King Maxx is a villain from the Archie comics. He was once the ruler of Anti-Mobias, where he ruled as an absolute despot until he was cast into the Zone of Silence by his own daughter, who would grow to become Princess Alicia Acorn.


Yet instead of growing weak in exile King Maxx flourished and claimed the Zone of Silence as his own, becoming a danger to other Zones he found his reign once again stopped when Zone Cops arrived and arrested him to stop the dictator before he could amass more power for himself.

Yet King Maxx once again flourished in the Jail Zone and became a virtual King once more, allowing him to rule over the prison with the aid of many thugs - he would ultimately become an enemy of Scourge when the other villain was transported to the prison.

King Maxx instantly forced Scourge into a very unfair deal: he would allow Scourge to live if the other would not question his rule, if Scourge refused King Maxx would have his thugs kill the hedgehog.

Thus Scourge was forced to comply with King Maxx, who began to act friendly towards Scourge once he figured the hedgehog was not a threat - yet this tone changed when King Maxx became aware of Destructix entering the Jail Zone.

Believing Scourge had violated their deal King Maxx decided to have him killed but Scourge was saved by Fiona and the Destructix - resulting in Maxx telling them they had all signed their own death warrants.

Fiona replied in turn by mocking King Maxx before leaving with Scourge and the rest of Destructix.