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Oh, and by the way... I am no longer your brother Olly. I am KING OLLY! By the time I am done, all of those miserable Toads will be folded... The flimsy paper minions of Bowser shall be reborn as loyal Folded Soldiers--serving me! And I shall fold, crease, and bend the entire paper world to my whim... The birth of a new origami kingdom!
~ King Olly proclaiming his goal to Mario and Olivia.
If you've seen one Toad, you've seen them all! They're all the same to me! That's why I have to turn them all into blank pieces of scrap paper. So I never have to see another one of their stupid faces again! That... is my vision for a glorious origami kingdom.
~ King Olly when Olivia asked why he blames the whole species for the action of one Toad, while also showing his racism.

King Olly, also known as the Origami King, is the titular main antagonist of Paper Mario: The Origami King. He is the ruler of the Origami Kingdom, the elder brother/creator and arch-nemesis of Olivia, the leader of the Folded Soldiers, and commander in chief of the Legion of Stationery.


King Olly is a small pixie-like humanoid with grey arms and feet, black eyes, and blonde hair that covers his left eye. He wears a purple robe with an orange collar.


In harsh contrast to his kind and cheerful sister, King Olly is a cold and stern ruler fully obsessed with wreaking havoc on the paper world. He despises all paper-thin organisms and especially Toads due to a "vandalized" message having been written on his body. Despite seeing origami as superior to flat paper, Olly is willing to dispose of anyone who either failed him or stood in his way, even having trapped Olivia within the wall of his dungeon and later crushing her with a boulder simply because she doesn't harbor the same hate for flat paper.

King Olly was first and foremost an extremely vain person since every room of his castle either had a statue or an emblem of his face plastered somewhere in it. Olly is also an intensely bigoted individual, intent on committing mass genocide and killing the Toad population just because he was "disgraced" when the Origami Craftsman drew on him, something that even Bowser is disgusted by. Only after the message is read to him does Olly feel remorseful for his actions, but he's also somewhat amused with how his ignorance led him down a villainous path and the irony behind him becoming pretty much the exact opposite of what the Craftsman wanted him to be: a wise and kind king.



King Olly was created by the Origami Craftsman to fit an origami castle during the Toads' Origami Festival, granting him life by using the forbidden Fold of Life technique. The Origami Craftsman wrote a message on Olly's body, encouraging him to grow into a great king. However, Olly misinterpreted the message on his body as a careless scribble and developed a hatred for the Toads and all those made of flat paper instead of origami. Sealing the Origami Craftsman within his basement wall and crafting his younger sister, Olivia, with the Fold of Life to serve alongside him, Olly turns the office stationery into his elite warriors known as the Legion of Stationary and leaves for the Mushroom Kingdom.

Paper Mario: The Origami King

On the morning of the Origami Festival, King Olly raids Princess Peach's Castle, planning to turn it into a replica of his castle and folds Peach into his origami servant. What happens next is unknown but Bowser most likely attacked with a large army of minions to try and kidnap Peach only to be defeated by the Legion of Stationary. He is then stapled into a small square and hung on a peg in the dungeons and forced to watch as King Olly uses a Stapler to keep brainwash his minions and turn them into his Folded Soldiers, using in place and following his command. He also seals Olivia behind the dungeon wall for not sharing her brother's beliefs on domination.

King Olly waits until the Kingdom's heroes, the Mario Brothers arrive at the castle, intent on keeping Luigi prisoner and converting Mario. When the plumber refuses to "fold" himself, the brainwashed Peach drops Mario into the castle dungeon. Mario meets Olivia behind the dungeon wall, and freeing Bowser from his predicament, they quickly escape, but end up forgetting about Luigi. King Olly himself is first seen under the disguise of a yellow origami Shy Guy when he accompanies Origami Peach to confront Mario, Olivia, and Bowser on the roof of Peach's Castle. He sends some Shy Guys and an Origami Goomba (whom Mario met earlier in the dungeon) on them only for Mario to easily kill them. The Yellow Shy Guy then reveals himself as Olly, having conquered the Mushroom Kingdom in order to create a new kingdom of origami and curses the castle and the nearby settlements with five long streamers. They carry the castle to the top of a volcano at which point Mario, Olivia, and Bowser escape via a Shy Guy piloted Clown Car but Mario, upon remembering that Luigi is still trapped in the Castle, tries getting back. They unfortunately are all separated when they are hit by one of the Streamers. While the Shy Guy is able to retrieve Bowser and escape, Mario lands in the Whispering Woods and finds Olivia and teams up with her to stop her brother's mad plans. During their quest, Olly sends his Folded Soldiers and Paper Macho Soldiers out to stop them.

