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Villain Overview

King Orange is a major antagonist in the AvM Shorts, serving as the main antagonist of Season 3.

He is a mysterious orange stick figure seeking to gain the Minecraft icon (also known as the "Master Block") from the Animator's computer to achieve some unknown, possibly cataclysmic power.



Not much of his backstory is known other that, at an unknown point of time (implied to be somewhere after the events of Animation vs. League of Legends), he met Purple. Somehow knowing that Purple wants to find his lost father, King Orange offered help, which Purple agreed to.


King Orange is the main antagonist.

King Orange is first introduced when Purple kneels down before him. It's then revealed that he is the mastermind behind the events of the episode, planning to put the Stick Gang in a endless loop of parkour while Purple will steal the Minecraft icon, or the "Master Block", from their computer, with Orange replacing the command block on his sceptre with said icon, gaining some unknown, large power. It's also implied he wants Purple to kill the Stick Gang.

However, they are interrupted when one of his piglin brutes revealed that Green, a member of the Stick Gang, has escaped its loop. Orange erases the AI of said piglin brutes (or, more accurately, sets it to 1 but the effect is pretty much the same), reducing it to a lifeless husk, before ordering all the Piglin Brutes and Purple to catch Green. However, Green catches Purple first and they get into a fight, but King Orange, using the command block, holds Green in the air, allowing Purple to escape.

He is then seen at the end of the episode, imprisoning Green, showing that the Stick Gang's Pig was also imprisoned here.

Titan Ravager

King Orange is the overarching antagonist.

King Orange appears at the very end, saving two villagers from being eaten by one of the Titan Ravagers by killing it with its command block, then killing the creature's mate with the same method. Angrily walking towards Yellow and Blue, he suddenly becomes surrounded by the villagers thanking him for saving them. Orange quickly pretends to be a nice person in front of the Villagers, before walking up to Yellow and Blue and telling them to go with him. Yellow sees that Orange has a command block on his sceptre, and takes an interest to it, deciding to join Orange and convincing Blue go through it. Orange creates a Nether portal and all three stick figures go through it.

The Ultimate Weapon

King Orange is the main antagonist.

Blue, Yellow and King Orange come out of the Nether portal and into the latter's house. Orange gives Yellow and Blue crowns as a sign of friendship, and Yellow puts it on after seeing a throne with a command block staff (in reality, the command block is false and can't do anything as it is a wooden block with a different texture). Blue recalls the same thing Purple did to him and Green, only to abandon them to their deaths later on, and refuses to take the crown, but he easily accepted it after Orange gave him a throne with nether warts; his favorite food.

Green and the pig then try to enter the throne room, but King Orange tries to stop them. Eventually, Green activates a TNT blowing away Orange and creating a hole on the room, and explains Orange's plan to Yellow and Blue, who instead are more focused on reuniting with their friend and embrace him. Meanwhile, Orange has had enough. He takes out the Mellohi disc from his note block, cracks his joints, plays a Pigstep disc then fixes the room for a battle. He raises the ceiling using the command block spectre and creates three cages, then prepares to fight Green, Yellow and Blue. The three stick figures successfully cornered Orange and had him at their mercy, but then later their items vanished out of thin air (it was because Purple gained control of the Master Block). While the trio were in shock of what just happened, Orange ruthlessly took the opportunity to retrieve his sceptre, beat them up, and get the three inside of the cages.

While Red and Purple are chasing over the Master Block, Orange grabs Red with the sceptre and puts him in a cage. Orange then puts the Master Block on his sceptre, making him even more powerful than before. He shot a massive explosive beam straight into the roof, killing some of his Piglin Brute minions. Orange then betrays Purple, even though he promised that they will share their power, and uses a giant dark laser beam to create a black hole. However, he's interrupted by the Second Coming, who had his own Master Block, and the two duel. Later on, when Purple was about to get captured, he asks King Orange for help, but he abandons him in favor of killing the Second Coming. Feeling betrayed, Purple runs off to a Nether portal and leaves the scene, with Green following him.

