicion only grows when it is Leonard and Ross's turn to show off the wonders of their own island. Leonard gifts the birds with both a trampoline and a gigantic slingshot with not only the help of Ross, but two other previously-unseen pigs named Oinky and Jon Ham, who are introduced as his assistants. Astonishingly, this only raises a red flag for Red, who recalls that Leonard had only mentioned two pigs (himself and Ross) coming to the island, not four. But the other birds completely ignore this contradiction, much to Red's puzzlement. Red fails to help his case by constantly annoying Leonard during his presentation, which quickly turns Red's initial dislike toward Leonard into a mutual dislike on Leonard's part, which is illustrated when he chooses Red to test the birds' new slingshot and sends him a smug, mischievous smile when he confirms his choice. He then proceeds to humiliate Red in front of the other birds by flinging him from the slingshot, ejecting him from the celebration.

This petty move backfires on Leonard, however, when Red lands on the beach, not far from his ship. Still skeptical of the pigs' motives, Red decides to put his suspicion to the test by searching it, with his friends, Chuck and Bomb, joining him. They find a treasure trove of evidence against the pigs when they spot many, many crates full of TNT aboard, many more trampolines, several odd-looking vehicles, cowboy costumes, and, the most troubling, a secret compartment where hundreds of pigs are hiding, something accidentally uncovered by Bomb.

Realizing now that Leonard really might be up to no good, Red returns to the celebration and confronts the leader of the pigs, revealing all of the evidence that he, Chuck, and Bomb had found, including the hundreds of other pigs. But instead of his investigation being appreciated, he is booed by the other birds for invading the pigs' privacy, and his suspicions of the pigs are again written off as a product of his anger issues and negative attitude. Even worse for Red, Leonard uses his discovery to his advantage and covers masterfully, telling the birds that he had only wanted the rest of his people to be kept safe until they were sure that the birds' island was safe for all of them. He even adds that they were going to put on a cowboy show for them. The birds fall for it completely, much to Red's dismay, with Judge Peckinpah warning him not to trouble the pigs again. Pleased to have warded off any suspicions, Leonard sends another smug grin to a completely exasperated Red, who leaves the celebration in disgust and is kept up all night by the partying.

True Intentions Revealed

Over the next several days, the birds invite the pigs to make themselves at home on their island. Some of them give piggyback rides to birds trying to cross the streets. Others are given grand tours of Bird Island. More of them spend time demonstrating to the birds how to use their new devices and contraptions. The birds seem to have fully accepted and welcomed Leonard and the other pigs, with the only exception being Red, who is made miserable by their presence, as many of them fall asleep outside of his home, and others invade it and start using his belongings without his permission.

However, the first sign of Leonard's true intentions occurs during a grand tour of Bird Island that he and some other pigs are given by Stella. Leonard spots a bird's egg and, upon being told that it is how their children are born, fantasizes about eating the egg. What is more is that following his fantasy, he is seen holding and almost coddling the egg in a creepy, almost longing manner, which Red notices and calls out. Leonard and Red's dislike toward each other grows when the latter shows the former a series of pictures that he has painted of Leonard in many painful situations, including him being electrocuted, torn apart by an octopus, kicked over a waterfall in a barrel by Red, roasted on a spit over a fire by Red, and flung through the air on a slingshot by Red.

Even more than that, Red questions Leonard outright on his true motives for being on the island, demanding to know whether they are truly explorers or are planning to stay on the island, which he asks because he sees another one of their ships arriving, and that ship also damages his house. But Judge Peckinpah again shuts Red down and orders him to leave Leonard and the pigs alone, much to Red's disappointment. Leonard snidely tells Red that that went well, at least for him, before heading off to continue Stella's tour with the other pigs. Finally fed up with no one listening to him about the pigs, Red heads off with Chuck and Bomb to consult with the island's hero, Mighty Eagle, to see if he knows what the pigs must be planning.