At some time between this and Sweetpaper Valley, King Olly deploys the Legion of Stationary to defend the streamer spools protecting Origami Castle. He sends Colored Pencils to Overlook Tower where he establishes himself at the top, Rubber Band to Shogun Studops where he bases himself in Big Sho Theater, Hole Punch to Scorching Sandpaper Desert where he throws a rave in the Shroom Temple, Tape is sent to the Great Sea where is based at the very top of the Sea Tower, Scissors leads an attack on Bowser's Castle which crashlands in Shangri-spa thanks to Kamek sabotaging it, and Stapler is kept at Peach's Castle to serve as a bodyguard.

After a trip through the Eddy Rapids, King Olly meets Mario and Olivia, alongside their new friend Bobby the Bob-omb, once more in Sweetpaper Valley as they follow the Yellow Streamer. Olly attempts to convince Olivia once last to rejoin him, but she refuses. King Olly is disappointed in not being able to share his glory with her but laments her "blindness" before crushing her flat under a gigantic boulder which also blocks the way to Scorching Sandpaper Desert and leaving. Bobby is forced to use his friend's fuse to sacrifice himself, destroying the boulder and saving Olivia, although it leaves both her and Mario devastated.

Once all streamers are lifted, Mario and friends reach Peach's Castle and confront Origami Peach once more, but King Olly transforms the entirety of Peach's Castle into the Origami Castle. After killing two of his origami henchmen who cowardly flee by twisting around the past which drops them into a sea of paper eating plants, he is displeased by Mario and Olivia's presence so summons an Origami Sumo Bro to try and kill them like he did the two Origami Soldiers before collapsing the staircase and leaving. However, they easily make it through the Sumo Bro and the other guards and make it to a massive hall with munching plants and a massive red carpet across the room. King Olly arrives and tries to sabotage them by switching the carpet, but they easily figure it out and easily reach the penultimate room of the castle. There, Olly sends the Stapler after the group, but Mario manages to easily defeat it by ripping its body in half.

Once Mario, Olivia, and Bowser make their way up to Olly's throne room, he reveals that he stuck Peach's origami body on the wall (sarcastically claiming that Peach is happier this way) and has created a plentiful of origami cranes, being only one short to perform the Thousand Cranes technique and have a wish granted to erase the existence of all Toads on the planet, causing Bowser to point out how far he is going with his plans. He taunts Mario about how he will turn his corpse into the last origami crane and prepares to kill him and his friends to use his body to succeed.

King Olly at first tries to defeat them by turning into each of the Vellumentals they have fought but is easily defeated but refuses any sympathy and reveals how betrayed he feels over Olivia betraying him. He then turns into a giant form similar to the statues of him throughout the castle and flips the ringed platform they fight on so that there are no more rings and sends the Toad audience spinning into the ether. Fortunately, Olivia folds Bowser into Mega Bowser who gains the upper hand against Mega King Olly with Mario aiding him by using the 1,000-Fold Arms to add momentum. Mega King Olly tries to kill Mario with boomerangs but that plan fails so he tries to crush Mario under an origami Thwomp, but it is easily dodged and plunges off the platform to his supposed death.