Orange continues fighting the Second Coming. As the black hole sucks in everything and everyone, including Piglin Brutes, Red is one of the people who get sucked in, but he ends up going through a Nether portal that TSC created in the air while fighting Orange. Meanwhile, Blue and Yellow find Orange's command block and run off to the Titan Ravager world where they came from.

Eventually, TSC enters the black hole King Orange created, and he follows him, and inside the hole their Master Blocks accidentally touch each other, creating a massive shockwave, blasting away everything and everyone, including the blocks. He falls into the throne room with his sceptre without the Master Block and the command block, knocked out.

The Warden

King Orange is the main antagonist.

King Orange recovers and leaves his throne room, seeking to find a Master Block. However, he's cornered by the Second Coming and the Warden it pacified. Orange runs away from the Warden until he puts a gold block on his sceptre, which gives it strength that rivals the one of the Warden. Eventually, the Warden manages to overpower Orange and take his sceptre away, punching him far into the distance. However, it turns out Orange lands next to one of the Master Blocks. When the Warden and TSC go find Orange to finish him, he already has the Master Block in his hand, floating in the air.

Monster School

King Orange is the main antagonist.

Orange confronts the two and asks the Second Coming to give him the sceptre back (as it was stated by series creator Alan Becker that the sceptre amplifies the power of the block it holds), but his enemy refuses. This causes a fight that ends when Orange imprisons the Second Coming and the Warden in netherite and takes the sceptre back. Before he can put the Master Block on it, however, he's interrupted by Red and three hostile mobs the stick figure befriended - Endie (an Enderman), Skellington (a Skeleton), and Spider (self-explanatory). Orange battles them, with TSC and the Warden being freed by Endie. Eventually, Red takes hold of the sceptre and puts a netherite block on it, hitting Orange and blasting him away in the distance... only for Orange to appear straight behind the heroes, now having both the original Master Block and Alexcrafter's second one.

The Raid

King Orange is the main antagonist.

Continuing off the events of the previous episode, King Orange creates a gigantic axe with one Master Block and creates dark, shadowy clones of the Warden, Endie, Skellington and Spider. The evil copies prove themselves to be equally strong as the originals, but are defeated in one-hit by Red with the netherite-powered sceptre. King Orange locks everyone but Red out of the battle with the gigantic axe and creates more negative versions of the mobs that pummel Red while Orange tries to get his sceptre back. However, just as he gets it back, he's thrown into the air by a Titan Ravager - Turns out that when he was killing Titan Ravagers in their titular episode, there was one more member of the species that wasn't noticed by Orange and ran away after seeing its family slaughtered. Yellow and Blue have befriended the Titan Ravager with promise of revenge. To make the situation better for the heroes and worse for King Orange, Yellow has been given a sceptre of his own by the Villagers he and Blue rescued earlier in the episode, and he put a command block on it (the same command block that Orange wielded, no less, stealing it from him during "The Ultimate Weapon").

King Orange creates more shadows, distracting everyone but the Titan Ravager - He needs to create a shadow version of the creature to stand a chance against it, as well as create more gigantic weapons (during which he shoots and kills his own minion, either by accident or on purpose). As Orange creates more clones of the monster cast (refusing to do so to the stick figures for unknown reasons), he's eventually cornered when Blue starts shooting firework rockets at Orange with a crossbow, with Red then hitting him in the back of his head with the sceptre. When that happens, he starts choking Red, and grabs the sceptre - When Yellow starts holding him in the air (just like Orange did with Green in his introductory episode), he tricks Yellow into holding Red instead, before creating dozens of shadowy clones of the heroic mobs to distract his enemies (except Red, who has mysteriously disappeared after being thrown by Yellow during the fight). While everyone is busy fighting, he destroys the netherite block placed on his sceptre, merges the two Master Blocks into one, puts the new Master Block on the sceptre and creates his black hole once again, this time much, much bigger.

