King Neo Descal is the tyrannical leader of the Neo Descal Pirate Fleet and the main antagonist of Chousei Kantai Sazer-X. He is ruler of the regime founded by the Descal Space Pirate Fleet on Earth in the future and the one responsible for sending Garade and Grouza to the past to ensure the success of the invasion after Sazer-X traveled back to the past to undo Descal's conquest.


Accompanied by his second-in-command Barreda, Neo Descal arrived from the future to command the Earth invasion himself. His first action was to execute Garade as punishment for his repeated failures to defeat Sazer-X.

Discovering early on that the Aqual and Cyclead were as useless as they had expected, Neo Descal and Barreda opted to use the Two Shoguns to buy them some time while they completed their actual objective: Rather than collect the Cosmo Capsules and use them to conquer Earth, as history had dictated, they would construct a machine on the moon called "Dark-Alumer" to conquer Earth for them this time around.

After the Dark-Alumer was destroyed in battle with Sazer-X, Barreda commented that they were finished. Neo Descal, however, remained unfazed and informed Barreda that her usefulness was over before impaling and killing her with his cane. He then merged with the remains of the Dark-Alumer and reassembled it.

When Lio-Sazer traveled inside the monster to confront Neo Descal, the tyrant transformed into a manifestation of his dark energy to fight him and Sazer-X. He was defeated and killed by Lio-Sazer, Eagle-Sazer and Beetle-Sazer while his monster was destroyed by Remy piloting the Lio-Sazer with the move "Howling Crush".


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