Unfortunately, King Olly's intense hatred for Mario allows him to enlarge into a ginormous form and flick Bowser clean off the platform although Olivia unveils an ultimate technique that she can use to defeat King Olly though it involves the whole board being a 1,000-Fold Arms circle. Olly mixes up the symbols and tries to crush, bisect, and swat Mario to death but he avoids them all and completes the circle. Olly tries to destroy Mario by crushing him with his hammers, bisecting him with scissor blades, blasting him with paper aeroplanes and tries to crush him in a rapid attack barrage but Mario throws them all of and activates the Magic Circle. Using it, he lays a devastating beat-down on King Olly with the 1,000-Fold Arms before Olivia turns into the Olivia Hammer and Mario finishes off King Olly with three hits from it, sending King Olly plunging off the platform entirely.

After the battle, King Olly is still alive but mortally wounded. Having come to his senses, Olly congratulates Olivia for besting him and requests her to read the "careless scrawl" on his body as one last humiliation. Olivia finds and reads the writing, revealing it to be a very nice message reading "Dearest Olly, may you grow into a fair and kind king." Upon realizing that every heinous deed he did was from a simple misunderstanding, Olly finally atones for his sins and expresses regret for all of his actions. In his dying breath, he asks Olivia to turn his body into the last crane to set everything right. Shortly after, his body unfolds into generic lifeless paper.


Upon her brother's death, Olivia turns Olly's paper body into a crane, performs the Thousand Cranes technique, and wishes to revert everything her brother caused. With that, all origami is lifted from the Mushroom Kingdom, turning everyone cursed by Olly back to normal, including Peach and her castle, but Olivia herself also ceases to exist in the process because she was brought to life by him. After her death, Mario was sent into a brief depression, but his spirit is lifted upon seeing her and Olly's throne on a model Origami Castle during the Origami Festival.

In a secret ending unlocked after clearing the game 100%, the Origami Craftsman places a miniature version of Olly and Olivia on his origami castle, fulfilling the role their creator intended them for.

Other Media

Super Smash Bros.

King Olly appears in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as an Ace-level attack-type spirit that grants no effect when used. His spirit battle is against Toon Link favoring air attacks and a giant metal Pac-Man (representing Stapler) on the Ω form of Peach's Castle. Only Toon Link needs to be defeated to win.