Note Block Universe

King Orange is the overarching antagonist.

When Purple explains his motives and backstory to Green, he shows how King Orange offered help in finding his father, only for it to turn out he's been lying all along. After being comforted by Green, he decides to take revenge and defeat the monarch. Using an elytra, the two go into the Nether to confront him. Right as he finished creating his new black hole, Purple arrives him and socks him in the face before grabbing his sceptre as he falls.


Orange is a cruel monarch with a lust of power, seeking to obtain the Minecraft icon for some unknown means. He is also a terrible ruler, turning a piglin brute into a mindless husk just for learning about Green's escape. Orange is a very charismatic and manipulative person who cares only about himself, able to trick a village into being hailed as a hero, persuade Blue and Yellow into joining his side, and tricking Purple with the false promise of finding his father, only revealing his true colors once he gets what he wants. His fighting style shows someone strong, but unskilled, relying on nothing but his brutality and sceptre-given superpowers in combat.

However, it's been stated by series creator Alan Becker and his friend DJ that King Orange might have a heart, as he chooses to imprison his opponents or have somewhat-equal fights with them instead of killing them right away with the power he holds - This also proves to be his fatal flaw, as it always allows his opponents to defeat him or get away.

Powers & Abilities

  • Extreme durability - King Orange's most important power (other than the sceptre), and arguably one of the main reasons why he got as far as he did, is how he can tank practically anything and recover almost immediately. He survives a very huge fall (although not without getting knocked out for a few minutes) without any injuries, can take a beating from the Warden (who can kill players in netherite armor with just two hits), recovers near immediately after being blasted into the air by his netherite-powered sceptre, gets hit by several fireworks, and then gets punched in the back of his neck by the netherite-powered sceptre, but walks it all of without a single scratch, ready to fight mere seconds afterwards.
  • Leadership - He's the leader of a Piglin Brute army that's in the dozens, and has Purple as his right hand man. After "The Ultimate Weapon", he loses this ability as Purple abandons him while his Piglin Brutes are wiped out.
  • Knowledge of command blocks - He's shown to perfectly execute commands when the command block is equipped on his sceptre.
  • Charisma and manipulation - King Orange was able to make Purple join his side under the false promise of his father, as well as trick the villagers by pretending to be a hero. He was also able to temporarily trick Yellow and Blue into joining him.
  • Basic fighting skills - While no martial artist like the other stick figures, King Orange still knows how to fight, although mostly relying on brute force more than anything.
  • Intimidation - He easily strikes fear into both Piglin Brutes as well as Purple himself.
  • With the Master Blocks:
    • Flight - King Orange is regularly seen flying when he has the Master Block with him.
    • Block creation and manipulation - While not as extreme as with the sceptre, King Orange is still able to create and manipulate blocks into being shaped like weapons, using that to create giant swords and bows when fighting the Titan Ravager.
      • Telekinesis - Due to the way he manipulates blocks, this is a given.
    • Creating Dark Negatives - When his sceptre corrupts a Master Block, he's able to use it to create evil doppelgangers of various Minecraft mobs.
    • Merging two Master Blocks together - King Orange is able to use two Master Blocks to create a currently unnamed, but even more powerful block.

The Sceptre

King Orange's Sceptre.png

His signature item and other most powerful weapon (other than his durability) is his trusted sceptre, which extracts the energy from whatever block is placed on it, enhancing the staff and giving it supernatural power.

  • Corruption - As seen with the Master Block, the sceptre can corrupt blocks, as the block started glowing black while it glowed white beforehand.
  • Power extraction - The sceptre takes power from whatever block is placed on it and extracts it, making the sceptre more powerful in the process.