Stealing the Eggs and Preparing the Feast

Later, Leonard introduces helium balloons to the birds, especially the hatchlings, and then invites the birds to a disco party that he is hosting. However, what the birds do not realize is that this is all part of an elaborate distraction to keep them all busy while the pigs spend the day and part of the evening planting TNT from their ships at various points around the island, and then steal the birds' eggs out from under them while they are partying. It is a very clever plan, but unfortunately for Leonard and the pigs, Red, Chuck, and Bomb see them planting the explosives while meeting with Mighty Eagle on his mountain, and upon returning to the village, they also catch them stealing the eggs (some by their own hands, others by loading them in parasols and sliding them down wires leading back to their ships, and still others by transporting some of the eggs in their vehicles) and starting to blow up the village. Sure enough, the whole thing is being overseen by Leonard, just as Red suspected, whom the heroic trio spots standing on a platform over them, uttering an evil laugh as he makes his escape down to the beach to board their ship.

While Chuck attempts to warn the others, Red and Bomb attempt to rescue the stolen eggs. At Red's urging, Bomb tries to break the chain that is holding up a net carrying the eggs by making himself explode. Unfortunately, this fails when Leonard orders the pigs to knock him off the chain, which three pigs eventually do by spraying him very forcefully with water, which causes him to not only fall off the chain, but also knock Red off the net, sending them both plunging into the water. As Red and Bomb then decide to just swim after the pigs, Leonard mockingly thanks the two birds for their island's hospitality, uttering another evil laugh immediately afterwards. He and the pigs then escape in their ship and set off the last of their explosives to destroy the village. Declaring that he has finally gotten the eggs in his possession, Leonard happily orders his pigs to sail back to their home on Piggy Island. Much to the birds' horror and sorrow, not a single egg is left behind. The other birds apologize to Red for not listening to him, but they feel hopeless until Red motivates them to let out their anger on the evil pigs in order to retrieve their eggs from them.

As Red and the birds construct a makeshift raft to head over to Piggy Island, Leonard returns home and is revealed to be the king of the pigs. In front of a whole coliseum of pigs, he declares a feast, as he plans to have the eggs cooked into omelets for his entire kingdom to eat two nights from the time of his announcement.

Final Battle and Defeat

As the birds finally reach Piggy Island the next morning, Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the other birds are all surprised when they learn that Leonard is the king of the pigs. Upon learning this, Red has the idea of using the giant slingshot to launch a series of attacks on the castle, correctly deducing that Leonard is holding the eggs inside. Spotting the birds, especially Red, after their first few shots, Leonard orders his fellow pigs to stop them while he prepares his feast for his kingdom, publicly announcing over a far-reaching intercom that, much to the birds' horror, they will instead be eating the eggs for lunch that very day, sending the birds into a panic, as they now know the pigs' true plans for their eggs, as well as the fact that they do not have much time to save them.

Eventually, Red, Chuck, and Bomb manage to infiltrate the castle and, after sneaking past some pigs, fooling some others (thanks to Chuck's superior speed), and fighting through some more, finally retrieve the eggs and save them from being cooked (with help from a newly-arriving Mighty Eagle). However, as they try to make their escape while hanging from a net holding the eggs, a furious, desperate Leonard grabs Red's leg, and in the struggle to pull him, Chuck, and Bomb back into the castle, one of the eggs gets loose. Though he knows that it is risky, Red remains behind to save it while letting Chuck, Bomb, and Mighty Eagle escape with the rest of the eggs.

With Leonard's patience finally gone, his and Red's mutual dislike finally explodes into full-on hatred. He angrily tries to take the egg from Red, resulting in a brief fight on Leonard's chandelier that eventually causes both of them to fall into the castle's reserve of explosives. Though Leonard manages to snatch the egg and is about to fry it with a candle while standing on a pile of dynamite, Red (in a rare moment of calmness) manages to trick him into letting his guard down by complimenting him on his plan of stealing the eggs. As Leonard falls for it by thanking Red for it, even proudly admitting that a lot of planning goes into forming his "sinister plans" (and thus also admitting to his villainy in the process), Red pulls out a box full of dynamite, causing Leonard to slide down and allowing Red to tackle him, wrestle him, and retrieve the egg while the candle lights up a stick of dynamite.