Powers and abilities

  • Power: King Olly is possibly one of the most powerful Paper Mario villains, rivaled only by the Shadow Queen (a literal demon) and Super Dimentio (a being capable of undoing creation itself. He was easily able to defeat all four Vellumentals with little apparent effort (given they were Origami and he utilized their styles in the final battle) and was stronger than the Legion of Stationary.
  • Flight: Like his sister, King Olly always floated above the ground in his default form.
  • Origami Crafting: King Olly was a master craftsman, capable of bringing life to Olivia and the Legion of Stationary.
    • Fold of Life: King Olly was a master of the Fold of Life technique which brings origami such as Olivia and objects like those that became the Legion of Stationary to life. How this occurs is never shown.
    • Building Transformation: King Olly was somehow able to transform Peach's Castle into Origami Castle with apparent ease.
      • Origami Wallpaper: King Olly was also somehow able to turn Origami Princess Peach into wallpaper when he created Origami Castle.
    • 1,000 Cranes Fold: King Olly's most dangerous ability where he folds 1,000 pieces of paper and could wish to exterminate all Toads by making them blank and lifeless sheets of paper. As seen after Olivia makes a wish, the tactic would have involved the cranes flying out of the castle and encircling the Toads and killing them, if King Olly actually defeated Mario.
  • Folded Soldier Speech Imitation: King Olly's first two sentences in the game were spoken in the very slow Folded Soldier style but the rest then sped up to normal speech to signify a different way of speaking.
  • Self-Folding: King Olly was able to fold himself limitless amounts of times for a variety of effects.
    • Disguise: King Olly was able to fold himself into a Yellow Shy Guy when he first met Mario and Olivia.
      • Color Switching: King Olly could also change his color scheme in the process since his true form is mostly purple, but his Shy Guy form is all yellow.
      • Unfolding: King Olly was able to fold out of his Shy Guy form at will.
  • Streamer Summoning: King Olly was able to charge up his entire body with light purple energy to unleash a massive purple flash that summoned the Streamers to lift Peach's Castle onto a volcano.
  • Boulder Summoning: King Olly was able to somehow summon a gigantic boulder to crush Olivia flat in an attempt to kill her.
  • Telekinesis: King Olly clearly had some form of telekinesis, being able to move around massive red carpets at will and collapse the staircase in the first room of Origami Castle without touching it.
  • Vellumental Circle Summoning: King Olly could summon all four Vellumental circles (fire, ice, water and earth) to use to change into each of the Vellumentals.
    • Earth Vellumental Spinning: King Olly could spin said Vellumental Circles at will to randomize which form he adopts.
    • Ice Vellumental Transformation: King Olly could use the Ice Vellumental Circle to become the Ice Vellumental.
      • Ice Age: In his Ice Vellumental form, King Olly could charge up his body with golden energy before unleashing the Ice Vellumental's signature Ice Age attack which freezes Mario and the whole screen in ice to deal devastating damage.
    • Water Vellumental Transformation: King Olly could use the Water Vellumental Circle to become the Water Vellumental.
      • Water Generation: King Olly was able to absorb water in his Water Vellumental from off of the platform despite there being no water present around the arena.
        • Waterspout Generation: King Olly could generate blue waterspouts around him to wash away directional arrows.
        • Mega Wave: In his Water Vellumental form, King Olly could charge up his body with water before unleashing the Water Vellumental's signature Mega Wave attack which involves firing a massive jet of water from his mouth that rises up and slams back down for massive damage.
    • Fire Vellumental Transformation: King Olly could use the Fire Vellumental Circle to become the Fire Vellumental.
      • Molten Feathers: King Olly in his Fire Vellumental form retained its abilities to spin at high speeds in the air and unleash red hot feathers from his body that damage Mario if he makes contact with them.
      • Energy Empowerment: In his Fire Vellumental form, King Olly could charge up his body with fiery energy for his ultimate attack.
        • Flamecrower: After charging his energies for a turn, King Olly could unleash a devastating breath of fire to deal large damage.
  • Limitless Energy: King Olly was able to assume multiple Vellumental forms which are apparently very draining according to Olivia but continue to fight fiercely.
  • Mega King Olly Transformation: King Olly could make purple energy explode out of his body and raise into the air as a giant purple energy ball before rapidly refolding into a giant form reminiscent of his statues.
    • Reality Warping: King Olly's transformation also caused the battle arena to flip around below him as well as sent the Toad audience into the ether as well as surrounded the arena with those paper eating plants strewn throughout his castle.
    • Strength: Mega King Olly was able to wrestle with Mega Bowser and, if Mario doesn't intervene with his 1,000-Fold Arms, would push him off the arena and cause an instant game over.
    • Boomerang Summoning: Mega King Olly could summon boomerangs to try and kill Mario though they could be easily stamped on harmlessly.
    • Origami Thwomp Summoning: When nearly over the edge of the arena, Mega King Olly would summon a massive origami Thwomp over Mario to flatten him. If Mario doesn't either dodge it or finish off Mega King Olly before it can strike, it will flatten Mario and cause an instant game over. He can summon at least three of these although the player can finish him off quickly before even the second if they hit the ground fast enough.
    • Ultra King Olly Transformation: Mega King Olly was able to harness all of his hatred and anger for Mario to grow into his final and biggest form of all.
      • Strength: Ultra King Olly was strong enough to knock Mega Bowser off the battlefield with one swipe as well as mess up Olivia's final Magic Circle with one slap of his hand.
      • Poison Cloud Creation: Ultra King Olly was able to manifest his hatred as a massive light purple cloud of poison that will slowly rise to consume the arena. If Mario doesn't complete and activates the scrambled Magic Circle puzzle within one minute, it will reach the platform and cause an instant game over.
        • Poison Immunity: It wouldn't make sense for Ultra King Olly to kill himself with his own poison cloud.
      • Hammer Fist Transformation: Ultra King Olly could transform his hands into hammers to try and flatten Mario.
      • Aeroplane Blaster Transformation: Ultra King Olly could change his hands into massive purple blasters capable of firing giant paper aeroplanes at Mario which he would have to jump over.
        • Scissor Blade Hands Transformation: Ultra King Olly could transform his hands into scissor blades to try and slice apart Mario.
          • Final Cut: A more powerful version of Scissors' strongest attack which where Ultra King Olly only utilized in his final attack barrage and was his single strongest attack. Ultra King Olly would bring his scissor hands to either side of Mario and slash inwards. If the player doesn't hit A when prompted, Mario is bisected and it's an instant game over regardless of how much health remained before the attack.


