King Llort, also simply known as Llort, is the husband of Queen Gnorga and the secondary antagonist in Don Bluth's 1994 animated fantasy film A Troll in Central Park. He is the king of the trolls. He is not nearly as evil, or competent, as his wife. He frequently wears a puffy white wig similar to George Washington's hair, and is constantly attacked by Gnorga's dog.

He was voiced by the late Charles Nelson Reilly.

Role in the film

Llort initially stops Gnorga from turning Stanley to stone and instead convinces her to send him to New York City, where he says "nothing grows", so this is a blatant lie. Later on, when Gnorga finds out Stanley survived, she gets extremely angry and abusive at Llort and starts yelling at him.

When she goes to Central Park, she forces him to come with her and he helps kidnap Rosie, and later stops Gnorga from stoning her when she gets mad, getting into a fight with his wife. After Gnorga is defeated and turns into a bush, Llort is sucked up with her in the tornado and appears in the final scene of the movie reading a newspaper revealing that Llort has usurped Gnorga as the supreme ruler of the Troll Kingdom, glad of her transformation. It is possible that (given Stanley's charges dropping) Llort rules much fairer than Gnorga. 



  • He was voiced by the late Charles Nelson Reilly, who earlier in his career voiced Killer and Hunch in All Dogs Go to Heaven and Rock-A-Doodle.
  • His name is the word "troll" spelled backwards.
  • An Isrealite in the late George MacDonald's 1883 fantasy novel "The Princess and Curdie" resembles him when he sees Curdie and Princess Irene riding on Fleet which is now present day Iraq.
  • He was spoofed in the Will Ferrell episode of Saturday Night Live.
  • The late Robert Morley was considered for the role of Llort.


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