So far, the blocks placed on the sceptre are:

  • Command Block - Makes the user able to execute commands within seconds with no problem, without the need to type them.
  • Master Block - Gives the power to blast beams, black holes, as well as amplifies the Master Block's original abilities, such as creating and manipulating blocks.
  • Master Block merge - The unnamed block that appears when two Master Blocks are merged together can create even bigger black holes then the normal Master Block, although the full extent of its powers is unknown.
  • Gold Block - Gives the user above-average strength, enough to go toe-to-toe with a Warden.
  • Netherite Block - Extreme strength, able to blast people in the air, one-shot Dark Negatives and destroy netherite blocks.


  • King Orange is the tallest stick figure in the series. Given that other characters are around the same size or smaller, he is also one of the tallest characters in the entire series.
  • King Orange was originally meant to be grey or light purple before Alan chose the color he has now. Grey was dropped because he blended with the background and light purple was dropped to avoid any Thanos jokes.
  • Despite being called Orange by Word of God, fans discovered on a hex color website his actual color is mango tango, which lead to fans adopting the nickname "Mango Tango", sometimes shortening it to simply Mango.
  • It's possible that King Orange is Herobrine after being resurrected with the game, and wishes to obtain the Minecraft icon once again to revert to his true form and gain back his power. It would also explain Orange's knowledge of the events of Animation vs. Minecraft, including how the Minecraft icon operates and also Herobrine's existence and his actions when possessing Red.
    • However, with the release of the "Monster School" episode, this theory is now debunked, as Herobrine is shown to be a teacher at the school and a completely separate entity from King Orange.
  • Series creator Alan Becker and his friend DJ suggested that King Orange might "have a heart after all", given that he could easily kill his enemies with his sceptre and the powers he holds, but chooses not to.
  • King Orange has shown himself to be extremely durable given that he was hit by a Warden (who can kill players in netherite armor in two hits) several times and came out perfectly fine. This is shown once again once he's blasted away by a netherite-powered sceptre, giving it insane super strength, only to come back fine and well just seconds later. This is especially surprising given that, without the Master Block, Orange possesses zero known supernatural abilities.
  • The fact that there is another orange stick figure that already got the fan-nickname of Orange (a nickname which was eventually canonized by Alan Becker) led to several debates about how this orange stick figure should be named. Usually, he's referred to King Orange (which seems to be his canon name), Orange Giant/Giant Orange (the name given to him by DJ, a friend of Alan's), Basic Orange (another nickname given by DJ, referring to his "basic" design that is given to any stick figure not created by the Animator), Dark Orange, Evil Orange (the same way the Dark Lord is sometimes called "Evil Red"). Some people just started calling him colors other than orange, such as the aforementioned Mango Tango/Mango, King Gold, King Bronze or King Brown.
    • His true name was revealed when Yellow used the command block on him during "The Raid", and it is simply "King". That said, he will still be referred to as King Orange as this seems to be another canonized nickname.
    • He was also called "The Orange King" during one of the videos on the Alan Becker Clips channel, a side channel on YouTube that, as the name says, posts short clips of the AVA episodes.
  • It is unknown how long Purple and King Orange knew each other. It's possible they were partners before Season 1 of the AvM Shorts, that they met somewhere between that Animation vs. League of Legends, or that they met after it. Depending on which is true, it could make King Orange the unseen overarching antagonist of Season 1 (and therefore, the main antagonist of AvM Shorts as a whole) and/or Animation vs. League of Legends.
    • "Note Block Universe" implies they met somewhere after Animation vs. League of Legends, given how King Orange is seen only after Purple's Villagers and the Stick Gang.
  • During the "Previously on AvM Shorts" segment of "Lush Caves", there is a blooper that accidentally shows the prototype design of King Orange's sceptre, rather than the final version. It's much more simple, and made of netherite, meaning it was made using resources from Minecraft. We don't know if the final version of the sceptre is also made of netherite or if it comes from Minecraft at all.