  • Hammer Fist: Ultra King Olly could transform his hands into hammers to try and flatten Mario.
  • Scissor Blade Hands: Ultra King Olly could transform his hands into scissor blades to try and slice apart Mario.


  • Ice: In his Earth Vellumental form, King Olly could be frozen in place by Olivia's Ice Vellumental Form and attacked with the 1,000 Fold Arms to deal massive damage.
  • Water Vellumental: As the Fire Vellumental, King Olly was extremely vulnerable to Olivia's Water Vellumental form and it's Mega Wave which would cripple him for a turn and extinguish his feathers. This would allow for a devastating 1,000 Fold Arms attack.
  • 1,000 Fold Arms: In his Water Vellumental form, Mario must endure the Mega Wave (there is no way avoid it) and pound him as he is resting for a turn with the 1,000 Fold Arms. If performed after the Earth Vellumental form was frozen and bashed, this will end his first phase without him going to his second form.
  • Olivia Hammer: Mario's most powerful move in the game which mortally wounded King Olly with just three hits.


Patience Princess. This will do just fine. So you're Mario, Princess Peach's hero right?'ll do quite well. Very crisp. Bright colours. I can see it now... So what do you say? Will you volunteer your paper body to the cause. Or will we have to get...crumply? Join us! Yes or no!
~ King Olly's first words when disguised as a yellow Shy Guy when confronting Mario and Olivia alongside Origami Princess Peach atop Peach's Castle after Origami Peach insisted on making them into Folded Soldiers.
Oh really? You expect me to fall for such a simple trick?! Take a good, long look at Princess Peach. She's better this way, don't you think? No need to answer. You'll soon feel the power of origami yourself. Folded Soldier, come forth!
~ King Olly after the player decides to join him or not. Whether they decide yes or no is irrelevant and leads to the same outcome anyway.
So you defeated the first Goomba. Bravo. I assure you it is far from the deadliest creature in this realm. I suppose there is no point in maintaining this charade any longer...
~ King Olly after Mario defeated the Origami Goomba and Shy Guys that he summoned before unveiling his true form.
Why couldn't Mario have simply left you in that wall where I put you... Sister, if you stand in the way of my ambition, you will not share in my glory as family.
~ King Olly when Olivia recognized him.
Oh, hello. Yes, it's been a while hasn't it? Ah, sister... You have such a flat outlook on life. All I am doing is creating a glorious kingdom for origami like us. How can you not grasp the brilliance and daring of my plan?
~ King Olly when confronting Mario, Olivia, and Bobby the Bob-omb at the end of Sweetpaper Valley.
I thought perhaps you would listen to reason. I see that I was mistaken. Ever since you teamed up with this Mario fellow, you've been nothing but a crinkle in my neck It ends now.
~ King Olly after Olivia refused to join him before dropping a boulder on her.
I ordered you to stop Mario and his friends, and you've failed. You pathetic cowards!
~ King Olly when murdering two cowardly Origami Soldiers after he had transformed Peach's Castle into Origami Castle.
I suppose this is fitting. Welcome to Origami Castle, Mario. Oh, my dear Olivia... If only you shared my wisdom. If only you shared my VISION for an origami kingdom... I assure you... folding Peach's Castle into Origami Castle is just the beginning... Mario, since I know best, I have refolded this castle in my image. I sincerely hope you enjoy it.
~ King Olly then welcoming Mario and summoning the pathway shifting Sumo Bro.
How do you like Origami Castle so far? Too easy? Say no more. I hear your feedback loud and clear and will be happy to implement changes immediately!
~ King Olly when confronting Mario in the red carpet room.
You're not giving up, huh? Guess you really like those flat losers. Pathetic. Anyway, it doesn't matter. My vision of a perfect origami kingdom is almost realized...
~ King Olly when confronting Mario, Olivia, and Bowser in Origami Castle's penultimate room.
How dare you criticize me! If it weren't for me, you wouldn't even be here. Whatever. I'm tired of trying to explain myself to fools. You leave me with no choice. Bind them.
~ King Olly when Olivia asked why he was still scheming and wouldn't just surrender before summoning Stapler.
Well, you're finally here. Took you long enough. As a matter of fact, it took you so long that there is nothing you can do to stop me now. The princess is right in front of you. Behold!
~ King Olly when confronted by Mario, Olivia, and a new unfolded Bowser in his throne room.
I told you, didn't I? That I would transform all of Peach's Castle into an origami castle. Including the princess herself. She is at one with the castle now. Beautiful, precious, and silent. I'm sure she's happier this way.
~ King Olly unveiling the Princess Peach "wallpaper."
I would. And I did. Witness the Thousand Cranes Technique! He who has the patience to fold 1,000 origami cranes shall have any wish granted. This is real, ultimate power, and I shall use it to turn every last one of those wretched Toads into mere blank paper.
~ King Olly after Olivia realized that he planned on using the 1,000 Cranes Technique.