Incensed, Leonard flies into a burning rage and chases Red up the pile of dynamite, this time fully intending to kill him when he catches him. Unfortunately for him, he fails to notice the one stick that was lit by his candle. He warns Red that he has annoyed him for the last time, to which Red surprisingly, smugly agrees (as he likely believes that Leonard is not going to survive what is about to happen) before shielding himself and the egg by hiding inside a falling giant kettle, while Leonard screams as the explosives go off, destroying the castle and the rest of Piggy Island. Red survives thanks to the kettle, and he and the birds then make off with the eggs unscathed while Leonard and the pigs seemingly perish in the explosion. With the pigs finally defeated, the birds head back to Bird Island with their eggs in peace.

During the end credits, it turns out that, incredibly, the pigs have survived the destruction of Piggy Island, including Leonard, who is last seen sitting on the remains of his castle, fuming over the destruction of his kingdom. As the birds and even the pigs dance to "I Will Survive," which is being played by Mighty Eagle, a vengeful Leonard swears to "hatch up" a new plan for revenge against Red, Chuck, and Bomb before ultimately joining in to dance with the other pigs (likely realizing that he will have plenty of time to think of a plan after the dance).


Main article: King Leonard Mudbeard.

One year later, the birds and pigs are in constant war against each other after Piggy Island, which was destroyed in the pigs' prior battle with the birds, is rebuilt. After an ice ball from a nearby isle called Eagle Island hits the sea near Piggy Island, forcing pigs to have a truce with the birds, Leonard comes to Red's house to negotiate. Red reluctantly agrees to build an alliance with the pigs, and they recruit Chuck, Bomb, Silver, and Mighty Eagle.


Leonard is a green, anthropomorphic pig with a chubby build, thick, dark-green eyebrows, and a full, dark-green beard. He also has black eyes. He first appears without a crown. Later, when he steals all of the eggs, along with the Pigs, to be taken to Piggy Island, Leonard is seen wearing a crown on his head, adorned with rubies and sapphires, as opposed to only several sapphire gems. His first outfit during the theatrical trailer is his red, sporty attire, and during the battle against the birds, in the third and final theatrical trailer, Leonard wears only his king's red cape with a white-black-fur-trim collar, along with his ruby and sapphire crown.


Leonard can be very upbeat, positive, and fun-loving. He is certainly seen to be like this around his fellow pigs, and at least when he is with them, these seem to be genuine traits about him. However, these can also be used as weapons of sorts, as they can be disarming toward others to hide his true colors. In other words, these can be his real qualities at times, but a front at others.

At these other times, Leonard can be, and is shown to be, a very tyrannical, controlling, manipulative individual. He demonstrates these qualities when he interacts with his right-hand man, Ross, shaming him for messing up their entrance on Bird Island. He has no fears or doubts when going onto Bird Island and greets the birds with confidence by making his entrance loud and obvious. Combined with the behavior of an international ambassador and a used car salesman, Leonard is honest, charming, attractive, and charismatic, so he speaks in a very confident, boisterous, enthusiastic manner, and he just might be full of baloney and hogwash, depending on whom you ask. He also proves to be the most intelligent of the pigs, as any dimwittedness from him is exceptionally rare to see. In one scene, when he spots Red breaking into his castle, he informs three pig guards, "There's a red bird in these walls!" As such, the pig guards check on the wall they were standing near, but this infuriates an already annoyed Leonard enough to remind them that his previous statement was not to be taken literally, causing the embarrassed pig guards to search around the castle. He is also very quick to think on his feet, as shown by him covering in such a masterful manner after Red confronts him about finding the hundreds of other pigs hiding on his ship.