Of course I do! He's the whole reason I'm doing this! That fool disrespected the very paper I am made of... He scribbled all over that! Now I bear the hideous scar of his negligence and disregard of origami...And he shall pay!
~ King Olly after Olivia reminded him he shouldn't be doing this as he was made by the TOAD Craftsman and revealing why he is doing all this in the first place.
As for you Mario. You've proven to be quite annoying. But there's nothing you can do now to stop me. Already, 999 of my cranes are complete... After I defeat you...I'll honor your paper by folding you into the very last crane!
~ King Olly commencing the final battle.
Your adventure ends here, Mario. I WILL fulfill my dream. If you won't fold willing... I'll bend you to my will by force!
~ King Olly before starting the first phase of his boss battle.
Indeed. I have mastered the techniques of every Bibliofold. Now...witness how a KING wields these powers!
~ King Olly unveiling his Earth Vellumental form.
Curses! I...I can't move!
~ King Olly after Olivia in her Ice Vellumental form froze his Earth Vellumental body.
*Pant pant* You... surpassed the power of my superior, folded paper...
~ King Olly after his first phase is defeated.
SHUT IT! I don't need your pity! I folded you so we could turn this flat world into an origami kingdom... But you betrayed me...and allied yourself with these paper peasants! Don't you see, Olivia? We're both origami! Why are you fighting me?!
~ King Olly when Olivia displayed sympathy for how tired the phase must have made him.
You're lecturing ME about love? Was there love in the heart of that paper Toad who scribbled all over me?! We're nothing like that flat, flimsy fool. We were folded for greatness! I should have known you wouldn't understand. How could you? I made you too perfect... too PURE. That's a mistake I'll soon correct. Here, Olivia. Let me show you the true power of origami...
~ King Olly after Olivia gave a speech about passion and love being their purpose before becoming Mega King Olly.
Look around you, Olivia. I'm folding the very fabric of reality. Origami embodies the limitless power of transformation... With this power, I will rid this world of all pathetic, paper-thin beings!
~ King Olly upon becoming Mega King Olly.
Do you ever stop MEDDLING? These will keep you busy!
~ Mega King Olly when Mario tries to interfere in his fight with Mega Bowser before summoning boomerangs.
I will NOT be beaten by this bouncing blowhard! To me, my origami soldier!
~ Mega King Olly summoning the first Origami Thwomp.
You think you've won... but this battle is not over yet!
~ Mega King Olly when summoning the second Origami Thwomp.
Grr! I will NOT surrender to the likes of you! Again, Folded Soldier!
~ Mega King Olly when summoning the third Origami Thwomp.
~ King Olly's last words before his supposed death.
'I...will not...allow this! I will CRUSH you! All of you!'
~ King Olly upon becoming Ultra King Olly.
'Another Magic Circle?! Pfah! Pathetic! What do you hope to do? Slap my wrist with those feeble hands of yours?'
~ Ultra King Olly when confronted by Olivia's final Magic Circle before scrambling it.
'My anger! My rage! It's turned into a deadly poison, rising up from below! You'd better act fast! If that gas reaches this platform, it will be the end of you! HA HA HA HAAAAA'
~ Ultra King Olly revealing the stakes of the final battle after scrambling the Magic Circle.
'Why you--'
~ Ultra King Olly whenever Mario avoided a slap attack.
'Now! Take this!'
~ King Olly before performing his scissor hand attack for the first time.
'You dodged?!'
~ Ultra King Olly after Mario dodged his first scissor hand attack.
~ Ultra King Olly when performing his hammer attack for the first time.
'You think I'll allow this?! I'll make this Magic Circle as useless as scrap paper!'
~ Ultra King Olly when Mario completed the final Magic Circle.
~ Ultra King Olly after Mario avoided his final attack barrage.
Olivia... That hammer attack was divine. You put everything into it...and it was enough to awaken me from this dark dream. I was too proud....too entitled... My heart was blintzed, my path was creased... I was a mess.
~ King Olly upon being defeated.
Oh...*cough*! It hurts to move, but... That is the cause of all this madness. The careless scrawl that Toad marked me with... Read it for me, would you? I must know what is written there... What words or gibberish mark this foolish body? Please. I could use one last laugh...
~ King Olly when Olivia noticed the scrawls on his belly responsible for all this.
Ha. HA. AHAHA! Oh, I've been a terrible king. To think, this is how I repay his kindness. I just became so blinded by rage. I did so many unforgivable things... I'm so sorry that Princess Peach and Mario became caught up in all this.
~ King Olly's redemption after Olivia revealed the message on his stomach.
Olivia...there's something you must do for me. Please accept these 999 cranes. And then fold my body into the 1,000th. When the last fold is complete, you will gain the ability to have any wish granted. I don't suppose it'll make up for all I've done, but it's all I have left. I'm begging you Olivia. Do this for me.
~ King Olly's final words before his death.


  • King Olly is the youngest main antagonist in Super Mario Bros. history despite his more adult demeanor, being a day or two old by the time of his death, which makes him a lot younger than Bowser Jr. (the previous record-holder) who is always portrayed as between five and six years old.
  • Despite being the main antagonist of the game, King Olly is barely in it with his minions having more screen-time than him. The only villain with less screen-time than Olly would be the Shadow Queen, who appears for about five minutes in total (and even then, mainly through a possessed Princess Peach) due to being sealed away.
  • Neither King Olly's second nor third forms are named. Mega King Olly is named after Bowser, who is referred to as Mega Bowser by Olivia, and Ultra King Olly is the powerful version of the word "mega."
  • King Olly is the third Paper Mario villain that serves as the final boss instead of Bowser, the first two being the Shadow Queen and Dimentio. Coincidentally, all are contenders for the strongest enemy in Paper Mario history.
    • However, King Olly had three phases in his battle, unlike the Shadow Queen, who had two phases, and Dimentio, who had only one (not counting his fight with Luigi).
    • He is also only one of the three to be redeemed.
  • Contrary to King Olly's scheme, in Japanese legend, the one thousand origami cranes grant eternal good luck instead of a wish.
  • The fact that Olly was sent over the edge over being scrawled on actually has a real-life connection: drawing over an origami creation is considered prohibited.
  • Olly is also the fourth Paper Mario villain to die.


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