Below all of these traits lie Leonard's even colder, more despicable traits. He is also incredibly cruel and vindictive, particularly when he is furious or desperate. When he finds out that Red, Chuck, Bomb, and the other birds are invading his kingdom, he purposely, maliciously announces his change of plans for the eggs (his altered plans to eat them sooner than initially planned) over a far-reaching intercom that he clearly knows will reach the birds' ears, possibly to psychologically knock them all off balance (which, very briefly, he does). He also orders the slaughter of the birds during the invasion of his kingdom, all while hiding it under the guise of defending against an "unprovoked aggression." He also thinks nothing of wanting to cook Red and Mighty Eagle when they end up cornered by him and his men, thus intending to murder them along with the prospective baby Birds in the eggs, further displaying his viciousness and cruelty, as he also does not seem to care that the eggs might contain baby birds that could be close to hatching, and that he might be killing them, as well. And finally, in his last desperate act, he shows this again when he attempts to cook the final remaining egg in front of Red, likely to try and mentally, emotionally break him for his attack on his kingdom.

Leonard also seems to resent those who do not fall for his charms or who are not taken in by his charisma, as it is fairly clear that his initial dislike toward Red is rooted in the fact that, from the very first moment they meet, Red sees right through his obvious façade and is the only one of the birds with this distinction (though Chuck and Bomb slowly begin to see the truth about him, as well). Though Leonard simply considers his feelings toward Red to be mere annoyance, it is clear from his rather visceral reactions almost every time he sees him that he strongly dislikes him (and, of course, the feeling is mutual). The dislike between them both simmers and grows throughout the film until at last, during the climax, it finally erupts into mutual hatred (which is demonstrated by Leonard's desire to kill Red with his own two hands right before his defeat).

Leonard is even proud of the aspects of his character that make him so evil, given how many evil grins he displays and evil laughs he lets out after his true colors are revealed. He is also very quick and very proud to admit to Red how much planning goes into his "sinister plans" during the climax of the first film, showing that (at least in the first film), he not only knows that he is a villain, but he also loves being one.

However, Leonard's one redeeming quality is the love that he has for his people. He is shown to never want to extremely hurt his fellow pigs and even shows them care and respect (at least most of the time). His people seem to genuinely respect him as their king, and he does appear to be a good, solid, capable ruler. Sadly, in the first film, in particular, this can be lost in the sea of his more terrifying qualities.


That went well...if you're me!
~ Leonard taunting Red after his failed attempt to expose his lies.
Right on time. Eggs-cellent.
~ Leonard revealing his true nature to Red, Chuck, and Bomb during the pigs' theft of the eggs and the destruction of Bird Island.
Thanks for your hospitality! HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA-HA!
~ Leonard mocking Red and Bomb after foiling their initial attempt to save the eggs.
Set sail for Piggy Island!
~ Leonard escaping Bird Island with the eggs.
That guy again! Argh!
~ Leonard seeing that Red is leading the birds' charge on the pigs' kingdom.
Citizens of Pig Island, if you spot any birds destroying your neighborhood, please, capture them. There's been a change of plans. We will eat the eggs...for lunch!
~ Leonard notifying his kingdom about the birds' attack, and then evilly announcing his change of plans for the eggs.
Guards! There is a red bird in these walls. Bring him to me.
~ Leonard notifying his guards about Red making it into the castle.
Not "in these walls!" IN THE CASTLE! Come on, you guys.
~ Leonard to the guard pigs after they comically try to find Red literally in the walls.
Call in the Piggy Air Force!
~ Leonard calling in the Piggy Air Force.
My fellow subjects, the treacherous birds have repaid our friendship with an unprovoked act of aggression. The attack will fail. We have glass, we have wood, we have TNT. We tried to kill them with kindness, and now we're just gonna have to...well, you know.
~ Leonard essentially ordering the slaughter of the birds by the Piggy Air Force and any other pig who can manage it.
What is he doing up there?! This is a civilized buffet!
~ Leonard seeing Red hanging onto the net holding the eggs.
Get that red scab off my eggs!
~ Leonard ordering Red's capture.
Throw them in the pot, too! I'll have the big turkey.
~ Leonard ordering his pigs to cook Red and Mighty Eagle with the eggs, and specifically stating his preference to eat Mighty Eagle.
You're not getting away that easy!
~ Leonard hindering Red, Chuck, Bomb, and Mighty Eagle's escape with the eggs.
I'll take that! (Red: No, you won't! Gimme that!) You just don't know when to stop, do ya?! (Red: Here's a two-word answer: "Uh-uh!") Looks like your little slingshot game ends here! Gimme that! (Red: Not gonna happen!)
~ Leonard when Red tries to keep the last egg away from him.
You're wrecking my house! What's wrong with you?! (Red: You wrecked my house!) Your house was ugly! (Red: Well, now we're even!)
~ Leonard aggravated with Red for his, Chuck, and Bomb's destruction of the castle.
Delicious bird eggy-weggy! Ooh! (Red: You can't eat eggs!) What are you going to do? I'm a foodie! It's over. You're finished, Eyebrows.
~ Leonard taunting Red, about to cook the last egg in front of him.
You know, a lot of hard work goes into my sinister plans. It does. (chuckles)
~ Leonard proudly, essentially admitting to his evil after falling for Red's ploy to make him let down his guard.
You have annoyed me for the last time! (Red: Yep!) Huh? . . . NO!
~ Leonard about to finish Red off before the cauldron drops on Red and Leonard gets caught in the explosion.
Ha-ha! Just a little higher.
~ Leonard helps Courtney to push the giant magnifying glass to mess with the hatchlings.
Hahaha this might be a little!
~ Leonard to Birds after launching the giant bag of crabs.
See you later hehehehe stupid bird.
~ Leonard to Birds.
Hello! Oh. (Red scream and slam the door) Look, Red, I know we've had our differences. (Red: Oh, like when you tried to eat our young?) (He passes his head out the window.) I come in peace. (Red throws a mirror in his face.) Ouch. (Red pushes him away.) Aah! Look, I don't want to see your face any more than you want to see mine. We're all in danger! (Red: Yeah. From you.) No, we have a truce. Didn't you get my note? It was on a balloon. (Red: Oh, yeah, that's right. You wanted to talk.) This is not how a truce works. (Red: Just say what you gotta say, and then get out.) (Red tightens the rope and Leonard squeals.) Red, we've discovered that there's a third island, and they're plotting to destroy us all. (Red: A third island? Give me one reason why I should believe you.) Haven't you noticed any strange objects falling from the sky? Giant balls of ice?
~ Leonard tries to convince Red to put aside their dispute to counter the threat of Eagle Island.
That image in your hand is Eagle Island, and those are eagles. (Red: Eagles? How did you get these?) From a drone. (Red: And do you spy on us with that?) Yes. (Red: So have you seen me...?) Yes, and it's disgusting. Red, this is bigger than pranks. We need to put aside our differences and work together. (Red: To save our whole world From being destroyed. What we really need is a hero. I'm in.) Wonderful! We'll have to get a team together. (Red: Yes, we will. But, hey, I'm in charge.) Actually, that position's been filled. Boo-yah!
~ Leonard and Red make Team up.
Ha, ha. We're in! Oh, my, goodness gravy. (Chuck: I wanna see.) No. Hold on! (Chuck: I just wanna see.) We don't have time. (Note that an eagle is watching them) Uh-oh. (The eagle lays his spear on the ground and seems to have unmasked them but then starts to dance and then makes a sign.) (Bomb: What? What's happening?) I think he's challenging us to a break-dance battle?
~ Leonard and the others in the eagle suit entering the Super Weapons room and getting ready to do a break dance fight to avoid being caught.


  • In Angry Birds Fight!, he makes a guest appearance as a boss.
  • Despite being a dimwit, he is the smartest pig as when he says "There is a red bird in these walls.", that was just an expression that a bird is in the castle while the guards that he told them was searching whether he is inside the walls which annoys Leonard.
  • His voice actor sounds more akin to Pinky from the 1991 Don Bluth film Rock-a-Doodle.
  • Before the release of The Angry Birds Movie 2, some fans believed that Leonard and the pigs were going to betray Red and his friends at the end or that upon Zeta's defeat they would end the truce and go back into fighting. However, at least so far, it has not proven to not be the case (unless there is another sequel in which exactly that happens).

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